14th of February is St Valentine’s Day

Right now everyone is wondering how to spend St Valentine’s Day. This is the day when lovers express their love to each other, when you finally tell that one special girl that you love her, it is the feast of Romantic Love. This holiday is quite new in Russia and Ukraine, though romantic Ukrainian ladies and passionate Russian women are waiting for it impatiently every year. So here are some suggestions on how to impress your Russian girlfriend on this day.

1. Buy her a present, and preferably beforehand. Your lovely Ukrainian lady wouldn’t appreciate you running early in the morning to a shop to get whatever comes to your sight first. Think of what she really would like to get as a present on this romantic day. A nice handbag, a ring or a heart-shaped pendant, an exclusive set of cosmetics or her favourite perfume, a pretty scarf or even a plush teddy bear – with these gifts you will never go wrong.

2. Take her out for a romantic dinner. If you are thinking to invite your hot Russian girlfriend to a restaurant, make sure to reserve a table beforehand. Normally it’s hard to get any table at all if you are just a walk-in on the 14th of February. Make a reservation two weeks earlier, choose a small cosy place and get a table somewhere in a corner or next to a window, overlooking a river, a seaside or the city centre.

3. Bathe her in compliments. Of course it’s important to tell her that you love her, but don’t stop there. Tell her that she is gorgeous, intelligent, talented and that you are hoping for a long and fruitful relationship with her. You can write her a poem, make a cute heart-shaped postcard or hum a song that you danced to on your first date. Make her understand how special she is to you.

4. Surprise her. Send her a huge bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolates, fill the room with colourful balloons, make a poster “World’s most beautiful woman wanted” with her picture on it, sing her a serenade.

5. Take her somewhere romantic. Visit a dolphinarium or a planetarium where you can watch the stars together and plan on your bright future. Also this would be a perfect place to propose to your beautiful Russian woman, especially if you’ve reserved the whole place just for the two of you.

6. Play in the snow. Have a snowball fight and don’t forget to let her win, make angels together in the snow, ski, ride a sled with husky dogs, make snow sculptures of each other.

And the most important thing is to remember to treat your special Ukrainian woman like that every day, because showing your love doesn’t need an excuse.


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