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Miss Belarus 2012 – Yulia Skalkovich – (

Yulia Skalkovich won the title of Miss Belarus 2012. This beautiful Belarus lady will procede to compete for the title of Miss World 2012 in China

A 20-year old Balarussian girl from a small village near Brest, Yulia Skalkovich, receives the title of Miss Belarus 2012, along with a tiara made of white gold and 50 million Belarussian rubles.

The girl is currently finishing her third year of an undergraduate program at the Brest Technical University and is majoring in architecture. This Belarussian beauty stands 177 centimeters tall and has the measurements of 88-64-96.

– When I reached the final stage of the competition, I already held one title – “Miss Photo”, – says Yulia. It’s a very serious award and I did not even dream of adding the tiara of Miss Belarus to this great achievement. I want to thank everyone who believed in me, I am truly happy at this moment. I have to confess that my participation in the finals was under question – I wanted to quit midway throughout the competition. The pressure kept on growing, there was a lot of stress involved and I wanted to go back home to my family. However, the organizers of the event convinced me to stay and now I see that it was a correct decision. I am on cloud nine right now, but I understand that there is still a lot of work to be done – I have to catch up with my university program and I also need to prepare for the Miss World competition in China in August. When the competition is over, I plan to go back to the university and become an architect.

The title of the “First Vice-Miss” went to another stunning 20 year old Belarussian lady Victoriya Shavell, while Anastasia Pogranichnaya stole the third prize.

Christiano Ronaldo Dating Russian Lady Irina Shayk – (

Dating Russian ladies is becoming more and more popular around the world. Ronaldo, one of the best scoring football players, is dating a hot Russian lady Irina Shayk

Christiana Ronaldo is probably one of the most famous football players of today. This 27-year-old Portuguese star is a hit among women and a source of jealousy among men – he is rich, successful, famous and he is dating a Russian super-model Irina Shayk.

This relationship between a Portuguese athlete and a girl from a Russian fairytale has been going for over two years now and has benefited both of them in many ways. Being a girlfriend of such an acclaimed champ, Irina received a vast amount of media attention and became one of the most sought after Russian models. In fact, she became one of the hottest models in the industry. This month, she is doing the shots in Instanbul, Lisbon, London and she is also doing modeling for the Spanish clothing company Blanco.

Ronaldo is also having a blast of his own since he started dating this stunning Russian woman. After meeting Irina, Ronaldo has scored 145 goals in just 143 games, his personal record and a grand achievement for any football player. In fact, Ronaldo’s coach is so impressed with the influence this Russian lady has on his trainee that he already advised Ronaldo to marry the girl as soon as possible.

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More News on Valeria Lukyanova – The Ukrainian Barbie Girl [VIDEO]– (

Valeria Lukyanova - Ukrainian Barbie Girl on a Private Yacht

Internet is a dynamic environment and what’s big today is likely to be completely forgotten tomorrow. However, this is not the case with the Ukrainian girl who claims to be a real-life Barbie doll, or at least its closest living manifestation.

Pictures of the Ukrainian Barbie girl flooded the Internet couple of weeks back, when Valeria Lukyanova has posted her photos to Facebook. The photos were quickly picked up and distributed by many of the online media, some even tried to make contact with this real life Barbie doll, sadly, to no avail. To this day, Valeria avoids contact with the press and the only news we get about this Ukrainian girl come from her blog and her page on Facebook.

Valeria is fueling public interest to her personae by releasing carefully measured amounts of pictures and videos of herself to the press. Couple of days back, this Ukrainian Barbie girl has posted a video of herself “without make up and contact lenses”. While she is not wearing any contact lenses indeed, the video shows that she does wear make up, although not as much as she does when she is doing photo shoots. The video shows a pretty Ukrainian blond girl, however, she does not look much like a Barbie there.

We have found this video of the Ukrainian Barbie along with more pictures for you to watch.