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Yumorina on All Fools Day in Odessa Ukraine

All Fools’ Day is celebrated in most of the Christian countries, although it does not always come by this name. While English-speaking countries usually refer to this celebration as All Fools’ Day or April Fools’ Day, others know it as the Day of Laughter or the Day of Humor. On this day, it is customary to play jokes and pranks on co-workers, friends and relatives.

Odessa, a southern Ukrainian town, is famous all over the post-Soviet space for its humor and it is no wonder that Odessa celebrates this day in its own special way. On this day, Odessa holds an annual parade that attracts people from all over Ukraine. The parade has a long history, it was first held almost 40 years ago, back in 1973 and immediately became a huge success. For the following three years, the event is developing and the parade is supplemented with additional attractions, such as various competitions for the public, a show of antique automobiles, free performances of artists and satirists. In 1976, the government bans the parade since many satirists performing during the event criticize the political course of the Soviets. Yumorina disappears from the streets, but it does not die. Many public schools and higher education establishments hold discreet celebrations for their students and staff, the practice that allowed Yumorina to survive until 1987, when the ban was lifted and the parade came back to the streets.

Yumorina in Odessa is a great place to meet this joyous celebration of spring, have some fun and meet new friends. The parade is usually attended by thousands of beautiful Ukrainian girls, so if you are looking for romance, this is the place for you to be.


Dating in Odessa, Ukraine


GusGus in Kiev

On the 23rd of March in Kiev’s Crystal Hall Ukrainian girls will be dancing to sets of electronic band GusGus, who will perform there with their solo programme.

GusGus is an Icelandic band and was formed almost 20 years ago, when some friends tried to make a movie about Icelandic swingers in Reykjavik. The name GusGus came from the movie “Fear eats the soul”, where a woman is cooking couscous for her lover, but it sounds like “gus gus” the way she pronounces it. The band regards it as a sex reference.

The band’s favourite genre is techno-soul: a combination of dance music and spellbinding vocal. Starting from 1995, the size of the band grew from 2 up to 12 members. At the moment there are 5 members in the band – Stephan Stephensen aka President Bongo, Birgir Torarinsson, Daniel Haraldsson, Urdur Hakonardottir and Högni Egilsson.

GusGus has produced eight studio albums and one live record. The group has remixed several famous artists, including Björk, Depeche Mode, Moloko and Sigur Ros.

Boys and girls from Kiev, as well as the visitors of the city, are looking forward to this concert. To make your Ukrainian dating experience more memorable, we recommend you to invite your date to the concert and rock the house together.


GusGus performing in Kiev


Russian girls dressed in national cloths celebrating Maslenitsa

Maslenitsa is an old Russian tradition that has a dual ancestry: pagan and Christian.

As a pagan tradition it started long time ago when Russian women and men would bid a farewell to long and cold winter and welcome spring. It was a celebration of awakening of Mother Nature and the return of sunny. Traditionally Maslenitsa was celebrated on a spring equinox day – when night and day have an equal length and the light hours start to dominate over the dark ones.

As a Christian tradition, Maslenitsa was the week before the start of the Great Fast, which preceded the Easter Sunday, giving people the last change of indulging in worldly delights. Once the Great Fast begins, one is not allowed to eat meat, fish, dairy products and eggs. On top of that – parties, dancing, music and everything else, that is considered to distract a person from the spiritual life, is strictly forbidden.

Originally the pagan celebration was held to honour the pagan deity Volos, the god of cattle and farming. He was pictured as a bear, due to that a bear was a sacred animal, thought to posses magical healing power.

The Church tried to ban this celebration and condemn it as sinful. However the popularity of the pagan tradition was so strong, that the Church had to adopt it, shifting the focus from the pagan deity Volos to a Christian saint Vlasiy who has the same characteristics as his pagan ancestor.

