Ladies from Russia and Ukraine are great fans of the cinematographic art. One of the most avant-garde film directors from Eastern Europe is Emir Kusturica from Yugoslavia. Being a true artist, he doesn’t limit himself to only films, but produces also a lot of music. This year, on the 8th of March, Kusturica and his music band The Non Smoking Orchestra will hold a concert for the beautiful Russian ladies in Moscow.

Taking into consideration how rare we see new movies by Emir Kusturica (two feature films and several documentaries – including the one about The No Smoking Orchestra – during past 12 years), we can easily conclude without any exaggeration that music has become the main occupation for the famous Yugoslavian film director.

One can feel deeply sorry for all the movie lovers and envy the music fans: during the past three decades in the business The No Smoking Orchestra became one of the most known, tireless and demanded touring bands in Eastern Europe.

Kusturica himself plays mainly the guitar. The concert program that will be held this time on the International Women’s Day will present songs from different movies (including Kusturica’s own ones), quotes from Smoke on the Water, Pink Floyd, as well as choral performance of the smash hit “F*ck you MTV”.

To make the most out of this year’s International Women’s Day make sure to invite your stunning Russian girlfriend to this concert, and don’t forget the flowers – it is a must.


No Smoking Orchestra concert

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