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Russian Maks Fighter Jets – (

Russia is known not only for beautiful Russian girls, vodka and caviar, it is also one of the largest manufacturer of military equipment. Russian jet fighters are used by countries all over the world and have proved their usefulness more than once, however the latest developments are usually kept under cover and are utilized exclusively by the Russian air force.

Although it costs a fortune to engineer and manufacture a superior jet, it is still nothing without an able pilot commandeering the cockpit. The air force invests huge resources into pilot training and the best of the best are put together into “pilot groups” that display their prowess at various air shows.

At the moment, Russia has two famous piloting groups – “The Swifts” and “Russian Knights”. Each one of the piloting groups has a certain type of jets that they use for the show, The Swifts usually fly MIG-29s while Russian Knights pilot SU-27. Spectators are especially amazed by Russian Knights since SU-27 is a heavy fighter, it is literally huge, while most of the world’s piloting teams use small maneuverable planes. Performing aerobatic maneuvers on such heavy fighters requires supreme piloting skills.