Seal performs in Kiev, Ukraine

Kiev stands still awaiting for the concert of the year – an Intimate Evening with Seal… The winner of three Grammy Awards, British singer and songwriter, gorgeous man, whose velvet voice drives thousands of Ukrainian girls crazy, is finally in Ukraine.

However, before his concert, the press got their hands on the artist’s requirements for his stay in Kiev. We all know that Seal is quite an eccentric person, and maybe his divorce with supermodel Heidi Klum had a great effect on his inner balance, but the requirements that his manager presented to the host in Kiev were a little bit bizarre.

From the airport he should be picked up only by a Bentley of the latest release with a female English speaking driver. Since Seal follows only a healthy diet, his dressing room should be filled with exotic and organic fruits and berries, 10 litres of mountain spring water, 5 kilos of crushed ice, organic milk and raw almonds.

The dressing room itself should be decorated in maroon colours, with many dark red roses, bowls of fire, candles, incense and a place for meditation. Also Seal would like to have 2 full-body mirrors and a cage with a cockatoo of a burgundy colour.

Also Seal requires two masseuses that should be available 24/7 and know Thai massage techniques for the whole stay in the capital.

But fans are sure that all these demands, if met, would make the concert only more unforgettable and love their idol just the way he is.


Seal rocking in Kiev

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