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Jazz Fest Poster

This weekend was the closing for the Second International Jazz Festival in Odessa. For three nights Odessa Philharmonic Theatre turned into a jazz-republic invaded by international guests and jazz-loving beautiful Ukrainian ladies and gentlemen.

The first night was opened by the legend of contemporary jazz – the polish Zbigniew Namyslowski’s quintet. Fantastic performance, though too academic. Well, the next 2 acts were absolutely out of the ordinary. A hot Georgian singer from “Asea Sool” impressed everybody with the abilities of her voice. The musicians combined the traditional jazz rhythms with rock motives and the melody of Georgian highlanders’ folk songs. The audience could hardly sit still and was totally blown away by the next performance by the guests from the South Africa “Soweto Entsha”. Using only their voices, singing a cappella, dancing and clapping, they created a breath-taking show.

The second night was opened by German jazz band “KLAZZ brothers”. They performed artful covers of classical compositions and the piano player was literary dancing while playing. The guests from Switzerland, the classical jazz trio “VEIN”, were quite different with their strong rhythm and impressive solo improvisations. The hit of the evening was the international trio “Brein’s Café” from Austria, Bulgaria and France. The musicians played fantastic covers of popular hits, expressive and with a humour, and the audience was applauding most of the time.

The third night was the night of Jazz Kings. The Italian musician from the trio “Fornarelli” impressed everybody with ability to play three instruments at the same time. Young French guys from “Paradox” each performed with minimum two instruments at the same time, with symbiosis of electronic and jazz music as a result.

The final accords of the evening were played by the piano maestros from Odessa Yuriy Kuznetsov and Sergey Terentev. They both started with a solo and then performed together.

If you’re ever visiting Odessa for business or maybe for meeting a lovely Ukrainian girl, always combine it with a cultural experience like this!


AseaSool singing at Jazz Festival in Odessa


Improper Film Festival’s poster featuring a hypnotized eye

The 10th Improper Film Festival starts on the 20th of September in St. Petersburg.

It is one of the largest cultural events in more than 40 cities in CIS, and it is certainly the biggest event in cinematography in Russia. During the festival Russian women and men will have a unique opportunity to see movies, filmed with love to cinematography and art, as oppose to unlimited budgets and “silicon” actresses. The movies are full of fantastic acting, interesting characters, elegant camera work, excellent photography and natural beauty.

The 10th Improper Film Festival will present 6 films that can be divided into 3 groups: big festivals films, youth films and films for a wide audience.

The leading movie is a French screen version of Marjane Satrapi’s “Poulet aux prunes” (French for “Chicken with plums”) – absolute favourite of last year’s Venice Film Festival. The directing duo Satrapi-Paronnaud got famous for their work “Persepolis” that won Cannes Palme d’Or in 2009.

Another masterpiece – Northern Irish road-adventure film “Behold the lamb”, full of biblical symbolism and rough Irish humour. Within 6 months this movie got the main prize for best screenplay at Thessaloniki International Film Festival and the best director in Arras.

The youth group of the Festival is represented by two dynamic films. The first one – Japanese trash parody “Kyuketsu Shojo tai Furanken” (Japanese for “Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl”). It is an adaptation of the world’s best-selling manga.

The second movie – Italian action drama “Albakiara”. An exciting mixture of pursuits, adrenalin, passion, nightclub drive and the only movie at the festival rated 18+.

Films for the wide audience are from New Zealand and Spain. Psychological thriller “I’m not Harry Jenson” about insane writer Stanley and his hiking into New Zealand’s jungle. This movie was nominated for the best low-budget movie and the best supporting actor at the New Zealand Film and TV Awards.

Another representative of mainstream film is a brilliant comedy “Dieta mediterranea” (Spanish for “Mediterranean diet”) about passionate Sofia, who dreams about becoming a famous chef. The problem is that during the Spanish conservative 80’s “female chef” sounded as impossible as “male secretary” sounds to us. But that wouldn’t stop stubborn Sofia.



Russian models walking on the runway

Jet Expo 2012, a Business Aviation Exhibition, will take place at the Centre of business aviation in Moscow from the 27th to the 29th of September.

Jet Expo is the only business aviation exhibition in Russia and CIS. Being the most important event in the industry of luxury goods and services, Jet Expo traditionally hosts world’s leading aircraft manufacturers, business aviation operators and providers of luxury services. Last year more than 6000 of beautiful Russian business ladies and successful gentlemen visited the exhibition.

More than 100 companies from 27 countries will participate in Jet Expo 2012, and a static display will feature more than 40 business jets and helicopters of various class and equipment – almost two times more than last year.

Among regular participants of the event – the world’s leading manufacturers of business jets and helicopters – Bombardier, Embraer, Gulfstream, Airbus, Hawker Beechcraft Corporation, Cessna, Dassault Aviation, Piaggio Aero, AgustaWestland and Bell Helicopter.