The name Maslenitsa is originated from the word “maslo”, which means butter or oil in Russian, and was create due to the tradition of baking pancakes, which are essential to the celebration of Maslenitsa. The pancakes are hot, round and golden, which made them to be seen as the sun, mighty and hot, helping to warm up the frozen earth. Also its round shape was believed to protect people from evil.

The peak of the celebration is the burning of Lady Maslenitsa, a riot related to an ancient idea of revival through sacrifice and death. It stands for the awakening of fruit-bearing powers of Mother Nature, the renewal of its life force.

Today more and more Russian ladies see Maslenitsa only as a culinary holiday and an occasion to get a treat. Though there are still a lot of different events taking place in cities dedicated to the holiday. If you are visiting Russia or Ukraine during this week, your Ukrainian and Russian dating and traveling experience will not be completed without indulging yourself in a caviar pancake date with a stunning Russian or Ukrainian girl.


Burning of the Lady Maslenitsa


Dating Russian Woman

The 8th of March – International Women’s Day –  a global celebration of women’s achievements in political, economical and social life. It is celebrated by the UN, and in most post Soviet countries, like Russia and Ukraine, it is a national holiday.

In the beginning of the XXth century this holiday was created as a day of solidarity between female workers, joined together in a fight for equal rights and emancipation.

After a while in the USSR, this holiday  lost its political colour and was no longer associated with the movement against female discrimination.

Today the holiday is celebrated with family and friends, at home or at a restaurant. Traditionally Russian women receive flowers and gifts from their husbands, fathers, brothers and friends. Women are also giving presents to their mothers, daughters and friends. Most often they are also released from any household duties so they would be able to enjoy the holiday in full.

The 8th of March is a holiday of feminine beauty, the beginning of spring and a celebration of love and equality between men and women.


Dating Russian Girl


Miss Russia 2013 Elvira

It’s not a secret anymore that Russia has one of the most beautiful women in the world. And this weekend Miss Russia was selected at the annual national beauty contest. The winner of Miss Russia 2013 is an 18 years old student of economy Elmira Abdrazakova from Mezhdurechensk.

Elmira will represent Russia at next year’s Miss Universe and Miss World beauty contests. As a prize she has received 100 000 US Dollars and a car. According to the winner, she would like to spend her money prize on helping her hometown.

Elmira confessed that the hardest part in the contest was walking in high heels, since she is not a professional model.

This year the jury at Miss Russia included Miss Universe 2012 – American Olivia Culpo and Miss World 2012 – Chinese Yu Wenxia.

Culpo believes that the winner of the contest “should not only be beautiful on the outside, but should also possess an inner beauty”. And according to Wenxia “one should be very self-confident, to convince everybody that you are the most beautiful one”.

Beautiful blond Russian girl Anastasia Yazykova from Yaroslavl won the title of the 1st Vice-Miss of Russia. The 2nd Vice-Miss of Russia became a stunning brunet from Republic of Kalmykia – Irina Tumanova. She also won the title Nation’s Choice according to the internet based election. Both girls received grants to study at any university of their choice in the world.


The winners of  Miss Russia 2013


Marilyn Monroe

This March in St Petersburg, Moscow Multimedia Art Museum together with Chopard presents  an exhibition “Marilyn Forever” dedicated to the idol of many Russian women.

The exposition includes 25 photographs of Marilyn Monroe that were never published before and were presented first by Chopard during the 65th Cannes Film Festival.

The portraits done by Milton Greene show us the versatile nature of Marilyn Monroe that is hidden from the general public: incredibly photogenic and mysterious, with natural grace, vulnerable and sensitive. Her high intelligence and delicate soul were hidden behind the artificial character, created for her by Hollywood.

In front of Greene’s camera the actress could really open up, show an absolutely different character from the one on the TV screen. Greene was able to detect her true feminine beauty. During their first photo session in 1953 for The Look magazine, after the official part where Marilyn was posing in fancy dresses, the photographer wrapped his wife’s simple black coat around the actress. So their creative connection was established and could be seen in every portrait that Green has done of Marilyn.


Marilyn Monroe