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Tommy Emmanuel’s Concerts in Moscow – (

Take your Russian lady date to the concert of one of the greatest acoustic guitar players of today!

Tommy Emmanuel, a great Australian guitar player who excels at such genres as folk, country, rock, blues and pop, is to give two concerts in Moscow.

Tommy Emmanuel is known for his finger-picking guitar style and energetic performances. In 2008 and 2010, he was named as the best acoustic guitar player by the readers of the Guitar Player magazine. Throughout his career, Tommy has released over 20 albums, most of them reaching great success with the public.

“There are many people who play guitar better than I do, – says Tommy, – but they cannot compose music like I do, and thank God for that or I would be left without a job. I love playing my music and here is an interesting thing: your songs, and the way you play them, you cannot really think about them separately, because you cannot separate who you are from your music, it’s a single thing”.

The concerts will be held in Moscow on April 21 and April 22, at the Moscow house of Music (Moskovskij Dom Muzyki). Those who are in Moscow at the time, dating Russian ladies, sightseeing or on a business trip, should treat themselves to the musical genius of Tommy Emmanuel.

DDT concert in Odessa – (

DDT playing a concert in Odessa -

Tomorrow, February 28, Odessa is to hold a concert of one of the oldest and greatest Russian rock bands, DDT. The band was formed in Ufa (formerly Soviet Union, now Russia) in 1980 and has been active throughout all these years. The frontman, Yuri Shevchuk, is also a known social and political activist.

This year the band is presenting a new album called “Another way”. “Another way” is a different way of interacting with space and time, an alternative behavioral model that stands against today’s overinflated consumeristic trends. The concert is structured as a play and will incorporate 18 songs from the 28-track album. One of the distinguishing parts of the performance are the conceptual visuals that are projected onto the scene during the concert. The visuals have been developed specifically for the concert by talented modern artists.

If you are in Odessa this week, dating Ukrainian girls or simply enjoying this beautiful city, this could be your chance to get acquainted with Russian rock music. Those who know Russian language will especially appreciate the performance, since the set usually involves Yuri reading great poems, others can simply enjoy the music.

The concert is going to be held at “Dvorec sporta” (“Sports Palace”) and starts at 7pm.