Sailing Race Odessa — Batumi Kicks Off Tomorrow – (

Take your beautiful Ukrainian girl for a date on one of the ships that will oversee the start of the Odessa - Batumi regatta

Odessa is up for quite a show tomorrow morning — an international regatta of a kind that has not been seen here for decades is about to launch from the “Odessa” marina that is located in the midst of the city. The regatta will include two long distance races: Odessa-Batumi and Batumi-Odessa and will feature yachts of various sizes and classes. Some of the yachts will carry beautiful Ukrainian women as crew members.

The race will cover more than a thousand nautical miles of the Black sea and will test the resolve of those who chose to partake in the endeavor. While shorter day-races are quite common for the Odessa region, the tradition of long-distance racing has been lost around 20 years ago and many of the younger sailors never been out in sea for more than a day or two. This race will be especially tough on them, since they will have to learn the skills of coping with living in isolation for an extended period of time.

Georgia, the country that is receiving this regatta, is organizing various activities for the crews that are planned to arrive to Batumi at the end of July. The crews will be treated to entertaining tours around the region that is famous for its wine making. Some of the yachts will take part in the Georgia National Cup that will be held around the time when the crews will reach Georgia.

If you are currently staying in Odessa, either on business or dating one of the lovely Ukrainian girls, you can view the start of the race from one of the ships that will take tourists and journalists out to the sea. The pre-race parade and the starting procedure will take just under an hour, then the competitors will go for the open seas and you can continue enjoying your day on one of the lovely Odessa beaches or retreat to a shady restaurant or bistro in the old city.

Some of the yachts taking part in the Odessa-Batumi race will carry beautiful Ukrainian women as part of their crew

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