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The Ambassadeurs UK

On the first of February the frosty air of St Petersburg will be filled with futuristic beats by the famous representative of English Beats & Bass scene – Ambassadeurs. All Russian girls and boys who love quality synthetic vibrations and galactic dances will gather under the roof of MORE nigh club.

Only during 2 years the Ambassadeurs has reached the numbers that none of his colleagues could ever dream about. The Englishman managed to get over one million views on YouTube, hundreds of thousands of total plays on the SoundCloud and became one of the most popular artist by downloads at XLR8R in 2011 and 2012.

The Ambassadeurs has been participating in many international festivals together with Gold Panda, Star Slinger, Daedelus, Throwing Snow, DJ Cam and many other beat-heavies.

The Ambassadeurs is mixing different stiles in his music – hip-hop, soul, glitch, dab, jazz, which creates a very special atmosphere for every music track. Every live performance of the artist is unique due to many improvisations, so don’t miss his Russian performance. It will also be a great place to dance all night with the coolest Russian girls!


Russian girls partying


Garik Sukachev performing on stage

Slogan of the XI festival Disco of the 80s is “Rock & Dance”. The event will take place on November 24th in Moscow. Every year this show gathers hundreds of music lovers including stunning Russian girls.

During the 80s we had a real eclectic of musical styles and genres. The social realism of the first local underground bands got along with the deficit of musical content from USA and Europe. We were listening to what was accessible; whatever they were playing in the discos became a dance hit. As a result, a unique musical background was formed, and today it still rocks!

This year’s Disco of the 80s has prepared a grand show – a big number of music super-stars, new names and a lot of good music. Never before the festival had so many rock musicians on the stage. Each name – a legend, an era, a symbol of the 80s. You’ll see the performance of Gorky Park, Garik Sukachev, Konstantin Nikolsky, Sergey Galanin, Butusov with U-Piter band. Among international stars are Chris Norman, Boney M, Sabrina, Pupo, C.C. Catch, Bad Boys Blue and many more.

You won’t be bored there, the organizers promised lots of surprises.


Disco of 80s concert in Moscow

Miss Jim Beam 2012 – Pretty Ukrainian Girls in Odessa – (

A beauty pageant, Miss Jim Beam, gathers hundreds of pretty girls from Odessa. The hardest thing is to choose the prettiest lady among so many hot Ukrainian girls

Odessa is the place to be when it comes to night clubs and Ukrainian girls. This picturesque city has one of the most lively night scenes in Ukraine, so if you are in town this summer, you will definitely not be bored.

This coming Thursday, one of the hottest local clubs “Jim Beam Nova” is holding a beauty pageant among Ukrainian girls. Hundreds of pretty girls from Odessa and other Ukrainian cities will be competing for the title of Miss Jim Beam 2012.

The beauty pageant is a great place for those who come to Odessa to date Ukrainian girls as there are going to be literally hundreds of girls at the club on the night of the event. If you are in Odessa for its dating scene, don’t miss this chance to meet new friends!

Kiev – The City In Ukraine With Hottest Girls – (

Traveler's digest names Kiev the city with most beautiful women. We could not agree more, Kiev is the city with hottest Ukrainian girls

A recent article in the Traveler’s Digest, naming Kiev, Ukraine as the city with the most beautiful women, has sparked a lot of interest towards Ukrainian girls all around the world. We tried to figure out why Ukrainian girls from Kiev are considered to be so hot not just by their fellow Ukrainians, but from people who come from different backgrounds and belong to different cultures.

Ukrainian Women Are Hot

All right, there is no denying this – they are beautiful, stunning, mesmerizing, admirable, alluring, dazzling… All these words do a great job of describing an average Ukrainian girl, although no man in his right mind would call a Ukrainian girl “average”. The girls know how to take care of themselves, they use make up wisely, they know that to look good means to feel good and confident and they put a great deal of effort into their appearance. Most of the girls in Ukraine watch their diet, they exercise as frequently as possible and they prefer leading a healthy life-style. Smoking among girls was a big problem in the 90s, when smoking was socially accepted and people who did not smoke used to stand out, however that has changed and today, most of girls in Kiev don’t smoke. After all, smoking spoils the looks and these girls certainly don’t want to lose the title of the hottest girls in Ukraine and around the world.

Why Does Kiev Have The Hottest Girls

This is a very good question: why was Kiev awarded this title of a city where the hottest Ukrainian women reside? Why not Odessa, a well-known travel destination on the Black sea where thousands of pretty girls from all over Ukraine party all summer long? Why not Harkov, Dnipropetrovs’k, Poltava or any other Ukrainian city? Does this mean that all pretty girls live only in Kiev?

