Dating in Minsk

Dating Belarusian girls in Minsk

Minsk is a capital of Belarus and the largest city in the country. The name Minsk is thought to have originated from a river name Men, however throughout the ages, under the influence of Russian and Poles, the name was transformed into Minsk. Some Belarusians still pronounce it as Mensk, paying homage to the original name.

Today, Minsk is home to almost two million people, most of them ethnic Belarusians. Russian constitute the second largest ethnic groups in the city, closely followed by Ukrainians. Smaller ethnic groups are represented by Poles, Jews and Tatars. Belarusian and Russian languages are spoken in Minsk and throughout the whole country.


The first settlement was founded in place of Minsk by the early East Slavs some time before the 9th century. The area was later integrated into the early Principality of Polatsk, an early East Slav state, and this is the time when the first written mention of Minsk is made. In the next couple of hundreds years, this region becomes a disputed area between Polatsk and Kiev, an early Ukrainian state, and Minsk is constantly fought over.

Escaping the Great Mondol invasion of Rus in 1237, Minsk becomes part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and subsequently, when Lithuania and Poland form one state, part of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

In the 17th century, Minsk is conquered by Russia and stays under Russian rule for a little more than 10 years before it is recaptured by Poland. At the end of the Polish-Russian war, Minsk has only 2000 inhabitants and around 300 houses. In 1793, Minsk is annexed by Russia again and from that point on, Russia keeps control of the city most of the time.

The WW2 has brought great devastation to Minsk when the whole city was subjected to air bombing. More than 80% of all structures in Minsk were reduced to mere rubble. The population reduced from 300,000 to just 50,000 people. The Jewish diaspora has suffered the most, being almost utterly wiped out in concentration camps. After the war, the city was rebuilt but most of the historical sites were not reconstructed. Today, Minsk is a great example of the Soviet’s architectural style of the late 50s.

Things to Do

Since the historical center did not survive the bombing, Minsk itself has little to offer those who want to dig into the coffers of history. However, there are many historical sites in Minsk’s vicinity and Nesvizh Castle is a great example of such attractions. The castle was constructed in 1533 and is the national historical and cultural reserve. Recently it was added to the World Heritage List.

Minsk also houses a number of large museums, such as the Museum of Modern Fine Art and the National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus.

Although Belarus is a landlocked country and does not have access to any sea, there is a large artificial lake in Minsk’s vicinity, providing Minsk’s resident with an opportunity for water sports and beach activities. The lake is located 10 kilometers north of Minsk and is accessible by bus or taxi.

The nightlife in Minsk is a little quieter than that in Moscow, Kiev or Odessa, but there are still many nightclubs, pubs and restaurants scattered all over the city. Most of them operate till the early morning.


Like most post-Soviet countries, Minsk has a great dating scene with many available single Belarusian women. Although the collapse of the Soviets has brought emancipation and European values to Belarus women, many of them still prefer a traditional way of life, with the man assuming the leading role in the family. Belarusian girls are taught to keep the house from a very young age and most of them have amazing culinary skills.

Just like most people who come from post-soviet countries, women in Minsk are highly educated and well read. It is traditional for virtually anyone who lives in a large city, such as Minsk, to attend a university and achieve higher education before pursuing further career. Having excellent education, women in Minsk don’t to rely on their beauty and can attract man with their intellectual skills. Having said that, we have to mention that Minsk has some of the most beautiful women in the whole world, so you do not have have to settle for someone who is just smart or just beautiful, you can get the best of both worlds. offers an easy and convenient way to date Belarusian women in Minsk and anywhere in Belarus.

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