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Photo exhibition “Primordial Russia. Selected.” in Moscow (

Primordial Russia Dating

Photo exhibition “Primordial Russia. Selected” is a lively and rich photo story about Russia’s versatile nature. Enchanting shots will reveal the flora and fauna of different regions, expose the virgin nature reserves, offer a glimpse over miraculous places from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka.

The festival “Primordial Russia” is a yearly event that was initiated in 2014. It attracts talented naturalist photographers from all over Russia. Beautiful Russian women and men will get a chance to see the selected works of the festival’s participants, admire the pristine beauty of Russian landscapes and wildlife in its natural habitat. The exhibition takes place on the ground floor of the shopping and entertainment center Gagarinsky in Moscow. This year’s exhibition is dedicated to the Year of Ecology and the 100th Anniversary of Russia’s Nature Reserves, the exhibition is also a reminder about the importance of taking care of flora and fauna.

The explicit photographs have captured wide rivers, clear lakes, shores of 13 seas, high mountains, life of animals and birds, secrets of the micro world. In the pursuit of these shots, the authors traveled to the most hard-to-reach locations, took part in lengthy expeditions while showing the miracles of grit, patience and courage. There are both famous and acknowledged artists, as well as talented amateur photographers among the exhibition’s participants.

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Beautiful Russian Women, Primordial Russia

Russian Photography Expo in St Petersburg (

Single Russian Woman Rosphoto

The art of photography has become very popular among Russian women and men. ROSPHOTO State Museum and Exhibition Centre is the only Russian museum of photography operating at the federal level. It is in charge of popularising the Russian art of photography and preserving the photographic legacy of Russia. Another goal of the museum is to discover new artists throughout the history of St Petersburg’s photography and to introduce the public with the key events of international photography.

This year the museum is celebrating its 15th birthday. The jubilee exposition presents the best original photos ever acquired by ROSPHOTO in the period from 2002 till 2017. The exhibition will combine a wide verity of artists and their works, created during the period from the 50s of the  XIX century till today.

By showing its best works, the museum offers the visitors to follow the history of the development of the art of photography starting with its invention to the present. All the works that were included in the exhibition are original hand-crafted prints. The expo will also provide a public program, including lectures, workshops, excursions that will describe the affairs of ROSPHOTO in details.

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Dating Russian Women Rosphoto


During July this year beautiful Russian ladies, men and guests of the city would be able to see some very rare photos of world famous ballet dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov in the exhibition ”Baryshnikov by me. Robert Whitman” which will be held in KGallery in St Petersburg, Russia. Whitman shows the eccentric character of the artist from a totally new and unexpected angle through the photos that were taken during several photo sessions stretching over twenty years.

Robert Whitman is considered to be one of the best New York’s visual artists. He has worked for many magazines including Departures, New York, Cosmopolitan, Shape, Glamour, GQ, Men’s Health, Self and so on. During the past 20 – 30 years Whitman had an opportunity to photograph Baryshnikov for several american magazines, as well as in private photo sessions. The long years of communication and friendship turned into a collection of photos that would be interesting for any person who admires ballet, photography or both.

Baryshnikov at rehearsals and on vacation, very focused at work and having fun in the pool – the numerous photos reveal a complex personality of one of the most talented artists. The documentary photo series of the rehearsals of a short play Occasion Piece deserves a special attention. The fresh and expressive fashion story, which was made in 2015 for the American magazine AS IF Magazine in New York’s Baryshnikov Arts Center, we see the incredible energy demonstrated by the dancer who is no longer young. Each frame – an explosive personality, the power of movement, sensuality. He almost never poses, and even if he does, he does so with great self irony.



Ukrainian Woman

Like any other girls, Ukrainian women love fairy tales and dream of becoming one of their favourite characters, like Cinderella, meeting their prince and being carried away by him in the happily-ever-after. Great news – now it is more possible then ever. Last weekend there was an opening of a magical art exhibition ”Fairy Kiev” in the art gallery KZ ART ROOM in the capital of Ukraine – Kiev. This fairy photo project reveals new picturesque places in Kiev and Ukrainian celebrities as characters from world known childhood fairytales.

”Fairy Kiev” is an art project and collaboration of independent creative youth of Ukraine. The participants of the project are the celebrities of television and stage turned into magical characters from children books by Hans Christian Andersen, brothers Grimm, Charles Perrault and others.

”The ”Fairy Kiev” project has already became a cult, and it is famous far beyond the territory of Ukraine, so we are very glad that the exhibition is going to be held in our art-space.” – noted the co-owner of the gallery Eduard Kalivoshko.

”This exhibition will appeal to both grown ups and children because everybody is really lacking some magic in the every day life. During the exhibition ”Fairy Kiev” everyone will get an opportunity to dive into the magical world and get loaded with positive energy.” – added the gallery’s co-owner Julia Zlenko.

So if you want to see the child-like sparkles in your beautiful Ukrainian girlfriend eyes, make sure to invite her to this exhibition and become her very Prince Charming. Your happily-ever-after is right there, waiting to be claimed.


