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The Beauty of Ukrainian Women Stops Netherlands Men From Going to Euro 2012 – (

Netherland power company launched a media campaign against pretty Ukrainian girls. They urge men from Netherlands not to visit Ukraine because Ukrainian girls are simply too pretty.

With Euro 2012 getting closer by the minute, new scandals and controversies arise every day. This time, it’s the Netherlands, with a TV ad urging women to keep their men at home and forbid them from visiting Euro 2012 in Ukraine. The reason for this is quite unusual – there are simply too many beautiful Ukrainian girls in the country.

The ad is being played during prime-time on TV channels NED-1 and NED-2 and it was created by Nederlandse Energie Maatschappij, one of Netherlands power suppliers.

The video ad features a woman running a search on google, using “ukrainian women” as a search query. The woman is then presented with a huge number of pretty Ukrainian girls and makes disapproving noises. As she slaps her laptop shut, her husband is shown watching football on a couch. At this moment, the NLE logo is displayed on the screen and the ad offers to purchase a power plan that comes with a beer maker. The slogan for the ad is “keep him home”.

While the ad is clearly made to be condescending towards Ukrainian girls, it is likely to reach the opposite effect. European men will just get another reason to visit Ukraine, after all, they may not have a chance to date such pretty girls back home.

Ukrainian Girl 21 Years of Age Claims to Be Real-Life Barbie [PHOTO]

A real-life Barbie girl was found in Ukraine. Ukrainian girl looks exactly like the iconic doll

A real-life Barbie doll was found in Odessa, Ukraine. Pictures of a Ukrainian girl with blond hair were posted on Facebook and have attracted a lot of attention from the media. While the girl claims to be the closest real-life copy of the doll and the most famous woman in Ukraine on her Facebook page, she shies away from any contact with the media.

A girl from Odessa, Valeria Lukiyanova, is quickly conquering social media with her pictures. She has blond hair, porcelain skin and a waist of just 48 centimeters. The girl dreams about becoming a professional singer and has already recorded her first album, titled Amatue (Amatue is Valeria’s nickname in social networks).

This Ukrainian Barbie girl says that this album is the best thing she has done in her life. Despite her amazing looks, the girl says that the looks are not that important and inner harmony is the only thing that matters to her.

If you thought of dating this Ukrainian girl – you are a little too late. Valeria claims to be happily married and is not looking for new relationships right now.

Labor Day in Russia and Ukraine

May is traditionally rich in holidays in Russia and Ukraine. The month kicks off with a celebration of the Labor day on May 1, which is closely followed by the Victory Day on May 9. Almost everyone in the country receives a few days off for each one of the celebration, so many establishments are closed for the whole first decade of May.

May 1 is celebrated in 142 countries around the world and it comes under many names – Labor day, Spring day, Celebration of spring and labor… The celebration has a long history, as it was introduced back in 1886, when various socialist, communist and anarchist establishments in Canada and USA organized huge manifestations that rolled all over the countries. The protests were forcibly subdued by police and a number of people died in the process, a fact that led to further escalation of discontent among the working class. In the following years, similar demonstrations spread all over the world and May 1 was officially declared to be the day of solidarity among the work class of all countries.

While this holiday has this great history, today most people treat it simply as a chance to enjoy the company of friends and family in a relaxed environment. Russia and Ukraine are known for their cold winters and May is the time when spring really sets in. Russian girls and boys use this chance to get out and spend some time outside, participating in picnics and other outdoor activities. Organizing picnics around this celebration is easy, since the whole country gets almost ten days off work during this period and there is plenty of time to see everyone you might have been neglecting throughout winter.

5 Tips to Successful Russian Dating

Meet your lady in person. Online Russian dating is fun, but try to meet the girl of your choice in person as soon as possible

There are many reasons why men turn to Russian dating today: someone is in love with the beauty of Russian girls, others want to build a family while they are still young while girls around them don’t want to think about marriage until they are at least 30, somebody simply wants to try something new. However, many men enter the Russian dating scene with wrong expectations, which frequently leads to disappointment. You don’t have top repeat the same mistakes over and over again, we can show you that Russian dating can be a fun and enjoyable experience.

