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Culture and Winter Holidays in Moscow (

Christmas with Hot Russian Girlfriend

Moscow, the capital of Russia and a habitat of most beautiful Russian women, is getting ready for the celebration of New Year. During the New Year’s Night and the following winter holidays the capital will present the visitors of the city, as well as single Russian ladies and men, with hundreds of different happenings. The main event of the holidays will be “The journey into Christmas”. The city streets will be decorated with festive illumination, christmas trees and ice slides.

Shimmering lights, gigantic art-objects and light installations, christmas markets with treats, performances of street theatres and dozens of itineraries for inspiring winter promenades – this is what “The journey into Christmas” will look like.

The magical atmosphere of this festival will enfold the city already on the 22nd of December and won’t leave during the next month. Christmas lights, the scent of toffee apples, live music, light tunnels and the small huts of Christmas Fair… All this is exceptionally beautiful, so no cold weather will stop hot Russian girls from getting out and enjoying the festival.

All together the festival will spread over 69 different venues. The guests will be able to choose among  various amusements: plays performed by street theatres of Russia and Europe, winter sport games, free workshops. It will be possible to buy interesting presents and Christmas treats at the street fairs. The parks of the capital will join the celebration – numerous artistic performances and programs for children will take place there.

A more cultural entertainment will be offered by the Moscow museums. During this winter holidays all culture hungry Russian women and men will be able to visit most of the museums for free. So from the second of January, till the eighth, all state museums of Moscow won’t charge any entrance fee. There will be no limitations by age – the free admittance will be for everybody – children and adults alike.

Make sure that you take a full advantage of the holidays and spend lots of fun quality time together with your sexy Russian girlfriend.


Beautiful Russian Women celebrating Christmas


Art Night in Moscow, Russia (

Single Russian Ladies Art Night

The organizers of the Art Night in Moscow came up with exciting surprises for the event’s attendees. And what about you? Are you ready to swap good nights sleep for something much more interesting? Concerts and plays at train stations, clever performances, lectures about art and success, ball dancing in tsar’s residences, and much more await all art-hungry Russian ladies, men and visitors of Russia’s capital during the night between the 4th and the 5th of November. For the fifth time, Moscow hosts the Art Night. Over 350 events will take place at 170 different places during one night.

The Night has become a very special time when many cultural institutions keep their doors open for everyone interested. This year is not an exception – all events and favorite places are going to be open admission-free. And this attracts a lot of attention since the majority of the most popular cultural places, hosting all relevant forms of art, are going to participate in the event.

The payoff of the Art Night states “Art unites”. This, on the surface, simple phrase has much deeper meaning. Not only the artists and art admirers are going to be united during this Night, but also different art forms, spaces and methods of perception. For example, several Moscow train stations are going to be transformed into theatres and concert stages.

Everybody who is willing to study at night is welcome at lectures at Moscow Museum. Another project – Nocturnal Meetings – will offer a portion of inspiration with lectures by famous Moscow citizens about how to become successful in the Russian capital. It is worth mentioning that every lecturer has at some point moved to Moscow in pursuit of fame and success.


Best Russian Dating Art Night

Summer. Dreams about Russia. Show in St Petersburg – (

Dating Russian Women from St Petersburg

It is summer soon… and we are dreaming of Russia and beautiful Russian women. An enchanted hip-hop balagan presented by “Leningrad Centre” in St Petersburg, Russia is a new experiment in mixing several different art genres. The foundation of this exclusive show was based on Russian folklore, circus elements and modern choreography.

The creators of the project’s musical part is an avant-garde team EtnoZapil. Sergey Mironov and Anton Ankushin are performing folk-sets using, among others, a number of ethnical instruments, including didgeridoo, jaw harp, saw, flute, ocarina, kalimba, and, of course, the vocals. And this explosive mix is accompanied by the human beat-box rhythms. The choreography is developed by the leading hip-hop performers, the champions of Russian, European and world’s cups – Vlad Rudenko, Marina Pekur and Dmitry Orlov.

