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Malevitch self portrait

As anyone knows, many talented people were born in Ukraine and Russia. Russian and Ukrainian women adore art in all its forms and the fine arts in particular. 100 years ago a new artistic idea in fine arts was born in Russia that was later called “suprematism” (from Latin “supremus” – highest). The creator of this idea was Kazimir Malevich.

The first time suprematism was shown to the public was in December 1913 during an avant-garde opera ”The Victory over the Sun” where decorations and costumes were designed by Malevich. In the second act the actors tore apart a curtain with the image of the sun, which was not red and round but black and square. It symbolised the victory of an active human art over the passive form of the nature. The Black Square was the beginning of an abstract art in Russia and worldwide.

The biggest collection of works by Malevich is owned by the Russian Museum in St Petersburg. This December you will be able to see an exhibition dedicated to two periods of Malevich artistic work: before and after the square. The exposition offers around 100 paintings, drawings, sketches and decorations, as well as the playback of the mentioned opera.

This exhibition is a must for any lover of Russian culture and art in general.


Malevitch painting


The Cardigans in Russia

On the 5th of December Russian women and men will be heading to the A2 club to see the live concert of the second most popular Swedish band after ABBA – the Cardigans. St Petersburg, Russia will be glad to host The Cardigans again.

The band was created in 1992 in a small Swedish city Jönköping, known before only for its churches and matches factories. The idea of creating a soft-rock band came to a bass player Magnus Sveningsson and a guitarist Peter Svensson that were playing some heavy metal before. After finding a suitable drummer, keyboard player, and a charming vocalist Nina Persson, the band has never changed the members since.

Thanks to Nina’s tender, sensual and strong voice, the band got known worldwide. The style of the band has varied from album to album: from early indie experiments and pop music inspired by 60s, to alternative rock. The first album “Emmerdale” (1994) made the band very popular in their home country. While working on their second album “Life” that was released in 1995 the band went on tour around Europe and gained a worldwide popularity. the real break-through was the album “First Band on the Moon” (1996) with the hit “Lovefool” which became a soundtrack to the Baz Luhrmann’s “Romeo+Juliet” with Leonardo DiCaprio. In 1998 The Cardigans released an album “Grand Turismo” that won a prize for The Best Album Of The Year at Swedish Grammy awards.

After releasing two more albums in 2003 (Long Gone Before Daylight) and 2005 (Super Extra Gravity) the band went on a long creative vacation till 2012 where they started to tour again.

Take your beautiful Russian girlfriend to The Cardigan’s concert this week and this Russian Dating experience will forever stay in your memory.


The Cardigans concert in Russia