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Poster for symphonic concert in Odessa, Ukraine

Elegant Ukrainian Women enjoy classical music.

This year Odessa National Philharmonic Orchestra, with its principal conductor Hobart Earle, presents to the audience a holiday music programme. The concert is dedicated to the Gregorian Christmas and will be an evening of music by Tchaikovsky.

Large pieces from Swan Lake, The Nutcracker – traditional Christmas piece, and other famous composition by Tchaikovsky will be performed on the 25th of December.

Currently in his nineteenth season as the Music Director and Principal Conductor of the Odessa Philharmonic Orchestra, Mr. Earle has elevated the orchestra to a position of international prominence.

In recognition of his work with the Odessa Philharmonic Orchestra, Hobart Earle was awarded the title “Distinguished Artist of Ukraine”, the first and only foreigner in the history of Ukraine.


Odessa National Phylarmonic Orchestra


Viktor Tsoy tribute poster

The concert “Symphonic Film” is a tribute to “Kino“ (Russian for  “Film”) by a symphony orchestra.

It has already been over two decades since the tragic death of Viktor Tsoy, but the songs created by the great poet and musician still live in the hearts of thousands of Russian Women and men. His fans are of different age and social statuse, different nationalities and religions. They love his songs because they are much more than just pretty words with nice accompaniment. Tsoy’s songs are life itself, expressed in poetry and music.

This year Viktor Tsoy could have turned 50. It’s very symbolic that the project  “Symphony Film “ started the same year as the poet’s anniversary. This project has no analog in the history of Soviet Rock and will allow us to hear Tsoy’s music performed by a symphony orchestra and reevaluate the genius of the artist.

First symphonic versions of Tsoy’s songs were written in 2010 specially for the grand concert “20 years without Kino”. The compositions were welcomed so warmly by the audience that it was decided to prepare a full program.

On the day of Tsoy’s 50th birthday – July 21 – “Symphonic Film” was presented in St. Petersburg.  It was a triumph – the audience did a standing ovation. And now Ukrainian Girls and boys, as well as the visitors of Kiev, will have a unique opportunity to hear this fantastic programme live.


Viktor Tsoy on stage


Little girl with a full make-up and hair style posing for a camera

This month Russian Women and men, as well as the guest of the city, will get a chance to get into the world of “American Beauty”.  A photo exhibition dedicated to a growing phenomenon – Children Beauty Contests.  Each year over 25000 of such contests are held all over the US.  The rules of such contest stipulate that the participant should be under 18 years old. Though these children should look like adults – tanned, with heavy make-up, fake eye lashes and nails.

Danish photographer Laerke Posselt in her work focuses on the kids that are too young to know what they want and where it’s their parents that decide for them.

Posselt observes and takes pictures of three girls – Evi, Meddison and Sofia – during their everyday life and contests. The question raised in this series of photos are very deep: what kind of self-esteem will these girls have when they grow up; what kind of relationship will they have with their mothers that force them to be models and compete with each other at such a fragile age; what influence do these contests have on  girls’ emotional health…

Laerke is an independent photographer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. She has studied Art and Documentary Photography as well as Photojournalism. Her documentary work focuses on contemporary social issues in Denmark and abroad.

Lerke Posselt  took the first prize in the World Press Photo Contest in the category “Portraits” for her portrait of Mellica Mehraban,  she was also awarded the first prize in the Pictures of the Year International  contest as well as many others.


Little girl posing very adult-like on a cat walk