The show “Summer. Dreams about Russia” is kind of a figurative type of performance, filled with quotes and allusions. It gives a new, modern and versatile sound to the folklore motives. For example, the fighting scene is performed as a hip-hop battle, the air tumblers are moving according to the laws of classical ballet, and the cinematographic insets include situations and characters from famous Russian movies: “The formula of love”,  “Journey beyond three seas” and “Battelship Potemkin”.

An excerpt from this show was already presented at the first BRICS Film Festival in India, where it was highly praised by the international experts.


Dating Beautiful Russian Women


Crazy Horse Cabaret

This year The Crazy Horse is performing with a new cast of professional dancers. Each of the 10 girls from The Crazy Horse has her own stage name and character. Russian ladies and gentlemen will be one of the first to see the new faces of the legendary cabaret.

Today The Crazy Horse is the most visited cabaret in the world and is considered a national patrimony of France next to Louvre and Eifel Tower. It was founded in 1951 by Alain Bernardin. The main idea was to upgrade an ordinary erotic show to a performance based on art, female beauty, magic of light and dance.

The show The Crazy Horse includes over ten different performances. All the dancers are basically naked but at the same time “dressed“ in the light, so often it is hard for the audience to tell where is the naked skin and where is the visual effect. The show presented in Moscow will be a compilation of the best performances of more than 60 years of The Crazy Horse existence. Each choreographic act tells an extraordinary love story. Traditionally only women participate in the programme. But this year The Crazy Horse prepared a surprise for their fans – one of the erotic acts is going to be performed by male duet Strahleman & Sohne. They will present a unique genre “Jonglage Striptease” and will exchange their costumes while doing acrobatic tricks.

This year The Crazy Horse will perform in Moscow’s Yauza Palace. Its Historical Hall fully reproduces the atmosphere of the legendary cabaret in Paris. In the foyer of the Palace the visitors will be able to attend an exhibition of cabaret’s rare posters, selected specially for Moscow performances.


Crazy Horse Performance


Poster for Argentinian Tango in Kiev

Tango is the most sensual dance ever. Any Ukrainian woman would confirm that. If you want to see it for yourself, on November the 23rd the final concert “Worlds Stars of Argentinian Tango” will be held in Kiev. The participants – the champions of Argentinian tango masters Neri Piliu and Yanina Quinones together with the Moscow Orchestra “Solo Tango Orquestra”.

Neri Piliu and Yanina Quinones (Argentina) is a young, very talented, beautiful and vivid couple, dancing amazingly stage tango as well as classical tango salon. The show by Neri and Yanina simply stuns you with its energy, beauty and brilliance of movements. Their tango salon is elegant and sensual.

The accompaniment, the “Solo Tango Orquestra”, is the winner of international competitions and the official orchestra of several international festivals. They have conquered the hearts of European and Asian audiences, as well as Argentinian, with their professionalism, charisma, virtuosity of execution, deepest sense of style and their energy.

It’s a perfect place to take your beautiful Ukrainian lady for a date, which would, no doubt, lead to a passionate romance.


Neri Piliu and Yanina Quinones



Swan Lake performed by Chinese acrobats

The ballet “Swan Lake” is world famous. Its music and choreography is one of the brightest accomplishment of Russian culture and a masterpiece of the world ballet. However a Chinese choreographer Zhao Ming decided to turn everything upside down and show a new view on the topic. His show became a sensation. The company combined music by Tchaikovsky, eclecticism of ballet and Chinese circus acrobatics. The dancers perform ballet pas on the rope and wire; all tricks are performed without a net.


The idea of creating such a show was conceived in 2002 by a Chinese acrobatic number “Eastern Swan” that won the prize for circus arts in Monte Carlo. After watching it, choreographer Zhao Ming decided to create a full-length circus show. After the premier in China, the creators of the show decided to start their world tour from Russia, since it’s Tchaikovsky’s birthplace.

