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Astrakhan Nature – Southern Russia – Part 2 – (

Astrakhan is a city in southern Russia that is located around 1500 kilometers away from Moscow. Astrakhan is located at the delta of Volga, the biggest river in Europe that flows into the Caspian sea. The delta consists of over 500 small rivers, channels and canals that provide food and shelter to myriads of birds, turtles and fish. Many of the delta’s islands are nothing more than reeds growing in shallow waters. Some of them can grow up to six meters in height.

Although most of the Volga’s estuary is on the territory of a national park and hunting and fishing are prohibited, the area suffers heavily from poachers. The guards of the park fight an unending battle against people who are willing to put this fragile ecosystem at risk for a chance to earn some extra profit.

Astrakhan Nature – Southern Russia – (

The «Volga» delta — a unique place with a multitude of island but not a speck of land. For centuries, this land was where Russians farmed for black caviar, giant fish can be found here. The number of birds here in spring and autumn runs into millions. You can easily lose your way in this tangle of beautiful plans. Coming across turtles bathing in the sun only a few meters from where you live is not something out of the ordinary in the delta, but only a few steps away from civilization.

Astrakhan is the city in Russia’s south, it has a Kremlin made of white stone. Another symbol of the city is the swans that live in the pond in te center, the swans stay there all years round, but most of all, the people of Astrakhan are proud of the Volga river. Russia’s most famous river drains into the Caspian sea in the Astrakhan region.