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Beautiful Odessa Girl in Retro Dress

Spring is in full bloom and all the Ukrainian ladies and men enjoy it to the fullest. This year Odessa hosts a unique event of British style and tradition which is an analogue to the famous Tweed Run. On the 7th of May over seventy beautiful Odessa girls and boys joined in a retro cruise around Odessa’s historical centre.

All the participants of the cruise were dressed up in beautiful costumes from the 20s, some even rode spectacular retro bicycles. The cruise started next to the famous Odessa Opera House, looped around the beautiful historical centre of Odessa, continuing through Primorskiy boulevard with its finish line in the Moon garden.

The Moon garden offered to all the participants of the cruise and everyone interested in the culture of the 20s a great variety of entertainment – from classes in swing dance and dance competitions to the traditional tea ceremony ”Five o’clock tea” held under an open sky.

In the evening a great jazz festival was held with ”Blues Project”, ”Smoking A” and ”Ruki v Bryuki” as the headliners. All the guests of event could get their hair cut and done in the best style of classy 20s as well as listen to several lectures about the fashion and history of that era.


Ukrainian Ladies in Odessa Retro Cruise


Zaza in Odessa Ukraine

French language is one of the most romantic in the world, any Ukrainian girl would confirm that! Though Ukrainian ladies fall not only for the beauty of the language but also for the richness of French culture. That’s why annual cultural event “Printemps Français” is so popular in Ukraine, and it is attended by thousands of pretty Ukrainian women every year.

This year, the 10th festival “French Spring” concluded with a performance of Zaza Fournier in Odessa City Garden. In spite of a cold evening, a lot of fans of French culture went downtown Odessa to listen to performance of a popular singer. Last year Zaza performed in Kiev, Ukraine, at the 2nd cultural festival “Paris telle quelle” and returned to Ukraine this year with concerts in Donetsk, Dnepropetrovsk and Odessa.

The Ambassador of France in Ukraine Alain Remy presented the artist to the audience and wished everybody a fantastic evening.

The evening was really great thanks to playful and energetic performance by Zaza. Sincere French tunes, accompanied by accordion, were welcomed warmly by boys and girls of Odessa. The audience didn’t want the evening to stop, which pleased the French artist.

Ukrainian and Russian ladies are looking so much forward to the next year’s “Printemps Français”.


Zaza in Odessa Ukraine


Poster for symphonic concert in Odessa, Ukraine

Elegant Ukrainian Women enjoy classical music.

This year Odessa National Philharmonic Orchestra, with its principal conductor Hobart Earle, presents to the audience a holiday music programme. The concert is dedicated to the Gregorian Christmas and will be an evening of music by Tchaikovsky.

Large pieces from Swan Lake, The Nutcracker – traditional Christmas piece, and other famous composition by Tchaikovsky will be performed on the 25th of December.

Currently in his nineteenth season as the Music Director and Principal Conductor of the Odessa Philharmonic Orchestra, Mr. Earle has elevated the orchestra to a position of international prominence.

In recognition of his work with the Odessa Philharmonic Orchestra, Hobart Earle was awarded the title “Distinguished Artist of Ukraine”, the first and only foreigner in the history of Ukraine.


Odessa National Phylarmonic Orchestra


Jazz Fest Poster

This weekend was the closing for the Second International Jazz Festival in Odessa. For three nights Odessa Philharmonic Theatre turned into a jazz-republic invaded by international guests and jazz-loving beautiful Ukrainian ladies and gentlemen.

The first night was opened by the legend of contemporary jazz – the polish Zbigniew Namyslowski’s quintet. Fantastic performance, though too academic. Well, the next 2 acts were absolutely out of the ordinary. A hot Georgian singer from “Asea Sool” impressed everybody with the abilities of her voice. The musicians combined the traditional jazz rhythms with rock motives and the melody of Georgian highlanders’ folk songs. The audience could hardly sit still and was totally blown away by the next performance by the guests from the South Africa “Soweto Entsha”. Using only their voices, singing a cappella, dancing and clapping, they created a breath-taking show.

The second night was opened by German jazz band “KLAZZ brothers”. They performed artful covers of classical compositions and the piano player was literary dancing while playing. The guests from Switzerland, the classical jazz trio “VEIN”, were quite different with their strong rhythm and impressive solo improvisations. The hit of the evening was the international trio “Brein’s Café” from Austria, Bulgaria and France. The musicians played fantastic covers of popular hits, expressive and with a humour, and the audience was applauding most of the time.

The third night was the night of Jazz Kings. The Italian musician from the trio “Fornarelli” impressed everybody with ability to play three instruments at the same time. Young French guys from “Paradox” each performed with minimum two instruments at the same time, with symbiosis of electronic and jazz music as a result.

The final accords of the evening were played by the piano maestros from Odessa Yuriy Kuznetsov and Sergey Terentev. They both started with a solo and then performed together.

