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Easter is a celebration that follow Lent and Ukrainian women usually cook a large number of traditional dishes, such as Kulichi and Pisanki

Easter is probably the biggest celebration for Orthodox Christians and it is more celebrated than Christmas itself. In Russia, Ukraine and all other post-Soviet countries, Easter is not just a church celebration, it’s a celebration of spring itself, the reawakening of nature after the long Russian winter.

It is thought that lent, the 6 week fast that precedes Easter, was introduced to allow villagers to survive through the last months of winter, before the new crops rise and the game becomes available for hunting. Before mass food production became available, the last months of winter were usually the hungry ones, since the supplies put aside in the summer would usually run out about this time, forcing people to go on a very strict diet. Easter used to mark the end of this period, when food became more available and thus restrictions on food consumption could be lifted.

Obviously, there is no shortage of food today, but many people still observe lent, considering it to be a purifying ritual that cleanses the body and soul of a believer. Easter arrives as a reward to those who have held their own in this battle of will and self-denial and thus it becomes the most anticipated fete for many.

While Easter is not an official public holiday, it is still widely celebrated. The celebration starts at night, when people visit churches to have the food they are about to eat blessed and sanctified. Sanctification ceremonies are held throughout the night, until the early afternoon. After the ceremony, it is customary to visit friends and family and gift them with food and wine that was previously blessed by an Orthodox priest.

Russian and Ukrainian women prepare many tasty traditional dishes for this occasions, the dishes that are rarely cooked during the other times of the year. While the number of traditional Easter dishes is huge, there are things that are iconic and are prepared by every family. Pisanki and kulichi are among these favored Russian Easter treats. Pisanki are boiled eggs that are hand painted and covered in traditional Ukrainian and Russian ornaments. Kulichi is anh Easter bread that is covered in sweet glaze and is favored by children.

Visiting Russia and Ukraine during Easter is quite an experience, you get a chance to partake in traditional celebrations and taste the food that is prepared only once a year.

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