Marilyn Monroe

This March in St Petersburg, Moscow Multimedia Art Museum together with Chopard presents  an exhibition “Marilyn Forever” dedicated to the idol of many Russian women.

The exposition includes 25 photographs of Marilyn Monroe that were never published before and were presented first by Chopard during the 65th Cannes Film Festival.

The portraits done by Milton Greene show us the versatile nature of Marilyn Monroe that is hidden from the general public: incredibly photogenic and mysterious, with natural grace, vulnerable and sensitive. Her high intelligence and delicate soul were hidden behind the artificial character, created for her by Hollywood.

In front of Greene’s camera the actress could really open up, show an absolutely different character from the one on the TV screen. Greene was able to detect her true feminine beauty. During their first photo session in 1953 for The Look magazine, after the official part where Marilyn was posing in fancy dresses, the photographer wrapped his wife’s simple black coat around the actress. So their creative connection was established and could be seen in every portrait that Green has done of Marilyn.


Marilyn Monroe

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