Food Markets in Russia and Ukraine – (

There are plenty of options available in Russia or Ukraine when it comes to buying food. Huge department stores provide variety and convenience, but many old-schoolers prefer to shop at regular markets. Some say that attending a real market is quite an experience in itself – you can bargain, communicate with sellers and other customers and see the common folk. Another advantage of shopping at a local market is the fact that you can get home grown vegetables, while department stores mostly offer mass-produced food that, although looks great, usually has inferior nutritional value when compared to home-grown products.

Due to cheap labor, 24/7 convenience stores are also quite common in any large city. Although called “convenience stores”, they provide a much greater variety of food than a western convenience store that usually concentrates on such products as sweets, cigarettes and alcohol.

Most girls in Russia are good cooks, since they are taught traditional family values, and your lady can take you on a tour to a food market, should you desire to visit one.

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