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Sochi is Getting Ready to Host the Olympics – (

Sochi, a Russian city on the bank of Black Sea, is being virtually rebuilt for the 2014 Olympics.  Russia won the right to host the 22nd Winter Olympics back in 2007, since then the city has experienced a huge construction boom .

Sochi is a city in Russia that is known for its beaches, mountain resorts and good food.  The city has a population of around 350,000 people, however it almost doubles in the summer, since Sochi is one of the main destinations for Russian tourists who are looking to escape from their busy lives in Moscow and St. Petersburg.  Sochi has a great dating scene, if you are into dating Russian ladies, you may combine watching one of the greatest sports competitions and falling in love with a beautiful  Russian girl.


Accomodations in Moscow – (

Plenty of accommodations are available to those traveling to Moscow to date a Russian lady and those who are in town for its many attractions. Everyone can find something suitable, no matter your taste and expectations.

Those looking for luxury don’t need to worry, there are plenty of hotels that can satisfy your demands. A five-star hotel will provide anything to your desire, whether it’s premium butler services or or a personal office suitable for conducting business.

However, such services come at a price. One night at such suit can cost as much as $17,000, but the price does not scare customers away, according to the hotel manager.

“The price never scares people as people are prepared to pay for quality, as long as you can gain the confidence of your guests. High prices are expected as it is known that Moscow is an expensive city”.

At the moment, Russian hotels are among the most expensive ones among all European countries, averaging at 147.25 euros a night. Don’t let this stop you from visiting Moscow though, since the average is greatly affected by the immensely-high prices of the premium segment and you can find many cheaper alternatives if you are willing to settle for a little less.

Photo exhibition “The mastering of mediums” – (

Take your Ukrainian girl for a date to a photographic exhibition in Kiev.

Held in Kiev, from July 21 to September 1, gallery “Brucie Collection, ul. Artema 55-b.

The gallery is introducing a new exhibition composed of new works of prominent young Ukrainian photographers.

The gallery specializes at exhibiting the works of know professional photographers from all over the world. From the huge amount of photos that appear every day, the gallery selected the shoots that represent the modern trends in photographic arts. The project demonstrates strong connections between the evolving local experiments and established world traditions.

Those who are planning a date with a Ukrainian girl and don’t know where to take her may consider this exhibition as the starting point for the evening as it will definitely provide great visuals you could discuss later over dinner.

Independence Day in Belarus – (

Dating in Minsk - Parade on the Independence Day

Are you going to be in Minsk on July 3? In this case, finding something to do should not be a problem as the country celebrates the Independence Day with a number of parades and other activities.

If you are already dating a girl in Minsk, you should already have a great guide for showing you around this glorious day. Those who have not met someone yet get a great chance to do so, as most of the city’s inhabitants take this day off to watch the parade and participate in other festivities.

People outing on the Independence Day in Minsk - Find a Date in Minsk