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Culture and Winter Holidays in Moscow (

Christmas with Hot Russian Girlfriend

Moscow, the capital of Russia and a habitat of most beautiful Russian women, is getting ready for the celebration of New Year. During the New Year’s Night and the following winter holidays the capital will present the visitors of the city, as well as single Russian ladies and men, with hundreds of different happenings. The main event of the holidays will be “The journey into Christmas”. The city streets will be decorated with festive illumination, christmas trees and ice slides.

Shimmering lights, gigantic art-objects and light installations, christmas markets with treats, performances of street theatres and dozens of itineraries for inspiring winter promenades – this is what “The journey into Christmas” will look like.

The magical atmosphere of this festival will enfold the city already on the 22nd of December and won’t leave during the next month. Christmas lights, the scent of toffee apples, live music, light tunnels and the small huts of Christmas Fair… All this is exceptionally beautiful, so no cold weather will stop hot Russian girls from getting out and enjoying the festival.

All together the festival will spread over 69 different venues. The guests will be able to choose among  various amusements: plays performed by street theatres of Russia and Europe, winter sport games, free workshops. It will be possible to buy interesting presents and Christmas treats at the street fairs. The parks of the capital will join the celebration – numerous artistic performances and programs for children will take place there.

A more cultural entertainment will be offered by the Moscow museums. During this winter holidays all culture hungry Russian women and men will be able to visit most of the museums for free. So from the second of January, till the eighth, all state museums of Moscow won’t charge any entrance fee. There will be no limitations by age – the free admittance will be for everybody – children and adults alike.

Make sure that you take a full advantage of the holidays and spend lots of fun quality time together with your sexy Russian girlfriend.


Beautiful Russian Women celebrating Christmas


Ukrainian Drift Challenge (

Hot Ukrainian Girl - Drift Challenge

The grand event of this summer will take place on the 2nd of June 2017 at the race track “Chaika” in Kiev, Ukraine – Ukrainian Drift Challenge 2017, organised by Ukrainian Drift Federation. This is the day that won’t leave you or any Hot Ukrainian Girl Valeria indifferent to auto show and Ukrainian auto sport.

Drifting (or simply Drift) is a place where the fans, rookies and masters of this sport from Ukraine and other countries can gather, explore, expand and improve their talents.

In a very short time Drifting became a recognisable and respected extreme sport around the world. This discipline is becoming real popular in Ukraine and Ukrainian drifters are today competing and winning prizes in Europe and beyond.

The cars with a capacity of 400 – 1000 horsepowers, drifting on the race track at the speed of 100 – 150 km per hour will take your breath away. And the main sight of the show – pare racing – will make your blood run cold. But don’t worry! Beautiful Ukrainian Ladies among the spectators of the show will make it boiling hot again.

On the 2nd of July the best drifters from Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Latvia and other countries, will participate in the race of the year. Professional judges will assess the skills of the race participants in accordance with international rules and standards.

Between the races, the audience will be able to enjoy the show program. Exhibition performances by the masters of drift and stunt driving, competitions and fan-sessions will make sure that no one is bored. Additionally there will be an impressive infrastructure available at your disposal: playgrounds for children, healthy food options, sports entertainment and much more.

There will be plenty of time for both excitement from the show and socialising. So if you are still single – don’t waste your time! Use it to meet and date a Hot Single Ukrainian Girl.


Hot Ukrainian Girls - Drift Challenge


Hot Ukrainian Girl Sportsman Model

The Gretov’s Art Centre in Kiev, Ukraine, together with the school of photography Vivat present a photo exhibition The Moment Of Harmony. The exhibition is available for Ukrainian women and men, as well as for international guests, till the 19th of May.

The key purpose of the exhibition is to promote an active life style, and is a reminder that doing any kind of sports is good for you regardless your age.

The exhibition offers bright and positive works by young Ukrainian girls and boys who love photography.

The models on the photos are famous Ukrainian sportsmen who support the idea of this project and with their own examples show that sport is the life itself.

Among the Ukrainian models at this exhibition you can see the winners of popular TV show Everybody Dance – Vitaliy Zagoruyko and Anna Edinak; Yulia Smirnova – ballet dancer, choreographer, instructor in pole dance; Nikita Vankevich – master of sports in ballroom dances and choreographer; Vladislav Mazhara – repeated and absolute champion of Ukraine in bodybuilding; and many others.

The motto of the exhibitions is: “Paint the world in bright colours. Dance, do sports, be optimistic and bring happiness into this world!”


Ukrainian Girl doing a split

Sailing Race Odessa — Batumi Kicks Off Tomorrow – (

Take your beautiful Ukrainian girl for a date on one of the ships that will oversee the start of the Odessa - Batumi regatta

Odessa is up for quite a show tomorrow morning — an international regatta of a kind that has not been seen here for decades is about to launch from the “Odessa” marina that is located in the midst of the city. The regatta will include two long distance races: Odessa-Batumi and Batumi-Odessa and will feature yachts of various sizes and classes. Some of the yachts will carry beautiful Ukrainian women as crew members.

The race will cover more than a thousand nautical miles of the Black sea and will test the resolve of those who chose to partake in the endeavor. While shorter day-races are quite common for the Odessa region, the tradition of long-distance racing has been lost around 20 years ago and many of the younger sailors never been out in sea for more than a day or two. This race will be especially tough on them, since they will have to learn the skills of coping with living in isolation for an extended period of time.