You will be able to see presentations and shows of new aircrafts with exclusive interiors by famous designers and participate in a rich business programme. Jet Expo 2012 will also host the biggest manufacturers of yachts, famous shipyards specializing in 40+ meters vessels, cars and luxury products.

This will attract new audience and underline Jet Expo’s status of one of the biggest exhibitions in Russia and CIS specializing in luxury products.


Display at Jet Expo - a private jet with a matching car next to it


Poster showing people with computers instead of heads

From the 21 to the 25 September the Moscow’s Central House of Artists will host the Second Festival of the New Culture.

Culture and art always follow the technology, reacting to its each innovation. The brightest example would be the art of cinematography that started with black and white silent movies and developed in today’s films rich in sound, colour and even 3D graphics. With the development of technology it became accessible to every average person. The accessibility of hi-tech changed the consumers of TV and Radio into a rightful participator of the process.

A new generation of high-tech Russian girls and boys has grown up, generation that doesn’t remember life without Internet and mobile phones.

The modern world is the era of interactivity, the full involvement of a person into communicational and creative processes.

The objective of the festival is to demonstrate cultural phenomena and artistic works that express or interpret this kind of perception of the world.

The festival will consist of the following sections: Fashion, Design, Art, Theatre, Books, Movies, Music and Science.

Illustration for New Culture Festival in Moscow


Paul Van Dyk performing in Kiev

The performance of the two times Planet’s Best DJ with his famous show will take place at Qiev Dance festival. This fall the festival will gather thousands of fans of electronic dance music, including pretty Ukrainian party girls.

The idol of millions, the “guru” of electronic music – Paul van Dyk – is touring for his new album “Evolution”.

Since his first performance in Ukraine in 2006, Dyk has become the favourite among Ukrainian girls and boys, every time offering something special for his fans. No doubt about it, Dyk’s impressive live performance on In Between tour in 2007, is still one of the brightest and prominent event in Ukraine’s festival culture.

This September Paul van Dyk is prepared to prove to his Ukrainian fans that it wasn’t a mere coincidence when he was chosen the best DJ for two years in a raw.



National Opera & Ballet House in Oslo

Visiting St. Petersburg this month would give you the opportunity not only to meet and date a gorgeous Russian lady of your dreams but also to expand your knowledge about modern Norwegian architecture and design.

Norwegian National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design presents an exhibition about the world-famous “Snøhetta”.

Today “Snøhetta” is perhaps one of the most famous bureaus of architecture, interior and landscape design in the world. Their projects follow one main principle: organic interaction of all the components, including interior and landscape design, as well as their functionality – comfort is as important as the form.

This can be an exciting place to have a date with a wonderful Russian girl, the exhibition is traveling the world since 2009, representing the animations, images, texts and photographs of Snøhetta’s major works and projects.

Over the past 10 years, the company has received many awards: the Aga Khan Architectural Award (2004), World Architecture Award (2008), the Prize of Mies van der Rohe (2009), “The best panoramic pavilion in the World” at the World Architecture Festival in Barcelona (2011).


One of the architectural piece of art done by Snohetta


Thousand of people sitting on the famous Potemkin Stairs, listening to a concert

Have you ever been to the city that is said to have the most beautiful girls in the world? I’m talking about Odessa, “the pearl by the sea”. On the second of September the city celebrates its 218 birthday.

Many delegations from all over the world are arriving to Odessa to join the event. During this day you’ll be able to visit different fairs, concerts, exhibitions, events and a rock festival.

As usual the city will be flooded with tourists, stunning Odessa girls and other citizens.

An annual flower exhibition will take place in the city’s biggest park. As usual in the centre there will be the enormous flower composition of Odessa’s coat of arms. In the evening a gala-concert will take place on the famous Potemkin’s stairs. And of course don’t miss the fireworks.

This day has always been dearest to every citizen of Odessa. And these are not empty words. There are a lot of descriptions of fancy balls and crowded festivals in the literature that describes Odessa’s past.


Beautiful Girl performing at the concert in Odessa



If you are in Moscow and you want to take your date for an exciting afternoon event – you can consider visiting Moscow International Auto Show. The 16th Moscow International Auto Salon (2012 MIAS) is in full swing with the show set to open its doors to the public for the first time on Friday, August 31, and remain open until September 9.
The event is expected to draw more than 1 million visitors who will have the opportunity to get up, close and personal with many new models and concepts including 23 world, 21 European and 85 Russian premieres.

One of the main reasons why automakers from around the world are showing a vivid interest in the Moscow auto show is the improving economy of a nation with a population of 140 million people, a large number of which are driving old cars.

“The situation is very different from Europe and the United States, because you have a lot of people that have very old cars – or no car – [who] are entering the market for new cars,” Renault’s regional head Bruno Ancelin explained to Reuters. “It is a tank of potential customers that is still full and we have years and years in front of us to address this kind of customer.”

European automakers are especially keen to increase their presence in the Russian market to offset losses in Europe.