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Easter in Ukraine

Ukrainian girls and boys from Odessa, Ukraine are looking forward to this year’s Easter celebration with many different exciting activities such as massive reconstruction of ancient Jerusalem, Roman legionnaires’ marches, different quests and a competition for the most beautiful Easter egg – pisanka.

On the 17th of April in Odessa will start an ethnic Easter at the “Riviera” where all the guest will have an opportunity to learn how to paint an Easter egg and make amulets, as well as enjoy a concert of national music and taste an Easter cake – paskha. Children and their parents will be able to learn some ethnical Easter songs and visit a real Easter Fair with traditional Easter bakery. Ukrainian girls and boys will participate in a quest searching for Easter eggs and a competition for the best painted pisanka.

Ancient Jerusalem will be reconstructed in the Gamov’s park on the 19th of April. You will be able to see the actual Way of Sorrows with its main characters – Jesus, Mother Mary, Barabbas, Pilate, King Herod, Roman legion and Israelis – over one hundred actors will participate in this performance.

The Club of Rome Reconstructions will perform unique stunts, marches and introduce the ancient military life-stile. All the costumes and decorations of the event are created by specialists – historians and archaeologists from all over Ukraine.

Your Ukrainian dating and traveling experience combined with an event like that will leave you absolutely astonished. Don’t miss the chance to explore the Ukrainian cultural heritage this April in Odessa.


Ukrainian Easter Eggs


The Night Of Irish Film in Moscow

As we’ve said before, Russian ladies are big lovers of cinematography and they are always eager to broaden their horizons and learn new cultures. The Night of New Irish Film covers all these interests.

The opening movie of the night will be the pre-premiere screening of a long-awaited movie by John Michael McDonagh “Calvary”. The movies plot is promising and unpredictable – during a confection a priest is notified that he will be killed and now he has some time for settling all his unfinished businesses.

The night will continue with another movie by McDonagh “The Guard”. This time the main character is far from being saint even though he is law enforcement officer. He doesn’t choose the words when speaking, asks uncomfortable questions, allows himself a beer or two during the working hours and likes to have fun with prostitutes. However when an uptight FBI agent arrives to investigate an international drug trafficking case, our Irish officer is the one being appointed to help him with the investigation.

The last movie of the night is “Seven Psychopaths” by Martin McDonagh. The cast of this movie is absolutely fantastic – Colin Farrell, Sam Rockwell, Woody Harrelson, Christopher Walker, Tom Waits and Olga Kurylenko. The plot is hilarious – a struggling writer is trying to finish a screenplay for the movie “Seven Psychopaths” and by accident becomes dragged into LA criminal underworld all because of a kidnapping of some psycho gangster’s beloved Shih Tzu.

If you want to have a great laugh with your gorgeous Russian girlfriend, we suggest you spend the night in Avrora Cinema and enjoy some crazy Irish humour.


Seven Psychopaths poster