Soviet Venus

The main idea of the exhibition is the sublimation of eroticism, which was not allowed in Soviet times.

The images of the Amazons of the Revolution, that the exhibition is full of, got nothing to do with the graceful goddess of love and beauty. Even though the main topic of Soviet art was an athletic and working woman, that was just a cover for the natural desire of the artists to visualise the human body. Due to the dominant ideology of that time, they were forced to drape it into a socially appropriate image. Otherwise the works would never be shown to the general public.

At the exhibition you’ll see many faces of the Soviet Venus – from the absolutely asexual equal member of society to the soft and graceful female. What they all have in common – the women and the artists of that time – they had to fight for a woman to be not only the warrior, hero and a useful society member, but also a lady, muse and goddess.


A Soviet painting picturing women running next to a lake

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