The Baseballs in Russia

On the 16th of May in St. Petersburg’s club “Cosmonaut” a German cover band is going to be jamming for Russian girls and boys.

The history of the band starts in 2007 when three German guys – Sam, Basti and Digger – gathered in a Berlin studio to record cover versions of some hits from the 50s and 60s. There they found out that it’s much cooler to reproduce today’s pop hits in a rock ’n’ roll style.  That way the band came up with a unique style that made them incredibly popular all over Europe.

Their first album Strike came out in 2009 and took the leading positions in European music charts. The album became golden in Germany, platinum in Holland, Austria, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland, and triple-platinum in Finland. The musicians received numerous awards, including European Border Breakers Award 2011. Several months after receiving this award, the Baseballs released their second album String ’n’ Stripes that became very successful and loved by the public.

One might wonder what is the secret of the Baseballs’ popularity that makes them to stand out among many other cover artists. Well, their exquisite sound, original and easily recognisable style, and high professionalism are not the main ingredient of their popularity. The secret lies in the ultimate and genuine love for their work, their crazy and maddening rock ’n’ roll energy.

To enjoy a good evening full of rock ‘n’ roll music and beautiful pin-up Russian girls, visit the “Cosmonaut” this Thursday in St. Petersburg, Russia.


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