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This weekend was the closing for the Second International Jazz Festival in Odessa. For three nights Odessa Philharmonic Theatre turned into a jazz-republic invaded by international guests and jazz-loving beautiful Ukrainian ladies and gentlemen.

The first night was opened by the legend of contemporary jazz – the polish Zbigniew Namyslowski’s quintet. Fantastic performance, though too academic. Well, the next 2 acts were absolutely out of the ordinary. A hot Georgian singer from “Asea Sool” impressed everybody with the abilities of her voice. The musicians combined the traditional jazz rhythms with rock motives and the melody of Georgian highlanders’ folk songs. The audience could hardly sit still and was totally blown away by the next performance by the guests from the South Africa “Soweto Entsha”. Using only their voices, singing a cappella, dancing and clapping, they created a breath-taking show.

The second night was opened by German jazz band “KLAZZ brothers”. They performed artful covers of classical compositions and the piano player was literary dancing while playing. The guests from Switzerland, the classical jazz trio “VEIN”, were quite different with their strong rhythm and impressive solo improvisations. The hit of the evening was the international trio “Brein’s Café” from Austria, Bulgaria and France. The musicians played fantastic covers of popular hits, expressive and with a humour, and the audience was applauding most of the time.

The third night was the night of Jazz Kings. The Italian musician from the trio “Fornarelli” impressed everybody with ability to play three instruments at the same time. Young French guys from “Paradox” each performed with minimum two instruments at the same time, with symbiosis of electronic and jazz music as a result.

The final accords of the evening were played by the piano maestros from Odessa Yuriy Kuznetsov and Sergey Terentev. They both started with a solo and then performed together.

If you’re ever visiting Odessa for business or maybe for meeting a lovely Ukrainian girl, always combine it with a cultural experience like this!


AseaSool singing at Jazz Festival in Odessa

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