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Vodka Museum in Russia – (

When Mira gives you a guided tour of this museum, everything she says is as clear as vodka

“We have one peculiar customer in Russia that was introduced by Peter The Great – the “punishment” drink. If you are late for a party, you are punished by having to down a shot of vodka. Only if it was Peter’s party, it was a whole goblet. Sometimes people fainted because they simply could not take it.”

Although its origins remain unknown, it’s argued that this “bread-wine”, as it was initially called, appeared in Moscow in the 15th century, while the word “vodka” may have come from the word “voda”, which means water. In the museum, you can learn everything about vodka’s five hundred years old history.

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A visit to the vodka museum certainly proves that there is a lot to discover about Russia’ s most famous drink. During the times of Catherine The Great virtually every nobleman produced vodka on their own estate and had their own vodka brand. Another interesting fact is that before the late 19th century, vodka wasn’t bottled and was sold by the bucketful.

Long Night of Museums in Moscow – (

The Long Night of Museums (or the Night of Museums) is an event where a number of museums and art galleries stay open long into the night in an attempt to introduce themselves to potential new visitors. Attendance of museums on such occasions is usually free.

The event was originally held in Berlin in 1997, since then the concept has grown and now more than 2300 museums all over Europe and Russia participate in the event. “The Night of Museums” is heavily advertised in Russia, in an effort to attract as many participants as possible.

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