Dating in Moscow

Dating Russian girls in Moscow

Dating in Moscow

Moscow is the capital and the most populous city of Russia, being home to over 11 million people. Moscow is located in the European part of Russia, on the bank of Moskva river. Moscow is the center of social and business life in Russia and as of 2011, it has become the city with the greatest number of billionaires with 79 people who have assets of more than one billion US dollars.


The name of the city comes from the river where the town was first founded, “Moskva-reka”. The first written record of a settlement in this region dates back to 1147. Its closeness to two major river routes, “Moskva” and “Volga”, has led to Moscow quickly becoming a trade leader of the region, attracting merchants and immigrants from all over Russia.
Just like other parts of Russia, Moscow has suffered a long occupation by Mongol-Tatar, however due to its special status, it was not divided between Khan’s sons, instead it was passed on to the eldest son as one intact principality. This allowed Moscow to keep on growing and developing as a single conformation and, later on, become the center of resistance to Mongol-Tatar oppression.
Throughout the history, Moscow has suffered a number of defeats from other nations, such as Crimean Tatars or Poles, as well as more than a few internal uprisings. During these events, the city was burned down to the ground more than once, the only thing surviving this total destruction being the Kremlin.

Today, Moscow is an intricate combination of ancient structures and modern sky-scrapers.

Things to Do

Everyone can find something to their liking in Moscow. Those who are into arts will be taken away by a huge number of art galleries that offer pieces both for show and for sale. People who like uncovering the secrets of the ancient times will feel right at home with Moscow’s palaces and museums. Those who prefer an active life style won’t be disappointed either, Moscow can offer you skiing resorts, swimming pools, kayaking on Moscow river, yachting and virtually anything that may come to your head.

Moscow is the place with an acclaimed night life. Remember, though, that Moscow is a place where many rich people reside, so most of the nightclubs have very high prices when it comes to alcohol or dining. A receptionist at your place of state can provide you with a list of night clubs, pubs and restaurants in the vicinity and give you some guidance in terms of the prices.


Moscow is a great place to fall in love. Most tourists agree that Russian women are among the most beautiful women in the world and more than one traveler found his destiny here. Russian women know how to take care of themselves and their family members and they make great loyal wifes, since family values are traditionally among the top priorities for all Russians.

Dating in Moscow is great because there are just so many things to do here, you and your partner will never get bored. Looking for a place to take your date is not an issue in Moscow, in fact, the hardest thing is choosing one great place over another. Selecting a restaurant for an evening date or picking out wines can be quite a chore, but it is all great fun. offers you a great chance to meet real single Russian women in Moscow and all over Russia.


Moscow has five commercial airports at its service – Sheremetyevo International Airport, Domodedovo International Airport, Bykovo Airport, Ostafyevo International Airport and Vnukovo International Airport and most of them are used for international flights as well as domestic ones.

The city is also well connected to the rest of the world by railroad, having 9 separate rail terminals. Each terminal presents a great architectural value and we highly recommend a visit to a few Russian rail stations if this is your first visit to Moscow.

Moscow is also spanned by subways, which is called “metro”. Each station of “metro” has its own décor and they are famous for their arts, mosaics, murals and ornate chandeliers. Moscow metro is one of the largest subway system in the world.

The city also features a large network of buses, trolleybuses, monorail and trams, however due to a very large population, traffic can be somewhat congested, so if you are in the rush, we advise that you use the subway. Taxi is also an option, but it has the same shortages as any other over-ground transport.

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