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Traveler's digest names Kiev the city with most beautiful women. We could not agree more, Kiev is the city with hottest Ukrainian girls

A recent article in the Traveler’s Digest, naming Kiev, Ukraine as the city with the most beautiful women, has sparked a lot of interest towards Ukrainian girls all around the world. We tried to figure out why Ukrainian girls from Kiev are considered to be so hot not just by their fellow Ukrainians, but from people who come from different backgrounds and belong to different cultures.

Ukrainian Women Are Hot

All right, there is no denying this – they are beautiful, stunning, mesmerizing, admirable, alluring, dazzling… All these words do a great job of describing an average Ukrainian girl, although no man in his right mind would call a Ukrainian girl “average”. The girls know how to take care of themselves, they use make up wisely, they know that to look good means to feel good and confident and they put a great deal of effort into their appearance. Most of the girls in Ukraine watch their diet, they exercise as frequently as possible and they prefer leading a healthy life-style. Smoking among girls was a big problem in the 90s, when smoking was socially accepted and people who did not smoke used to stand out, however that has changed and today, most of girls in Kiev don’t smoke. After all, smoking spoils the looks and these girls certainly don’t want to lose the title of the hottest girls in Ukraine and around the world.

Why Does Kiev Have The Hottest Girls

This is a very good question: why was Kiev awarded this title of a city where the hottest Ukrainian women reside? Why not Odessa, a well-known travel destination on the Black sea where thousands of pretty girls from all over Ukraine party all summer long? Why not Harkov, Dnipropetrovs’k, Poltava or any other Ukrainian city? Does this mean that all pretty girls live only in Kiev?

It certainly does not. The answer to the question why Kiev was selected for this title is quite simple – Kiev is the capital of Ukraine and the city with the largest population, so the total number of girls there is simply stunning. Add this to the fact that most Ukrainian girls are gorgeous and end up with what we have – thousands of prettiest girls roaming the streets.

Other Cities With Hot Ukrainian Ladies

Despite the fact that Kiev has the largest number of girls, those looking for romance should consider other travel destinations in Ukraine. If you are traveling during summer, you should probably stop your choice on Odessa. Odessa is a southern city and it is usually flooded by tourists in the period from May till late September. The city is full of amazingly hot Ukrainian girls who like to party. In fact, Odessa has a reputation for being the place to be for all people who like to party in the summer, it even has a special district Arcadia that is dedicated to nightlife and is packed with nightclubs.

Other Ukrainian cities can offer you different attractions and each one of them will definitely have hundreds if not thousands, of hot single Ukrainian girls you could meet.

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