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KISS concert in Moscow (SecureDating.com)

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Are you wondering how do single Russian girls spend their time on the 1st of May in Moscow, Russia? This year it is not only picnics, BBQ and shashlyk. The evening of the Labour Day will explode with the performance by the american geniuses of the glam-rock – KISS. This concert will kick off their European tour “Kiss World” and is expected to be the event of this month.

During the 44 years of its existence, KISS has accomplished around 50 golden and platinum albums and has sold over 100 millions of records. However, the numbers are not important, even though they are still very impressive. The most important fact is that Gene Simmons’ band remains the greatest glam-rock formation on this planet and a role-model for the style that has inspired hundreds musicians, painters and other artists. The rock icons do not need new records to gather thousands of fans for their concerts – the band has 20+ of those in their archive. And any live concert becomes automatically a sensation!

So how are you going to spend this evening in Moscow? No doubt in the company of beautiful Russian ladies, dressed in leather with black and white full-face makeup!


Best Russian Dating in Moscow


Lana Del Rey in Moscow, Russia

Every Russian girl knows Lana Del Rey. Her songs are playing literary everywhere today and her shows are warmly welcomed both in Ukraine and Russia.

This year’s tour includes shows in Germany, Netherland, Belgium as well as concerts in Moscow and St Petersburg, Russia, and Kiev, Ukraine. Most of the European shows are already sold out.

The Guardian gave the singer pretty high reference, saying that her music is influenced by film noir and that the singer has a wonderful voice and charisma.

At the Moscow concert Lana Del Rey will present her album Born To Die – Paradise Edition from 2012. This album has conquered tops of music charts of 11 countries and became platinum twice. She sold over 2,5 millions copies all over the world. The album became the most selling in Great Britain, took the second place in the US, and the fourth in Russia. The base for this release is the album’s main material plus 8 new tracks.

Music critics compare Lana to such divas as Amy Winehouse, Adele and Nancy Sinatra. She has received Brit Awards as the best new international singer, and Ivor Novello Awards – main British award among composers – for the best modern song.

If you are looking for a romantic atmosphere for the date with your beautiful Russian girlfriend – the Lana Del Rey concert would be it.


Lana Del Rey in Moscow, Russia


Hot Russian girls love to rock! On the 25th of April Russian girls are going to rock the house in Moscow together with a Finish band Sunrise Avenue.

Finish rockers Sunrise Avenue is one of the most known bands outside of their home country. Their last album “Out of Style” anything else but out of style. Album’s first single “Hollywood Hills” skyrocketed in many European charts and became a major radio and sales hit.

The past five years were pretty busy for Sunrise Avenue: from gold and platinum albums, to NRJ Music Awards and Finish Grammy. Their Out of Style tour was totally sold out and they even got a privilege to perform at the 2012 Champions League final at the legendary Olympic Stadium in Munich.

Combine your Russian dating experience with some fresh Finish rock, and make your stay in Moscow, Russia, unforgettable!


Sunshine Avenue in Moscow Russia


Garik Sukachev performing on stage

Slogan of the XI festival Disco of the 80s is “Rock & Dance”. The event will take place on November 24th in Moscow. Every year this show gathers hundreds of music lovers including stunning Russian girls.

During the 80s we had a real eclectic of musical styles and genres. The social realism of the first local underground bands got along with the deficit of musical content from USA and Europe. We were listening to what was accessible; whatever they were playing in the discos became a dance hit. As a result, a unique musical background was formed, and today it still rocks!

This year’s Disco of the 80s has prepared a grand show – a big number of music super-stars, new names and a lot of good music. Never before the festival had so many rock musicians on the stage. Each name – a legend, an era, a symbol of the 80s. You’ll see the performance of Gorky Park, Garik Sukachev, Konstantin Nikolsky, Sergey Galanin, Butusov with U-Piter band. Among international stars are Chris Norman, Boney M, Sabrina, Pupo, C.C. Catch, Bad Boys Blue and many more.

You won’t be bored there, the organizers promised lots of surprises.


Disco of 80s concert in Moscow

Garbage Concert in Moscow – (SecureDating.com)

Dating Russian girls in Moscow or Saint Petersburg? Take your date out to the Garbage concert.

The legendary rock band Garbage has announced an upcoming world tour, the first one in the last seven years. The world tour will be held as part of the promotion to their new album.

