Modern Art Exhibition in Moscow Russia

Russian ladies like to attend different cultural events, especially when it comes to art. The Museum of Modern Art in Moscow offers to see the fifth thematic exposition “Dreams for those who are awake”.

So what do we expect from an art piece? Do we want to get the true knowledge about nature and people through it, or do we want to be deceived by it and lured into the dream world full of illusions? Should we trust our eyes or should we be alert and not give in to delusion?

The objective of this exhibition is to analyse the patterns of the viewer’s perception through a prism of eternal opposition of the True and False forms; in other words, to examine the conflict that is so deeply rooted in Western culture: a positive and rational perception of a form as a see-through window to the world versus the opposite attitude towards the visual similarities as if they are suspicious and lethal figments of imagination. Even though they are rarely seen in such extreme forms, these psychological settings are a dynamic couple: they can swap places depending on the point of view.

The title of the exhibition is inspired by the dialogue The Sophist by Plato, where the philosopher addresses the issues of lies and dialectics of existence and non-existence.

The exposition presents items that are ambivalent in their visual nature: every one of them allows an opposing, dual interpretation. Russian women and men, as well as tourists, are offered to study every exhibit and think about if one should consider a super-realistic character as a harmless delusion; whether the rules of building a straight perspective are the natural model of human perception; is it possible to recode a figure into text; is it manageable for an artist to picture something transcendent, from an outside of experience? All these and other topics are reviewed in 14 thematic departments of the exposition that are dedicated to visual anthology and rhetoric of the contemporary art.

If you want to expand your visit in Moscow to a higher cultural level, invite your beautiful Russian girlfriend to this exhibition and enjoy together the works of Russian artists (end of XX – beginning of XXI centuries): fine arts, graphics, photos, videos, objects and installations.


Moscow, Russia

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