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Garik Sukachev performing on stage

Slogan of the XI festival Disco of the 80s is “Rock & Dance”. The event will take place on November 24th in Moscow. Every year this show gathers hundreds of music lovers including stunning Russian girls.

During the 80s we had a real eclectic of musical styles and genres. The social realism of the first local underground bands got along with the deficit of musical content from USA and Europe. We were listening to what was accessible; whatever they were playing in the discos became a dance hit. As a result, a unique musical background was formed, and today it still rocks!

This year’s Disco of the 80s has prepared a grand show – a big number of music super-stars, new names and a lot of good music. Never before the festival had so many rock musicians on the stage. Each name – a legend, an era, a symbol of the 80s. You’ll see the performance of Gorky Park, Garik Sukachev, Konstantin Nikolsky, Sergey Galanin, Butusov with U-Piter band. Among international stars are Chris Norman, Boney M, Sabrina, Pupo, C.C. Catch, Bad Boys Blue and many more.

You won’t be bored there, the organizers promised lots of surprises.


Disco of 80s concert in Moscow


Seal performs in Kiev, Ukraine

Kiev stands still awaiting for the concert of the year – an Intimate Evening with Seal… The winner of three Grammy Awards, British singer and songwriter, gorgeous man, whose velvet voice drives thousands of Ukrainian girls crazy, is finally in Ukraine.

However, before his concert, the press got their hands on the artist’s requirements for his stay in Kiev. We all know that Seal is quite an eccentric person, and maybe his divorce with supermodel Heidi Klum had a great effect on his inner balance, but the requirements that his manager presented to the host in Kiev were a little bit bizarre.

From the airport he should be picked up only by a Bentley of the latest release with a female English speaking driver. Since Seal follows only a healthy diet, his dressing room should be filled with exotic and organic fruits and berries, 10 litres of mountain spring water, 5 kilos of crushed ice, organic milk and raw almonds.

The dressing room itself should be decorated in maroon colours, with many dark red roses, bowls of fire, candles, incense and a place for meditation. Also Seal would like to have 2 full-body mirrors and a cage with a cockatoo of a burgundy colour.

Also Seal requires two masseuses that should be available 24/7 and know Thai massage techniques for the whole stay in the capital.

But fans are sure that all these demands, if met, would make the concert only more unforgettable and love their idol just the way he is.


Seal rocking in Kiev


Poster for Argentinian Tango in Kiev

Tango is the most sensual dance ever. Any Ukrainian woman would confirm that. If you want to see it for yourself, on November the 23rd the final concert “Worlds Stars of Argentinian Tango” will be held in Kiev. The participants – the champions of Argentinian tango masters Neri Piliu and Yanina Quinones together with the Moscow Orchestra “Solo Tango Orquestra”.

Neri Piliu and Yanina Quinones (Argentina) is a young, very talented, beautiful and vivid couple, dancing amazingly stage tango as well as classical tango salon. The show by Neri and Yanina simply stuns you with its energy, beauty and brilliance of movements. Their tango salon is elegant and sensual.

The accompaniment, the “Solo Tango Orquestra”, is the winner of international competitions and the official orchestra of several international festivals. They have conquered the hearts of European and Asian audiences, as well as Argentinian, with their professionalism, charisma, virtuosity of execution, deepest sense of style and their energy.

It’s a perfect place to take your beautiful Ukrainian lady for a date, which would, no doubt, lead to a passionate romance.


Neri Piliu and Yanina Quinones



Swan Lake performed by Chinese acrobats

The ballet “Swan Lake” is world famous. Its music and choreography is one of the brightest accomplishment of Russian culture and a masterpiece of the world ballet. However a Chinese choreographer Zhao Ming decided to turn everything upside down and show a new view on the topic. His show became a sensation. The company combined music by Tchaikovsky, eclecticism of ballet and Chinese circus acrobatics. The dancers perform ballet pas on the rope and wire; all tricks are performed without a net.


The idea of creating such a show was conceived in 2002 by a Chinese acrobatic number “Eastern Swan” that won the prize for circus arts in Monte Carlo. After watching it, choreographer Zhao Ming decided to create a full-length circus show. After the premier in China, the creators of the show decided to start their world tour from Russia, since it’s Tchaikovsky’s birthplace.

In 2006 the State Kremlin Palace hosted the show. The tickets were sold out and the public loved it.

Everything that the artists do on stage is like flying in a dream. They bend the rules and go beyond the capabilities of the human body, changing our perception of a classical ballet.


Swan Lake performed by Chinese acrobats


An oil painting of a forest

During the two first weeks of November, a small hotel “German Club” in St Petersburg will host an exhibition “Picturesque Environment”, organized by the art agency “ConSferArt”.

German and Russian landscapes, the charm of wildlife, pristine beauty of nature will be presented in graphics and paintings of Russian, French and Australian artists. The main topic of the exhibition is ecology and the protection of nature and health.

The hotel “German Club” is one of the few in the city that has the international “Green Key”. Moreover, the managers of the hotel were the first to start the development of this programme in Russia.

“The “German Club” is the first small city hotel. We retain a strong position on using only safe and ecological materials, minimizing the consumption of electricity, water and heating” – says hotel’s manager Elena Rechits – “Caring for the environment stands closely next to the cultural development. That’s why we’ve decided to host such an exhibition in our hotel. It will show people the beauty of our nature, which can disappear if we won’t protect it.”

The manager of ConSferArt, Anastasia Matvienko, says – “This is our first experience in combining ecology and art in one topic. We prepared the exhibition in under one month. Its idea is to encourage people to get involved in questions of ecology and environment. So we are trying to show the necessity and importance of protecting our environment and its beauty that can vanish any second.”


The key of the ecological exhibition - painting Take Off The Mask of Ignorance