The authors of such hits as “Cherry Lips”, “Paranoid”, the soundtrack to the “The World Is Not Enough” Bond movie have not released any new material since 2005, when their latest album “Bleed For Me” was released. Today, the band is breaking their silence with the new album and a world-wide tour that will begin in Russia. The first show will be held in Saint Petersburg on May 11 and it will be backed by a show in Moscow the following day, May 12.

Garbage thanked all their fans for their support and enthusiasm that kept the band going. When asked why Russia was chosen as the starting point for the world tour, Garbage members confessed that some of their best shows were held in Russia. All band members love the country and its people, so they did not think too long before picking the starting point for the tour.

Ukrainian Garbage fans will have a chance to see them play live too. Garbage will be appearing on the Port Rock Festival in Odessa in June. The festival will gather other great bands, such as Linkin Park. This will be the first Linkin Park concert in Ukraine and it is expected to attract a huge number of visitors from all over Ukraine and Russia.

Those dating Russian ladies in Moscow or going out with Ukrainian girls in Odessa should take note of these concerts, as they will prove to be a great opportunity for an interesting date.

Bolshoi Theater in Moscow – (SecureDating.com)

Bolshoi Theater is a historical theater located in Moscow and it is among the oldest and most renowned ballet and opera companies in the world. The theater is located in the center of Moscow, on the Theater square. A visit to the theater is a must for everyone who is in Moscow for their first time and want to experience the wonder of opera and ballet.

The theater was opened in 1825 with a performance that featured the best Russian actors of the age. Throughout its history, the theater suffered a number of fires and renovations, however it still retains its initial decorum for most parts.

If you are dating a Russian women in Moscow and your date is a real lady, taking her to Bolshoi Theater is a logical idea for a date. Treat yourself and your date to an evening to opera and ballet at Bolshoi Theater.

Scorpions Concert in Moscow – (SecureDating.com)

Scorpions playing a concert in Moscow. Meet single Russian ladies available for dating in Moscow.

The Scorpions are giving three concerts in Moscow as part of their “Final Sting” tour. At first, they were only supposed to play one concert, however the tickets were sold out so fast that the management decided to give the public another chance to see the legendary band in action. Two more shows were scheduled and right now, both of them almost sold out by now.

The Scorpions is a German rock band that performs songs in English. The band was formed in 1965 by Rudolf Schenker, who is the only original band member who still plays with the band. The band reached its peak success in the 80’s, with such songs as “Rock You Like a Hurricane”, “Still Loving You” and “Holiday”.

Scorpions is especially popular in post-soviet countries since they were the second western band that was allowed to play in USSR (after Uriah Heep). The band performed in Moscow in 1988 and has gathered huge crowds, since it was an unprecedented occurrence for the capital of Russia. After their performance, they became one of the most popular bands in USSR and you could hardly find a person who has not heard of them.

The band was thought to retire and give their last concert in Moscow in 2010, as part of the “Sting in The Tail” world-wide tour, however the band stayed active even after the tour was over, writing new songs and giving occasional performances. In 2011, Scorpions release another album titled “Comeblack” and go on another tour – “Final Sting”.

Those who are currently in Moscow should not miss their last chance to see the band perform live. If you are dating a Russian lady, make sure to bring her along, she is sure to enjoy the show!

Tommy Emmanuel’s Concerts in Moscow – (SecureDating.com)

Take your Russian lady date to the concert of one of the greatest acoustic guitar players of today!

Tommy Emmanuel, a great Australian guitar player who excels at such genres as folk, country, rock, blues and pop, is to give two concerts in Moscow.

Tommy Emmanuel is known for his finger-picking guitar style and energetic performances. In 2008 and 2010, he was named as the best acoustic guitar player by the readers of the Guitar Player magazine. Throughout his career, Tommy has released over 20 albums, most of them reaching great success with the public.

“There are many people who play guitar better than I do, – says Tommy, – but they cannot compose music like I do, and thank God for that or I would be left without a job. I love playing my music and here is an interesting thing: your songs, and the way you play them, you cannot really think about them separately, because you cannot separate who you are from your music, it’s a single thing”.

The concerts will be held in Moscow on April 21 and April 22, at the Moscow house of Music (Moskovskij Dom Muzyki). Those who are in Moscow at the time, dating Russian ladies, sightseeing or on a business trip, should treat themselves to the musical genius of Tommy Emmanuel.