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Zaza in Odessa Ukraine

French language is one of the most romantic in the world, any Ukrainian girl would confirm that! Though Ukrainian ladies fall not only for the beauty of the language but also for the richness of French culture. That’s why annual cultural event “Printemps Français” is so popular in Ukraine, and it is attended by thousands of pretty Ukrainian women every year.

This year, the 10th festival “French Spring” concluded with a performance of Zaza Fournier in Odessa City Garden. In spite of a cold evening, a lot of fans of French culture went downtown Odessa to listen to performance of a popular singer. Last year Zaza performed in Kiev, Ukraine, at the 2nd cultural festival “Paris telle quelle” and returned to Ukraine this year with concerts in Donetsk, Dnepropetrovsk and Odessa.

The Ambassador of France in Ukraine Alain Remy presented the artist to the audience and wished everybody a fantastic evening.

The evening was really great thanks to playful and energetic performance by Zaza. Sincere French tunes, accompanied by accordion, were welcomed warmly by boys and girls of Odessa. The audience didn’t want the evening to stop, which pleased the French artist.

Ukrainian and Russian ladies are looking so much forward to the next year’s “Printemps Français”.


Zaza in Odessa Ukraine


Hot Russian girls love to rock! On the 25th of April Russian girls are going to rock the house in Moscow together with a Finish band Sunrise Avenue.

Finish rockers Sunrise Avenue is one of the most known bands outside of their home country. Their last album “Out of Style” anything else but out of style. Album’s first single “Hollywood Hills” skyrocketed in many European charts and became a major radio and sales hit.

The past five years were pretty busy for Sunrise Avenue: from gold and platinum albums, to NRJ Music Awards and Finish Grammy. Their Out of Style tour was totally sold out and they even got a privilege to perform at the 2012 Champions League final at the legendary Olympic Stadium in Munich.

Combine your Russian dating experience with some fresh Finish rock, and make your stay in Moscow, Russia, unforgettable!


Sunshine Avenue in Moscow Russia


Olga Kurylenko

Ukrainian model and actress Olga Kurylenko, who is also a Bond girl in the 22nd Bond film The Quantum of Solace, today is one of the most wanted actresses in Hollywood. This month she announced to Empire magazine that she would return into series about James Bond only as a character of an old toothless woman.

After staring in Quantum of Solace next Daniel Craig, Kurylenko received many offers to play similar characters as a strong and sexy woman. However Olga doesn’t feel close to such types, she confessed that she’s not strong at all, and that she’s quite sensitive girl in general.

Ukrainian hot model Olga Kurylenko began her acting career in France, where she started as a model after moving from Ukraine in 1996. At the age of 18 she has already covered Vogue and Elle.

Ukrainian girl Olga has stared in several big movies like Hitman and Max Pain, as well as a vampire character in Paris, je t’aime. This year beautiful Ukrainian model stars in Oblivion next to Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman.


Ukrainian Model Olga Kurylenko


Husky Rescue playing for Russian Girls

This Wednesday Husky Rescue will be presenting for the first time their solo concert for Russian girls and boys. For more then 10 years Husky Recue are impressing hearing and imagination of their listeners with amazing musical canvases, where delicate electro pop is entwined with tender downtempo, light and calming ambience. Though it’s really hard (and absolutely unnecessary) trying to describe the works of Husky Rescue by using dry tags and trying to fit them into tight frames of some specific genre. Their music is absolutely cinematographic; hence using visuals is most appreciated when trying to describe it. Due to this quality, their music is widely used in different films and series. Blurry melodies that shine with diverse colours and shades, reminding you of the Northern Lights; electronic fireworks of sound, glimmering like the first snowflakes in winter; a musical palette of freshness and lightness.

In 2011 the group got a new soloist – charming Swedish girl Johanna Kalen whose voice is capable of reproducing each line with incredible intensity and emotionality. Together they are moving towards even more intense, emotional, bright and natural sound, keeping the usual lightness and magic.

If you want to find yourself somewhere on the edge between reality and dreaming, definitely come to the Husky Rescue concert in St Petersburg. The evening is going to be filled with romantic energy, a perfect place to find your Russian soulmate.


Meet Date Marry Russian Woman


Nude Madonna by Schreiber

Photography became an every-day hobby for many Russian girls. They take pictures professionally and just for themselves. To keep the hand on a pulse of modern photography Russian ladies regularly visit photo exhibitions and this month’s Schreiber’s Cowboys and Nudes is the most awaited event among art-loving Russian women.

During the 70s and 80s Schreiber created a series of works dedicate to his two passions. Later these works were published in monographic albums.

The series Bodyscapes (1980) is a result of many years of fruitful work as a teacher of nude photography at the Parsons New School, New York. After finishing his first book, Schreiber starts immediately on realization of his old dream. Being charmed by the romantic West, he studies the wide spaces of Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico, and dedicates his next series to an image of a mystical cowboy – one of the greatest archetypes of American society. In 1982 he publishes a book named Last of a Breed.

