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Limp Bizkit

Hot Russian girls are filled with anticipation to see Fred Durst live on the stage of A2 club in St Petersburg on the 28th of November. Fred and his band Limp Bizkit always create a powerful charge of rock energy, especially during live performances.

The band was nominated three times for Grammy awards and has sold over 40 millions copies of their albums. The fame came to Limp Bizkit with the release of the albums “Significant Other” that became number one on Billboard, and “Chocolate Star Fish”.

The premiere of the video “Ready to go” with a famous American rapper Lil Wayne had 202 000 views on YouTube in the first day. The video and the single were released to promote a new album that the fans are awaiting in the beginning of 2014.

Rollin’, Nookie, Break Stuff and My Generations – are the top hits of Limp Bizkit that are still rotating actively on the radio around the globe.

If you are in St Petersburg and would like to meet a cool alternative Russian girl, then Limb Bizkit concert is a perfect opportunity for that.


Limp Bizkit Live

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