Follow these simple tips to dating Russian women to increase your chance of finding your Miss Right.

1. Find the Right Online Dating Website

There are many online Russian dating sites out there. You need to find a site that is credible and lists Russian women who truly want to get married

Finding the right website for your Russian dating endeavor is very important. It is no secret that the web is full of scammers and online Russian dating sites are no exception. Quite a few websites list non-existent profiles, using pictures of women who are not available and who don’t even know that their photos are used on such websites. Other websites list hundreds of beautiful Russian girls, however none of them are interested in dating you, since they are being paid for being present on the site.

The first thing you need to do is to find a website that pays attention to the quality of personals that they list. Check the online dating site’s sign up policy – do they verify their profiles, do they confirm identity of those girls who sign up? If the answer is yes, then there is a high chance that you are dealing with a reputable site that lists Russian women who are interested in getting married.

Another thing you should do is to search for reviews of the dating site you are planning to sign up with. If you run a search on Google and you see negative reviews right there on the first page – stay away from this site. A sour review or two is completely normal, there are dissatisfied clients in every field of business, but when the level of dissatisfaction reaches the point where bad reviews show up on the first page of Google – it is a good indication that steering clear of this dating platform is the smartest choice.

You should also check how the dating site positions itself. If the site offers you to buy Russian mail order brides and promise you that you can have any woman on the site, you are probably being taken for a ride. Despite what the media says, you cannot buy a wife in Russia and you really have to think whether you want to do business with the site that offers you to do so.

Miss Belarus 2012 – Spawning Ground for Beautiful Belarus Women

The finals of the Miss Belarus 2012 beauty contest are coming up. 28 most beautiful Belarus girls will compete for the crown of Miss Belarus 2012

Miss Belarus pageant is a nation beauty competition in Belarus that is held once every two years. This upcoming Miss Belarus 2012 beauty completion finals are to be held on May 4, when the whole world will finally see the most beautiful girl in Belarus. The winner of the contest get a chance to compete among some of the prettiest girls in the world and represent Belarus on the upcoming Miss World pageant that is to be held in China in August.

Although the finals are to be held on May 4, the beauty contest has been running for a while now. Thousands of beautiful Belarus girls attended castings that were held all over the country. Out of these thousands, the jury has selected just 28 girls that are not only pretty, but also smart and educated.

The girls that reached the final stage of the Miss Belarus 2012 contest live a very busy life in their preparation for the culmination of the pageant. Their days are filled with countless repetitions for the final event, lessons with choreographers and dress fitting (one of the contesters let it slip that the bikini contest will hold a number of surprises for the audience). The girls have virtually no time for themselves, even a simple thing such as a walk in a park is regulated by the regime that is set by the organizers. While every girl says that it’s one of the greatest experiences in their lives, some of them are already dreaming about the time when they can get back to their family and take a break from the cameras that follow their every step.

Belarus is the last post-Soviet country to hold a beauty pageant this year. Ukraine has already selected its most beautiful Ukrainian girl during the Miss Ukraine 2012 competition that was held in the beginning of April. The Russians have voted for their own Russian beauty in the beginning of March, when Elizaveta Golovanova stole the first prize at the Miss Russia 2012 contest. These girls will compete against some of the prettiest girls who live today on the Miss World contest in China.

Eric Roberts Talks About The Upcoming Russian Olympics in Sochi

Eric Roberts discusses life in Russia, Russian actors and the upcoming Olympic games that are to be held in Sochi, Russia.

Eric Roberts is an American actor who has enjoyed a successful lasting career in Hollywood. Roberts became famous for his role in King of the Gypsies, a 1978 drama that deals with the criminal ways and violent lives of a group of modern-day Gypsies based in New York. Eric received Golden Globe nominations for this role.

