An exhibit from ”Made in Russia"

The first retrospective exhibition ”Packaging design. Made in Russia” will demonstrate several centuries of history and traditions of Russian packaging – from unique folk solutions to modern designs recognised in the whole world.

The history of Russian graphic and industrial design is reviewed by the curators of the exhibition by the packaging, as an example of Russian material culture. The key of the exhibition is the flow of artistic styles and trends: eclectics and neo-Russian, modern, Russian avant-garde and constructivism, Stalin’s empire style and social realism, modernism, post modernism, technological experiments of the 90s and the current trends.

In the rooms of the Moscow Museum of Design you will see pre-revolution trademarks of the empire’s suppliers, rare models of glass bottles and cans, preserved unpacked in private collections, remarkable packaging and advertising examples from constructivism period, created by the leading Russian industrial artists. Many of the exhibits have never been shown before.

The Soviet period is widely represented by famous brands and cult products so much familiar to all Russian women and men: condensed milk, milk in the triangle packs, caviar on can, chewing gum, first soviet beer on can that was specially produced for Olympics 80, and many others.

You will be able to find out about the process of the creating the packaging; you will see the sketches and mock-ups, hand made by designers. Beside the packaging of food, perfume and medical products, the exhibition presents unique exhibits of household items, textile, and kids’ toys.

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Made in Russia - Russian Women

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