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Klitchko brothers - two most famous heavyweight boxers. Vitalii Klitchko is married to a Ukrainian woman, a model and an actress - Natalia Egorova.

Just as Ukrainian girls were conquering the world with their stunning beauty, tenderness and good charms, Klitchko brothers were introducing the world to the stronger half of the Ukrainian population – Ukrainian men.

Klitchko brothers, Vladimir and Vitali, are Ukrainian athletes that currently hold virtually every belt in heavyweight boxing. Klitchko brothers have been dominating the heavyweight division for the last decade, literally destroying their opponents. Most of the fights won by Klitchko brothers end with knock outs, in some cases Klitchko’s opponents had to be wheeled straight to the hospital.

Few people know that behind this image of brutal manhood hide educated and sophisticated personalities. Vitalii is the first heavy weight champ to hold a Ph.D., something most athletes don’t even aspire to. Vitalii also leads an active political life and formed his own Ukrainian party UDAR that is confidently gaining more followers with each passing month.

Vitalii is married to a wonderful Ukrainian woman, a model and a former professional athlete Natalia Egorova who supports him both on and off the ring. Natalia is a great example of Ukrainian women – strong, supportive, affectionate – and even though she worries every time Vitalii is on the ring, she is still convinced that a man has to follow his own road.

Sebastian Dehnhardt, a German producer, has filmed a documentary about the Klitchko brothers, a movie that explores their rise to fame, their interpersonal relationships and their lives outside the ring. The movie will interest even those who don’t follow boxing and did not keep and eye on Klitchkos’ careers, since it is a great story that shows that anyone can reach his dream as long as he is prepared to do whatever is required and go all the way.

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