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Ukrainian Girls Raise a Riot Among Swedish Fans – (

Ukrainian girls conducted a demonstration in a Swedish fan zone during their game with France

While top European football teams are conquering the hearts of Ukrainian soccer fans on national stadiums, Ukrainian girls are stealing the spotlight on Kiev streets. A Ukrainian female-rights group FEMEN held a demonstration in the Swedish fan-zone just before the Swedish national team took on France.

Swedish fans initially mistook the protest for an impromptu striptease session, as one of the activist climbed on the table and took her top off. Some of the fans started cheering and even climbed onto the table to dance with the girl. However, the cheers were quickly replaced by booing as the girl started shouting anti-Euro slogans and kicking beer cups off the table. The girl was quickly taken into custody by the fan-zone security guards.

Femen is a group of activist who fight for female rights in Ukraine. Ironically, they prefer to do it naked, most of their demonstrations featuring topless girls. FEMEN activists also became known in Europe by conducting a number of protests in Italy during the last couple of months.