Georgia, the country that is receiving this regatta, is organizing various activities for the crews that are planned to arrive to Batumi at the end of July. The crews will be treated to entertaining tours around the region that is famous for its wine making. Some of the yachts will take part in the Georgia National Cup that will be held around the time when the crews will reach Georgia.

If you are currently staying in Odessa, either on business or dating one of the lovely Ukrainian girls, you can view the start of the race from one of the ships that will take tourists and journalists out to the sea. The pre-race parade and the starting procedure will take just under an hour, then the competitors will go for the open seas and you can continue enjoying your day on one of the lovely Odessa beaches or retreat to a shady restaurant or bistro in the old city.

Some of the yachts taking part in the Odessa-Batumi race will carry beautiful Ukrainian women as part of their crew

Top Russian Women Athletes Banned for Doping – (

Top Russian Women Runners were banned from all major competitions due to the doping scandal

A doping scandal sees three top Russian women athletes banned from the London Olympics. Nailya Yulamanova, Svetlana Klyuka and Yevgenia Zinurova have been accused of using doping to boost their performance by Russian authorities. The scandal is unprecedented as athletes have never before been suspended in Russia for abnormalities in biometric passports.

Evgenia Zinurova, the 2011 European 800 indoor winner and Svetlana Klyka, second at the 2006 European 800 championship, were temporarily suspended from all major competitions while Nailya Yulamanova, a European marathon champion, has been banned for at least two years. The decision came very unexpected and heavily undermined the Russian women Olympic team.

“While doping scandals are common for cycling, it is much more rare in jogging competitions”, said a representative of the Russian athletics federation. “ – It’s a huge loss for our team but their guilt has been proven beyond doubt.”

Ukrainian Girls Raise a Riot Among Swedish Fans – (

Ukrainian girls conducted a demonstration in a Swedish fan zone during their game with France

While top European football teams are conquering the hearts of Ukrainian soccer fans on national stadiums, Ukrainian girls are stealing the spotlight on Kiev streets. A Ukrainian female-rights group FEMEN held a demonstration in the Swedish fan-zone just before the Swedish national team took on France.

Swedish fans initially mistook the protest for an impromptu striptease session, as one of the activist climbed on the table and took her top off. Some of the fans started cheering and even climbed onto the table to dance with the girl. However, the cheers were quickly replaced by booing as the girl started shouting anti-Euro slogans and kicking beer cups off the table. The girl was quickly taken into custody by the fan-zone security guards.

Femen is a group of activist who fight for female rights in Ukraine. Ironically, they prefer to do it naked, most of their demonstrations featuring topless girls. FEMEN activists also became known in Europe by conducting a number of protests in Italy during the last couple of months.

Christiano Ronaldo Dating Russian Lady Irina Shayk – (

Dating Russian ladies is becoming more and more popular around the world. Ronaldo, one of the best scoring football players, is dating a hot Russian lady Irina Shayk

Christiana Ronaldo is probably one of the most famous football players of today. This 27-year-old Portuguese star is a hit among women and a source of jealousy among men – he is rich, successful, famous and he is dating a Russian super-model Irina Shayk.

This relationship between a Portuguese athlete and a girl from a Russian fairytale has been going for over two years now and has benefited both of them in many ways. Being a girlfriend of such an acclaimed champ, Irina received a vast amount of media attention and became one of the most sought after Russian models. In fact, she became one of the hottest models in the industry. This month, she is doing the shots in Instanbul, Lisbon, London and she is also doing modeling for the Spanish clothing company Blanco.

Ronaldo is also having a blast of his own since he started dating this stunning Russian woman. After meeting Irina, Ronaldo has scored 145 goals in just 143 games, his personal record and a grand achievement for any football player. In fact, Ronaldo’s coach is so impressed with the influence this Russian lady has on his trainee that he already advised Ronaldo to marry the girl as soon as possible.

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Eric Roberts Talks About The Upcoming Russian Olympics in Sochi

Eric Roberts discusses life in Russia, Russian actors and the upcoming Olympic games that are to be held in Sochi, Russia.

Eric Roberts is an American actor who has enjoyed a successful lasting career in Hollywood. Roberts became famous for his role in King of the Gypsies, a 1978 drama that deals with the criminal ways and violent lives of a group of modern-day Gypsies based in New York. Eric received Golden Globe nominations for this role.

Recently, Eric spent some time working with Russian actors in Moscow and he loved the experience. According to him, Russian actors are very dedicated and “they do their homework”, meaning that they invest a lot of time into studying and preparing for their roles, while many young American actors neglect such basics. Eric really enjoyed his Russian experience and he fell in love with Sochi, a small city in Southern Russia that is located on the Black sea. He said that he would be happy to visit Sochi for the upcoming Olympic games in 2014.

Russia has won the right to host the 2014 winter Olympics and Sochi was chosen as the hosting city for this purpose. The city was one of Russia’s main tourist attractions before, however it is being rebuilt from scratch now and is due to become even better. Sochi is a great place for those who want to combine great nightlife with awesome nature reserves and countless opportunities for sports activities. As any vacation destination, Sochi is flooded with pretty single Russian ladies, so if you have dating in mind, the city will not disappoint you.

Those who plan on coming to Sochi during the Olympic games should plan the trip well in advance as the city will be swarmed with tourists and accommodations may become scarce.