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Russian Girl

Today one of the world’s fastest growing air shows is MAKS – an International Aviation and Space Salon in Russia. This year the expo is held from the 27th of August till the 1st of September. Thousands of Russian women and men, as well as guests from over than 40 other countries, are going to visit the expo this year.

One of the most important criteria for determining the status of such event is the number of companies and countries represented there.  This year MAKS represents over 100 different companies from over 40 different states. The static display of the expo will feature around one hundred aircrafts.

Traditionally MAKS invites representatives of foreign air forces. In 2011 the biggest exposition was presented by the US Air Force and counted 17 aircrafts of various types. However this year, due to the reduction of the military budget, the United States are not participating.

For the first time the visitors of MAKS will see a demonstration aircraft of the Swiss Air Force F/A-18 Hornet. The French Air Force, a traditional participator of a flying programme, will present their Dassault Rafale. Latvian team Baltic Bees will participate with training L-39. And of course there will be aerobatic teams of Russian Air Force, actually a record number this year: the Swifts, the Russian Nights, the Falcons of Russia and the Golden Eagles.

The premier of the expo will be the Air Force of China. Today China is the second country after Russia whose aerobatic teams are flying combat aircrafts instead of training or sports ones. Airbus and Boing, the world’s leading aircrafts manufacturers, will be demonstrating their innovations as well.

If you are travelling in Russia on business or to meet a single Russian girl – don’t miss such an opportunity and visit MAKS-2013, it can also be a stunning destination for your date with a beautiful Russian lady.