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Russian Girl

From the 4th of October an exhibition dedicated to modern art by young Russian ladies will be held in Moscow, Russia.

The exhibition “I’d rather not be painting” gives us an excellent opportunity to find out how Russian women are developing the contemporary art in Russia, besides eccentric political performances by Femen and Pussy Riot. This project is concentrated on the personality of a young Russian girl, an artist that is trying to realize herself in everyday life and in art rather than on barricades. For example, she is documenting her travelling, creating some kind of a diary without words (Ustina Yakovleva), she is exploring her own sexuality (Kroshka Guer), or is analysing herself in a character of a wife (Mariya Pokrovskaya) and mother (Dariya Sintsova). But whatever she is doing, whichever social roles she is taking on herself, she still makes sure to stay herself.

This exhibition is about the space, problems and happiness of a modern Russian artist. Everyone has its own inner world, and not everybody is meant to be like Roza Luksemburg. In other words, life is a combination of simple but very important things, and in those things every woman is expressing herself as individuality.

If you want to get a more in-depth understanding of a tender soul of a modern Russian lady, or just to broaden your experience of Russian dating – this exhibition will be a good place to start

Art by Russian Women