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Culture and Winter Holidays in Moscow (

Christmas with Hot Russian Girlfriend

Moscow, the capital of Russia and a habitat of most beautiful Russian women, is getting ready for the celebration of New Year. During the New Year’s Night and the following winter holidays the capital will present the visitors of the city, as well as single Russian ladies and men, with hundreds of different happenings. The main event of the holidays will be “The journey into Christmas”. The city streets will be decorated with festive illumination, christmas trees and ice slides.

Shimmering lights, gigantic art-objects and light installations, christmas markets with treats, performances of street theatres and dozens of itineraries for inspiring winter promenades – this is what “The journey into Christmas” will look like.

The magical atmosphere of this festival will enfold the city already on the 22nd of December and won’t leave during the next month. Christmas lights, the scent of toffee apples, live music, light tunnels and the small huts of Christmas Fair… All this is exceptionally beautiful, so no cold weather will stop hot Russian girls from getting out and enjoying the festival.

All together the festival will spread over 69 different venues. The guests will be able to choose among  various amusements: plays performed by street theatres of Russia and Europe, winter sport games, free workshops. It will be possible to buy interesting presents and Christmas treats at the street fairs. The parks of the capital will join the celebration – numerous artistic performances and programs for children will take place there.

A more cultural entertainment will be offered by the Moscow museums. During this winter holidays all culture hungry Russian women and men will be able to visit most of the museums for free. So from the second of January, till the eighth, all state museums of Moscow won’t charge any entrance fee. There will be no limitations by age – the free admittance will be for everybody – children and adults alike.

Make sure that you take a full advantage of the holidays and spend lots of fun quality time together with your sexy Russian girlfriend.


Beautiful Russian Women celebrating Christmas


Craft Depot Fest (

Russian Woman drinking Beer

Did you know that Ukrainian and Russian women love to drink beer? This weekend you can join them at the most beer-some event of the year that will take place in the capital of RussiaMoscow. There has been a lot of interest in craft culture during past several years. The last year’s Craft Depot Fest has undeniably confirmed it – over 7000 people has attended the event. This year the celebration will take place one more time and according to the organisers it will attract over 10 000 people. Good food, great variety of drinks and the music that will set the right mood – these are the cornerstones of a successful craft exhibition.

In the central zone of the event a produce from different breweries will be presented, including beer from Belgium, Germany, Russia and other countries. There will be revelations for everyone, even for the connoisseurs of craft: over 260 types of beer will be presented at the festival, not counting cider, mead and poare (a type of cider made from pears). Everything that you will like would be available for purchase in the Bottle Shop zone for home use.

The mood for celebration will be set by various musical bands. Cheerful melodies by the City Pipes – the piper orchestra, positive and unexpected compositions from crazy guys from the Good Times, the alternative band Remark, performance by the fancy band from Moscow Easy M, modern and stylish sound from Needshes – all this is just a part of the program.

Music will not be the only entertainment of the evening. The attendees will get a chance to participate in a thematic race, see the finals of the Best Craft Bar  in Moscow and St Petersburg competition and be the first to degustate a new sort of beer that is brewed specially for this occasion. Also there will be food trucks with dishes from American, Mexican and Belgian cuisine.

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“Food is a state affair” exhibition in St Petersburg (

Best Russian Dating, Food

Russian women customarily love to cook and are very good at it, as well as being able to create a cozy atmosphere in their homes. It is well known that food plays a big role in the everyday life of Russian women and men. So it is very interesting to find out what did the Russian emperors and leaders eat and what impact did the public policy have on the menu of ordinary citizens.

An exhibition in the Museum of Russia’s Political History in St Petersburg, Russia will tell us about the connection between politics and foodservice during the tsardom, existence of USSR and the post-soviet period. The attendees of the exhibition will get a chance to glance at the history of relationships between the rulers and the people from a different perspective.

The exposition includes the luxurious menus from the official happenings, the agitation porcelain from the Soviet period, food stamps, posters, photographs, graphical prints, paintings, cookbooks and other materials. The highlights of the expo are Sergey Urusov’s glass, the tableware that belonged to Alexander Tsyurupa and Leon Trotsky’s creamer. Additionally at the exhibition you will be able to learn the recipes of Nikolai II’s favourite meal – noodles from pigeons, the cocktail “Nikolashka” and the alpine milk soup.

Specialist from the German bureau HG Merz Architekten Museumsgestalter and Gleb Nikandrov have developed the design and concept of this project. The company that was founded in early 80s is engaged in  museum and exhibition design, as well as restoration of old buildings.

Additional information can be found on the official website of St. Petersburg Biennale of Museum Design.


Dating Russian Women, Food

“Golden Autumn” Festival in Moscow, Russia (

Dating Russian Girls in Moscow

Autumn in Moscow will become a special event this year thanks to the festival “Golden Autumn”. For three weeks it will transform the capital of Russia into the centre of gastronomic pleasures for beautiful Russian women, men and guests of the city. There will be meat and fish weeks, cheese days, food shows with participation of famous chefs, favourite recipes of Russian artiste Yevgeny Leonov, as well as other interesting things spread over 49 locations of the gastronomic marathon.

The autumn festival will offer to Russian ladies and gentlemen a great variety of tastes and gastronomic amusements. The festival starts with the meat week. Ecological produce from local farms will be presented there, and in the restaurants-tents you will get an opportunity to try some luscious meat-based dishes. During the cheese days the visitors can expect thematic food-shows, workshops and exclusive cheese menu. The festival will be concluded with a fish week. There will be an opportunity to acquire some rare sorts of fish and sea food at lower cost, as well as to try different fish dishes.

