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While there are many successful and smart men residing in Russia and Ukraine, a substantial part of the male population is plagued by various harmful addictions and they don’t aspire to grand careers or achievements. The country has gone through the very tough period in the 90s, and a very large number of scientists, artists, doctors and writers have left the country, seeking better future in Europe and the Americas. This left the country with a very small number of eligible bachelors and Russian and Ukrainian women are hard-pressed to find a match to their wits and beauty. The demographics also show that there are many more women than men in Russia, which makes the situation even worse.

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Madonna’s Concert in Kiev Delayed for 3 And A Half Hours – (

Madonna throws another great show, this time in Kiev for Ukrainian girls and boys

Yesterday, August 4, Kiev saw a performance by a queen of pop-music Madonna, for the first time in the history of Ukraine. The grand show took place on the «Olympic» stadium, but the atendees had to wait for three and a half hours before the superstar came on stage. During this time, Ukrainian girls and boy were being warmed up by a Urainian DJ Kirill Dumski.

The concert truly deserves the name of the music event of the year in Ukraine. The Ukrainian public has never seen a show like this before and even the fact that the concert started three and a half hours late was easily forgotten as soon as Madonna took the stage.

Madonna made her first appearance during the sound check, when she came on stage to do her usual warm up. She danced a little, chatted the the fans and even took up a Ukrainian flag that was passed on stage by the fans, a fact that was accompanied by another little incident. At first, the star picked up a Russian flag that was given to her by Russian fans who were also present at the concert, however the audience reacted with loud protests and Madonna quickly corrected the mistake by picking up the Ukrainian flag from Ukrainian fans.

However, when the show finally kicked off, it was all worth it. Madonna was her usual self, dancing all over the stage and displaying the acrobatic skill that will leave some circus acrobats stricken by jealousy. Quick changes of costumes and decorations, artists flying all over the stage – amazing lighting – Kiev has never seen a show like that before.

Otherwise, a Madonna show was just like any other Madonna show – lots of screaming Ukrainian girls and boys and plenty of fun to go around.