It certainly does not. The answer to the question why Kiev was selected for this title is quite simple – Kiev is the capital of Ukraine and the city with the largest population, so the total number of girls there is simply stunning. Add this to the fact that most Ukrainian girls are gorgeous and end up with what we have – thousands of prettiest girls roaming the streets.

Other Cities With Hot Ukrainian Ladies

Despite the fact that Kiev has the largest number of girls, those looking for romance should consider other travel destinations in Ukraine. If you are traveling during summer, you should probably stop your choice on Odessa. Odessa is a southern city and it is usually flooded by tourists in the period from May till late September. The city is full of amazingly hot Ukrainian girls who like to party. In fact, Odessa has a reputation for being the place to be for all people who like to party in the summer, it even has a special district Arcadia that is dedicated to nightlife and is packed with nightclubs.

Other Ukrainian cities can offer you different attractions and each one of them will definitely have hundreds if not thousands, of hot single Ukrainian girls you could meet.

Kurt Cobain – “Come As You Are” Memory Day – (

Bring your Moldavian girl to the commemorative concert for Kurt Cobain in Chisinau. Date girls in Chisinau.

To commemorate the life of one of the most charismatic rock stars of the twentieth century, The Albion Club in Chisinau is holding a “Kurt Cobain. Come As You Are” memory concerts.

Kurt Cobain was born in 1967, in a small town of Aberdeen. He became famous as a lead singer and song writer for the grunge band Nirvana that rose to prominence on the Seattle rock scene in 1989. Nirvana achieved incredible commercial success with its second album, Nevermind, and was hailed as a herald of the Generation X, although Kurt has not seen it that way and was frequently frustrated by the misinterpretation of his artistic message. Unable to cope with the success and everything fame brought, Kurt resorted to drugs and suffered through heroin addiction through the last years of his life. In 1994, Kurt committed a suicide in his Seattle residence, leaving this life at a peak of success.

Nirvana’s coming of fame coincided with the break of of the Soviet Union in 1991, when post-Soviet countries, such as Russia, Ukraine and Moldova were flooded with music that was previously banned. Nirvana quickly became huge among teenagers and people in their twenties, since it was so very different from what was played in the Soviets before. Having an image of a rebel, Kurt quickly became a star for the majority of Russian girls. The news of Kurt’s untimely death arrived as a great shock to all his Russian fans.

On April 5, the day Kurt passed on, The Albion Club in Chisinau will be holding a commemorative concert in his name. Top Moldavian bands will be playing their interpretations of Nirvana’s songs to celebrate the life of the great artist. If you are currently in Moldova, dating Moldavian girls in Chisinau or on business, make sure to drop by for this great show.

Meet Ukrainian Girls Salsa Party in Odessa – (

Meet single Ukrainian girls on a Salsa party in Odessa, Ukraine.

Salsa is one of the hottest dances known all over the world. Salsa is a Latin dance that has developed from the Cuban son and Afro-cuban dances some time in later 1920s and it has gained popularity all over the world since.

One of the most famous nightclubs in Odessa “Bernardazzi” begins a series of Salsa parties that will be held every Sunday night. Everyone is welcome to surrender to the passion of Latin dances.

The great thing about Salsa is that it is a partner dance, so it’s a great way to make new friends. If you are looking for a place to meet Ukrainian girls in Odessa, now is the time to do it. Not knowing how to dance Salsa is not a problem, the club is full of people who will be more than willing to give you a few quick tips and you will be dancing in no time.

“Flirt Party” in Chisinau – Dating in Chisinau – (

Every friday - Flirt Party in Chisinau. Meet Moldavian singles in Chisinau.

Everyone who likes live communication and prefers meeting people in comfortable, relaxing surroundings will find the “Venezia” night club in Chisinau to be the place to be on a Friday night. Every Friday, the club holds a “Flirt party” where everyone’s invited.

MC Master and DJ Vano will be providing the musical relief for the party, so make sure to put your dance grooves on.

Those who are currently Chisinau, looking to meet interesting beautiful Moldavian girls must not miss this chance!

100 Blondes of Odessa – (

A beauty competition featuring 100 beautiful Ukrainian blond girls at a party in Odessa.

A must see for those who came to Odessa to fall in love with a beautiful single Ukrainian lady. The show will be even more special for those who love blonds (and come on, try and tell us that there are people who don’t like them). On August 12, the summer residence of club “RAI” (“Heaven”) will hold a party with 100 beautiful Ukrainian blonds competing for the title of the pretties blond in Odessa. The party will be hosted by one of the TV stars Olga Buzova.

Although it advertised as a beauty competition, it is not only that. The party will feature a number of DJs and will be just like any other party in Odessa – hot and sexy.

The party starts at 9 p.m. and everyone looking to meet Ukrainian girls absolutely must attend it. Don’t miss your chance to fall in love!