Recently, Eric spent some time working with Russian actors in Moscow and he loved the experience. According to him, Russian actors are very dedicated and “they do their homework”, meaning that they invest a lot of time into studying and preparing for their roles, while many young American actors neglect such basics. Eric really enjoyed his Russian experience and he fell in love with Sochi, a small city in Southern Russia that is located on the Black sea. He said that he would be happy to visit Sochi for the upcoming Olympic games in 2014.

Russia has won the right to host the 2014 winter Olympics and Sochi was chosen as the hosting city for this purpose. The city was one of Russia’s main tourist attractions before, however it is being rebuilt from scratch now and is due to become even better. Sochi is a great place for those who want to combine great nightlife with awesome nature reserves and countless opportunities for sports activities. As any vacation destination, Sochi is flooded with pretty single Russian ladies, so if you have dating in mind, the city will not disappoint you.

Those who plan on coming to Sochi during the Olympic games should plan the trip well in advance as the city will be swarmed with tourists and accommodations may become scarce.

Russian Dating – Is it Worth It?

Is Russian dating worth a try? If you are into dating beautiful, educated, smart women who want to build a family - Russian dating is your thing

If you are looking at this page, chances are you already have some experience with Russian dating. Dating girls from Russia has been heavily publicized pretty much all over the world and the concept of Russian mail order brides is known to most adults. However, many people wonder if Russian dating is really for them, after all, you would be dating someone who comes from a different culture and lives half way around the globe. Let’s look at some pros and cons of Russian dating so you can decide fpr yourself whether it is right for you.

Russian Ladies Are Beautiful

Russian ladies are stunning – there is no doubt about that. We are not sure why the world has been made this way, but you would be hard pressed to find that many beautiful women anywhere else in the world. Russia is a spawning ground for the babes, so there is one sure thing about Russian dating – it involves many pretty girls and most of us guys are into Russian dating for this reason – we simply can’t find a girl that we would like back home.

Education Is Certainly Worth Something

If you look through personals at various online Russian dating sites, you will see that most of the girls on those sites are either in the process of achieving higher education or already have a degree or two. Russia has a strong educational tradition and almost everyone who graduates from high school will continue on to pursuing higher education. This is certainly a great thing, since this ensures that the Russian lady of your choice will not only look great, but will also be smart and educated and you will never be bored with her.

Family Matters

Russian dating is very attractive to those who want to build a family at an early age. Unlike Western women, Russians are used to getting married early and they still preach traditional family values. Most of Russian ladies want to get married and get kids as early as possible and most women celebrate their wedding when they are 20-22 years old. So if you want to marry a girl while you’re still young – Russian dating is your thing.

Cultural Differences

That’s one of the things that scare people away from Russian dating, they are afraid that they will not be able to interact with Russian girls since they speak a different language and come from a different cultural background.

This is certainly an issue to be concerned over. Understanding your partner is very important, communication is everything. However, learning a new language is not that difficult and your lady will pick it up in no time at all. At the same time, you receive a unique opportunity to submerge into a very rich and ancient Slavic culture.

If you look at all these things, you will see that dating Russian girls online is not that much different from dating anyone else online. The only real difference is that Russian girls may have to enlist a professional translation service to help them communicate with their prospective partners. Those who are seriously interested in their future partner end up learning the language anyway.

Miss Jim Beam 2012 – Pretty Ukrainian Girls in Odessa – (

A beauty pageant, Miss Jim Beam, gathers hundreds of pretty girls from Odessa. The hardest thing is to choose the prettiest lady among so many hot Ukrainian girls

Odessa is the place to be when it comes to night clubs and Ukrainian girls. This picturesque city has one of the most lively night scenes in Ukraine, so if you are in town this summer, you will definitely not be bored.

This coming Thursday, one of the hottest local clubs “Jim Beam Nova” is holding a beauty pageant among Ukrainian girls. Hundreds of pretty girls from Odessa and other Ukrainian cities will be competing for the title of Miss Jim Beam 2012.

The beauty pageant is a great place for those who come to Odessa to date Ukrainian girls as there are going to be literally hundreds of girls at the club on the night of the event. If you are in Odessa for its dating scene, don’t miss this chance to meet new friends!