Ukrainian Girls from Kiev


As soon as you hear the name Ruslan Lobanov, your imagination draws a beautiful nude woman. He is one of the most famous master of the nude photography in the whole world and is loved in his home town Kiev, Ukraine as well, thus this photo exhibition was very much longed after. The theme of the exhibition is not surprising for anybody who is familiar with Lobanov’s creations: ”Nudes In The City” – beautiful naked women blended in the architecture of different cities – one of the most loved revelations of the artist.

Being able to capture the uniqueness of each female character the artist managed to communicate the inimitable atmosphere of each city through the prism of the female beauty. The most common epithets that accompany Lobanov’s nude photography are ”elegant”, ”provocative”, ”unconventional”, ”resonant”… One can go on forever, but why: the photographs tell the stories as good as movies. The management of the project promises to make the photos even more expressing through the exquisite exposition.



Modern Art Exhibition in Moscow Russia

Russian ladies like to attend different cultural events, especially when it comes to art. The Museum of Modern Art in Moscow offers to see the fifth thematic exposition “Dreams for those who are awake”.

So what do we expect from an art piece? Do we want to get the true knowledge about nature and people through it, or do we want to be deceived by it and lured into the dream world full of illusions? Should we trust our eyes or should we be alert and not give in to delusion?

The objective of this exhibition is to analyse the patterns of the viewer’s perception through a prism of eternal opposition of the True and False forms; in other words, to examine the conflict that is so deeply rooted in Western culture: a positive and rational perception of a form as a see-through window to the world versus the opposite attitude towards the visual similarities as if they are suspicious and lethal figments of imagination. Even though they are rarely seen in such extreme forms, these psychological settings are a dynamic couple: they can swap places depending on the point of view.

The title of the exhibition is inspired by the dialogue The Sophist by Plato, where the philosopher addresses the issues of lies and dialectics of existence and non-existence.

The exposition presents items that are ambivalent in their visual nature: every one of them allows an opposing, dual interpretation. Russian women and men, as well as tourists, are offered to study every exhibit and think about if one should consider a super-realistic character as a harmless delusion; whether the rules of building a straight perspective are the natural model of human perception; is it possible to recode a figure into text; is it manageable for an artist to picture something transcendent, from an outside of experience? All these and other topics are reviewed in 14 thematic departments of the exposition that are dedicated to visual anthology and rhetoric of the contemporary art.

If you want to expand your visit in Moscow to a higher cultural level, invite your beautiful Russian girlfriend to this exhibition and enjoy together the works of Russian artists (end of XX – beginning of XXI centuries): fine arts, graphics, photos, videos, objects and installations.


Moscow, Russia


Hot Ukrainian Girl Sportsman Model

The Gretov’s Art Centre in Kiev, Ukraine, together with the school of photography Vivat present a photo exhibition The Moment Of Harmony. The exhibition is available for Ukrainian women and men, as well as for international guests, till the 19th of May.

The key purpose of the exhibition is to promote an active life style, and is a reminder that doing any kind of sports is good for you regardless your age.

The exhibition offers bright and positive works by young Ukrainian girls and boys who love photography.

The models on the photos are famous Ukrainian sportsmen who support the idea of this project and with their own examples show that sport is the life itself.

Among the Ukrainian models at this exhibition you can see the winners of popular TV show Everybody Dance – Vitaliy Zagoruyko and Anna Edinak; Yulia Smirnova – ballet dancer, choreographer, instructor in pole dance; Nikita Vankevich – master of sports in ballroom dances and choreographer; Vladislav Mazhara – repeated and absolute champion of Ukraine in bodybuilding; and many others.

The motto of the exhibitions is: “Paint the world in bright colours. Dance, do sports, be optimistic and bring happiness into this world!”


Ukrainian Girl doing a split


Nude Madonna by Schreiber

Photography became an every-day hobby for many Russian girls. They take pictures professionally and just for themselves. To keep the hand on a pulse of modern photography Russian ladies regularly visit photo exhibitions and this month’s Schreiber’s Cowboys and Nudes is the most awaited event among art-loving Russian women.

During the 70s and 80s Schreiber created a series of works dedicate to his two passions. Later these works were published in monographic albums.

The series Bodyscapes (1980) is a result of many years of fruitful work as a teacher of nude photography at the Parsons New School, New York. After finishing his first book, Schreiber starts immediately on realization of his old dream. Being charmed by the romantic West, he studies the wide spaces of Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico, and dedicates his next series to an image of a mystical cowboy – one of the greatest archetypes of American society. In 1982 he publishes a book named Last of a Breed.

At the exposition Cowboys and Nude these two passions of the photographer were joined in one exhibition, which gave a base for a visual duality: the unruly masculine spirit, that dwells in the prairies of the Wild West, versus tender female creature in a rough city jungle.

His first experience in photography, Schreiber obtained serving for American intelligence office in Germany. In 1971 he was given a prize by Life magazine, and in 1977, after finishing the School of Visual Arts in New York, he gets an offer from the head of Photography Department at the Parsons School to take the post of their teacher in nude photography. During next 8 years at the Parsons, Martin produced a massive amount of portraits including photos of at that time unknown Louise Veronica Ciccone. In 1992 the Taschen publishes Schreiber’s book Madonna Nudes.

If you like photography just as much as Russian ladies do, make sure to visit the Lumiere’s Centre to see Schreiber’s works for yourself.


M Schreiber’s Nudes