In 2006 the State Kremlin Palace hosted the show. The tickets were sold out and the public loved it.

Everything that the artists do on stage is like flying in a dream. They bend the rules and go beyond the capabilities of the human body, changing our perception of a classical ballet.


Swan Lake performed by Chinese acrobats


Improper Film Festival’s poster featuring a hypnotized eye

The 10th Improper Film Festival starts on the 20th of September in St. Petersburg.

It is one of the largest cultural events in more than 40 cities in CIS, and it is certainly the biggest event in cinematography in Russia. During the festival Russian women and men will have a unique opportunity to see movies, filmed with love to cinematography and art, as oppose to unlimited budgets and “silicon” actresses. The movies are full of fantastic acting, interesting characters, elegant camera work, excellent photography and natural beauty.

The 10th Improper Film Festival will present 6 films that can be divided into 3 groups: big festivals films, youth films and films for a wide audience.

The leading movie is a French screen version of Marjane Satrapi’s “Poulet aux prunes” (French for “Chicken with plums”) – absolute favourite of last year’s Venice Film Festival. The directing duo Satrapi-Paronnaud got famous for their work “Persepolis” that won Cannes Palme d’Or in 2009.

Another masterpiece – Northern Irish road-adventure film “Behold the lamb”, full of biblical symbolism and rough Irish humour. Within 6 months this movie got the main prize for best screenplay at Thessaloniki International Film Festival and the best director in Arras.

The youth group of the Festival is represented by two dynamic films. The first one – Japanese trash parody “Kyuketsu Shojo tai Furanken” (Japanese for “Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl”). It is an adaptation of the world’s best-selling manga.

The second movie – Italian action drama “Albakiara”. An exciting mixture of pursuits, adrenalin, passion, nightclub drive and the only movie at the festival rated 18+.

Films for the wide audience are from New Zealand and Spain. Psychological thriller “I’m not Harry Jenson” about insane writer Stanley and his hiking into New Zealand’s jungle. This movie was nominated for the best low-budget movie and the best supporting actor at the New Zealand Film and TV Awards.

Another representative of mainstream film is a brilliant comedy “Dieta mediterranea” (Spanish for “Mediterranean diet”) about passionate Sofia, who dreams about becoming a famous chef. The problem is that during the Spanish conservative 80’s “female chef” sounded as impossible as “male secretary” sounds to us. But that wouldn’t stop stubborn Sofia.


Eric Roberts Talks About The Upcoming Russian Olympics in Sochi

Eric Roberts discusses life in Russia, Russian actors and the upcoming Olympic games that are to be held in Sochi, Russia.

Eric Roberts is an American actor who has enjoyed a successful lasting career in Hollywood. Roberts became famous for his role in King of the Gypsies, a 1978 drama that deals with the criminal ways and violent lives of a group of modern-day Gypsies based in New York. Eric received Golden Globe nominations for this role.

Recently, Eric spent some time working with Russian actors in Moscow and he loved the experience. According to him, Russian actors are very dedicated and “they do their homework”, meaning that they invest a lot of time into studying and preparing for their roles, while many young American actors neglect such basics. Eric really enjoyed his Russian experience and he fell in love with Sochi, a small city in Southern Russia that is located on the Black sea. He said that he would be happy to visit Sochi for the upcoming Olympic games in 2014.

Russia has won the right to host the 2014 winter Olympics and Sochi was chosen as the hosting city for this purpose. The city was one of Russia’s main tourist attractions before, however it is being rebuilt from scratch now and is due to become even better. Sochi is a great place for those who want to combine great nightlife with awesome nature reserves and countless opportunities for sports activities. As any vacation destination, Sochi is flooded with pretty single Russian ladies, so if you have dating in mind, the city will not disappoint you.

Those who plan on coming to Sochi during the Olympic games should plan the trip well in advance as the city will be swarmed with tourists and accommodations may become scarce.