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Exhibition “Odessa Stories” (

Single Ukrainian Lady Odessa Story

A true Ukrainian lady, beauty and artist – Olga Kotova – has presented her works about her home town in the art gallery “Muse”. Olga is a Candidate of Art Criticism, member of a National Union of Artists, Associate Professor of Visual Arts and she is madly in love with her city Odessa, located on the shore of the Black Sea in Ukraine. Here is what she says about her exposition “Odessa Stories”…

“Odessa is my most beloved city in the whole world.” says Olga Kotova. “I was born here, I am very proud of it and go through every turmoil together with my city. When I was studying at the Athens school of fine arts, every Friday we watched a TV program “Odessa – the homeland of Hellenes”, and the Greeks told me every week “Odessa is so beautiful! What are you even doing here in Athens?”. So of course I came back home…” says the artist with a warm smile. “I only feel at home here, in Odessa. I love the city centre with monuments of Duke and Pushkin, the Opera House… There is a special place in my heart for Moldovanka, which I love for its local colour, humour, cats, dogs, and linen drying in the courtyards. I love the sea and its colour, so rich and different depending on the weather or time of the day… not black at all! I love how it smells and enjoy swimming in it. A new story is born every second on every corner, an Odessa Story!”

Talented Ukrainian woman Olga specialises in panel painting, prioritising colour, light and mood in her paintings.  She prefers to paint landscapes, still life and different compositions.


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