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Natalia Vodianova is a Russian model who is known not just for her looks, but for being a philanthropist, a president of the Naked Heart Foundation. Natalia’s foundation strives to provide every child with a safe and inspiring environment to live and develop in.

Natalia’s story is frequently referred to as “Russian Cinderella”. Born to a poor family in the Soviet Union, Natalia lived with her mother and two sisters, since her father left them when she was just a toddler. In her childhood years, Natalia had to help her mother sell fruit in the market to make a living for their family.

Her life made a complete turn-around when Natalia enrolled in a modeling school at the age of 15. She was quickly recognized for her stunning beauty, intellect and willingness to do anything to succeed and by the age of 17 Vodianova moves out to Paris, where she starts working for such brands as Yves Saint Laurent and Givenchy. This stunning Russian woman quickly becomes a hit with the press due to her story and that helps to lift Natalia’s career to the next level.

Year 2001 brings bad news to all guys who dreamed that some day they can marry this Russian girl. Natalia meets Justin Portman at a Paris dinner. Later that year, they got married when Natalia was already 8 months pregnant. Their marriage lasted until 2011, when the couple decided to part their ways. Today, Natalia has three children and is currently engaged in a relationship with Antoine Arnault.

Natalia is an iconic image for many Russian girls today: she came all the way from being a poor girl in urban Russia to becoming a world-famous model and actress, successfully defeated the hardship and came out to be a stronger person in the end. This wondrous Russian woman is also an icon for children that she loves so much and who get a chance for a better future with the help from the Naked Heart Foundation.

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