Besides the gustatory pleasures the attendants of the festival shall enjoy the cultural program. There will be an exhibition of still life created by Russian artist and a presentation of favourite recipes of the Russian actor Leonov, who is loved by all Russian girls and boys.

Additionally a festival of Moldavian wines will take place, and an opening of a bird market. The seasonal vegetables will be available for purchase during the whole length of the festival.

Dating Russian Women in Moscow


Ukrainian Girl with Easter Eggs

Easter is the biggest holiday for Orthodox Christians. Besides being a church celebration, it’s a celebration of spring and awakening of nature after a long Russian winter.

Orthodox Easter and Catholic Easter are celebrated on different days, due to following different calendars. Western Christianity is using the Gregorian calendar, and Eastern Christianity (like in Russia and Ukraine) bases the day of the holiday on the Julian calendar. However, Easter is always celebrated on Sunday in every Christian denomination.

This year the Orthodox Easter is celebrated on the 5th of May, and the preparations for the holiday have started some time ago all over Russia and Ukraine.

Some cities offer to visit numerous Easter fairs that will help you to grasp the richness of this cultural event and to buy presents and hand-made souvenirs. Many Russian women attend these fairs to buy traditional Easter supplies, and to enjoy the spirit of the holiday and spring.

From the 3rd to the 5th of May you can visit such a fair in Kiev, at the gallery M17. There you’ll get a chance to make your own hand-made Easter basket, learn to paint pisanki – Easter eggs, and to bake a kulich – traditional sweet Easter bread.

And on the 5th of May a concert will be held, performed by talented Ukrainian girls and boys.

Happy Easter!


Russian Woman in a Russian Orthodox Church


Logo of Buona Italia - sponsor of Italian Food Festival

From the 18th October starts the fifth annual festival of traditional Italian cuisine Buona Italia. This year the festival is spreading from Moscow to St. Petersburg, Sochi and other Russian cities.

The festival is supported by the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Italy, the Italian Embassy in Russia, the Italian-Russian Chamber of Commerce and the Italian Institute of Culture in Moscow.

The main action of the festival takes place in the best Italian restaurants of Russia, where a lot of gourmet Russian ladies like to dine. Each restaurant participating in the festival will offer their guests the menu using the famous products of Italian gastronomy.

According to organizers, this will allow all guests to “immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the Italian Carnival, vitality and enjoy the gifts of nature.”

The highlight of the opening ceremony will be the show by fashion house UOMO COLLEZIONI presenting their autumn-winter 2012 collection together with culinary stars – chefs of leading Italian restaurants. All this – accompanied by culinary fashion shows by chef Stefano Zaffrani.


Visitors of Italian Food Festival posing for a photo

Tasty Easter Treats in Russia – (

Paska or Kulich is a traditional bread that is baked by Russian and Ukrainian women for Easter.

Easter is coming to Russia this upcoming weekend and many people are expecting this celebration of spring with joy in their hearts and tummies.

Easter is probably the most expected celebration for Christians in Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus. The reason for this is because Easter is preceded by lent, the longest and hardest fasting period that lasts over a months when people deny themselves an opportunity to partake in the culinary fiesta that is Russian cuisine. While Russian restaurants long since have learned to get around these lent restrictions by serving delicious food that is still acceptable from the religious point of view, a true Russian soul cannot live without pelmeni, borsch and vodka and these products are strictly forbidden. The Easter weekend marks the end of lent and the beginning of the feast.

While different families serve different kinds of food during this weekend, there are dishes that transverse all countries that practice Orthodox Christianity – boiled eggs and Easter Kulich. The eggs are decorated, they are either painted with one color – in this case, they are called “krashenki”, or intricate pictures are painted on them. The painted versions are called “pisanki” and the are of painting them has been developed to near perfection by Ukrainian women. In rural areas of Ukraine, many Ukrainian families have their own traditional ways to paint pisanki and it is customary to gift all friends and relatives with these home made pieces of art.

Pisanki are hand-painted eggs that are made by Russian and Ukrainian women for Easter.

Kulich, also known as “Paska”, is a sweet pie that is is covered in glaze. It is a very sweet treat, so it is adored by children. You can buy a kulich at the store, however if you want to learn what kulich is all about, you have to get your hands on one baked by a Ukrainian hostess. Kuliches from bakeries will never amount to the sweetness and softness of a home-made Paska.

Home-made wine is a traditional drink for Easter. Sadly, not everyone can purchase home made wines, so it is replaced with regular wine in large cities.

Russian Fast Food – Dining on the Run in Moscow – (

Fast food for a fast paced world. The financial crisis is changing the menu of Russian diners. Many casual and fine diners have cut their dining budgets, but still haven’t turned away from eating out. There are currently about a dozen large fast-food chains in Russia and analysts say there’s still a lot of room for growth.

“The market is still underdeveloped compared to the US. In Russia, the overall food retail turn-over is less than 5%, in the US it makes up to 40%, it’s huge money”.

Most fast food outlets are concentrated in big cities, but these markets will still be closed to saturation. In order to attract more customers, fast food chains have to expand into the regions. Opening road-side diners is also a way to develop. Right now, Russian highways are filled with independent stand-alone establishments.

Apart from offering burgers and sandwiches that are available all over the world, some of the Russian fast-food outlets offer local flavors, such as pirogi or pelmeni.

If you are dating hot Russian girls, taking them to dinner to a fast-food establishment may not be such a good idea. Most of Russian women watch their diet very carefully and they would prefer a home cooked meal or dining out in a good restaurant. Make sure to inquire about her personal taste before you take her somewhere, especially if you are planning a visit to a restaurant that serves food that may be considered exotic for Russia, such as Indian or Chinese.