At the exposition Cowboys and Nude these two passions of the photographer were joined in one exhibition, which gave a base for a visual duality: the unruly masculine spirit, that dwells in the prairies of the Wild West, versus tender female creature in a rough city jungle.

His first experience in photography, Schreiber obtained serving for American intelligence office in Germany. In 1971 he was given a prize by Life magazine, and in 1977, after finishing the School of Visual Arts in New York, he gets an offer from the head of Photography Department at the Parsons School to take the post of their teacher in nude photography. During next 8 years at the Parsons, Martin produced a massive amount of portraits including photos of at that time unknown Louise Veronica Ciccone. In 1992 the Taschen publishes Schreiber’s book Madonna Nudes.

If you like photography just as much as Russian ladies do, make sure to visit the Lumiere’s Centre to see Schreiber’s works for yourself.


M Schreiber’s Nudes



Many Russian Ladies dreamt of becoming a ballet dancer when they were little. Obviously not a lot of them actually did, but the love for ballet is always in their hearts.

On the 13th of April in National Opera of Ukraine will take place an event “Evening of modern choreography”. The leading soloists of the Natoinal Opera will perform 2 popular Edward Clug’s ballets: Quatro and Radio and Juliet.



The ballet is accompanied by live piano and cello. Clug sees life as a series of short moments that remind separate pictures versus a smooth stream of events. Due to that, the movements in the ballet look somewhat mechanical, with short delays in motion. Bringing so much attention to each movement makes each of them truly significant.

Clug has a talent to embody the emotional colours of music in a dance, which makes his choreography extraordinary. The world of Quatro – is the world of a megalopolis with its nervous rhythms, conflicts and unpredictability. Each character in the ballet has his/her own individual characteristics. The four characters are the four different ways of looking at life, four individualities that are trying to preserve their rights for independence and free choice.



Edward Clug’s ballet Radion and Juliet unites the most popular love story with the music of the world known alternative band Radiohead. From the day that the ballet was first seen, it awakened passionate discussions by critics and the audience. Everybody are drawing parallels with Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliette” and are trying to compare the scenes and the characters. Though Clug doesn’t follow the classical libretto, he offers a total immersion in the emotional world, created by Shakespeare and embodied by modern choreography and the soundtrack by Radiohead. This ballet will give you the means to feel fully the whole spectrum of emotions and feelings of this dramatic love story.


To make your stay in Kiev unforgettable and to add extra romance to your dating experience, invite your beautiful Ukrainian girlfriend to see these truly romantic ballets.


Radio and Juliet


Elena Vizerskaya

At the prestigious international photo contest Prix de la Photographie, Paris (PX3) a Ukrainian girl from Kiev Elena Vizerskaya took the second prize in this year’s special contest “Selfportrait”. The photographer of the year, according to PX3, became Jonathan Knowles for a series of works “Liquid Beauty”.

Prix de la Photographie is one of the biggest photo contests in Europe. Every year new talents are discovered there. Photographers from all over the world are represented in this art community. The photos that won PX3 are displayed in the best galleries of Paris. After each competition “An annual book PX3” is published that includes the works of the winners and 20 other photographers that were chosen by a jury.

Elena Vizerskaya is a 32 years old beautiful lady from Kiev, Ukraine. Her work is dark, sexy and charming at the same time. Angelic beauties and hell demons, ecstatic colour bursts and foggy places where death lives – these are the features of Elena’s photos.


Elena Vizerskaya


Morcheeba playing in Russia

On the 8th of April Russian girls are going to enjoy the concert of the year – Morcheeba in St Petersburg. Morcheeba was formed in the mid 90s and is still a favourite band of many ladies from Russia and other countries.

Morcheeba is a British band that combines in its music trip-hop, RnB, disco and rock. Morcheeba’s first albums “Who can you trust” and “Big calm”, released two years later, along with the classical records by Massive Attack, Portishead, Tricky and Uncle, formed the “golden foundation” of the trip-hop and gave the trio from London the status of the cult band of the 90s.

Morcheeba is always developing and experimenting with the music. Each single album of the band is something new, more grown-up, interesting and professional. They produced two albums in 2005 and 2008 with other vocalists, and in 2010 Skye Edwards has returned to the band. Musicians have always a lot of creative ideas for new compositions, and Skye’s charm can be felt even on the record.

At the moment Morcheeba is working with the new material for the next album, which should be released this year. As the artists say, the new album will be an innovative record for them, as they want to try themselves in totally new genres. It is also expected to have guest stars on some tracks, though whom – is still a secret.

Morcheeba is a fantastic mixture of trip-hop, downtempo and rhythm and blues, together with an incredible energy and charm of Skye Edwards. Take your Russian girlfriend out to this concert – new tracks and old hits, all this will await you this Monday in St Petersburg.


Morcheeba playing for Russian Girls