If you’re ever visiting Odessa for business or maybe for meeting a lovely Ukrainian girl, always combine it with a cultural experience like this!


AseaSool singing at Jazz Festival in Odessa


Thousand of people sitting on the famous Potemkin Stairs, listening to a concert

Have you ever been to the city that is said to have the most beautiful girls in the world? I’m talking about Odessa, “the pearl by the sea”. On the second of September the city celebrates its 218 birthday.

Many delegations from all over the world are arriving to Odessa to join the event. During this day you’ll be able to visit different fairs, concerts, exhibitions, events and a rock festival.

As usual the city will be flooded with tourists, stunning Odessa girls and other citizens.

An annual flower exhibition will take place in the city’s biggest park. As usual in the centre there will be the enormous flower composition of Odessa’s coat of arms. In the evening a gala-concert will take place on the famous Potemkin’s stairs. And of course don’t miss the fireworks.

This day has always been dearest to every citizen of Odessa. And these are not empty words. There are a lot of descriptions of fancy balls and crowded festivals in the literature that describes Odessa’s past.


Beautiful Girl performing at the concert in Odessa

Prosto Rock 2012 Festival – Linkin Park and Garbage in Odessa, Ukraine – (SecureDating.com)

See Linkin Park play live in Odessa, Ukraine and meet beautiful Ukrainian girls who like rock music

As time goes by, more news about the upcoming Linkin Park concert in Odessa become available.

As you may already know, Linkin Park is to play their first show in Ukraine on June 12. This is due to become the biggest show of the year, since bands of such caliber rarely venture to Ukraine. To make things even more interesting, another huge band, Garbage, will be joining Linkin Park on stage, after opening their Garbage world tour in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. This is the first chance for Odessa to welcome some of the biggest names in modern rock music at the same time.

The Linkin Park gig will be given as part of the Prosto Rock festival, a music festival that was first held in 1997. Since then, the festival was held four times and most of Russian rock bands participated in it.

So far, we know of only one Ukrainian band that will be supporting Linkin Park and Garbage on stage. The band is called Boombox and it is little known outside of Ukraine, however it has acquired quite a few fans among Ukrainian girls and boys.

The festival will be held on one of Odessa stadiums, Chernomorets, that has been recently rebuilt to be able to accommodate more viewers. The show starts at 6 pm, be there or regret it for the rest of your life!

Garbage Concert in Moscow – (SecureDating.com)

Dating Russian girls in Moscow or Saint Petersburg? Take your date out to the Garbage concert.

The legendary rock band Garbage has announced an upcoming world tour, the first one in the last seven years. The world tour will be held as part of the promotion to their new album.

The authors of such hits as “Cherry Lips”, “Paranoid”, the soundtrack to the “The World Is Not Enough” Bond movie have not released any new material since 2005, when their latest album “Bleed For Me” was released. Today, the band is breaking their silence with the new album and a world-wide tour that will begin in Russia. The first show will be held in Saint Petersburg on May 11 and it will be backed by a show in Moscow the following day, May 12.

Garbage thanked all their fans for their support and enthusiasm that kept the band going. When asked why Russia was chosen as the starting point for the world tour, Garbage members confessed that some of their best shows were held in Russia. All band members love the country and its people, so they did not think too long before picking the starting point for the tour.

Ukrainian Garbage fans will have a chance to see them play live too. Garbage will be appearing on the Port Rock Festival in Odessa in June. The festival will gather other great bands, such as Linkin Park. This will be the first Linkin Park concert in Ukraine and it is expected to attract a huge number of visitors from all over Ukraine and Russia.

Those dating Russian ladies in Moscow or going out with Ukrainian girls in Odessa should take note of these concerts, as they will prove to be a great opportunity for an interesting date.

Rock Festival in Odessa – Linkin Park, Garbage and Other Monsters of Rock – (SecureDating.com)

Listen to Linkin Park play in Odessa and meet beautiful Ukrainian girls on the Port Rock Festival in Ukraine.

Odessa has never seen such a grand show before – some of the biggest names in modern rock music are flying down to play at a local Rock Port Festival. Linkin Park and Garbage – these are just a few names that are headlining the festival. They will be supported by numerous other local and foreign bands. Tickets will go on sale on March 30 and they are expected to be sold out almost instantaneously.

Linkin Park is an American band from California that has been formed in 1996. The band did not see much success until 2005, when their first album “Hybrid theory” has been released. The album went Diamond almost instantaneously and it introduced the band to listeners all over the world. Linkin Park has been named the sixth greatest band of the music video era and the third best of the new millennium by MTV2.

Although Garbage is an American band that was formed in Wisconsin, the lead singer Shirley Manson comes from Scotland, which adds certain charming noes to her contralto vocals. Garbage became known for the singles released in 1995 and 1996, “Only Happy When It Rains” and “Stupid Girl”. Their subsequent self-titled album Garbage went double-platinum and familiarized the whole world with their unique style.

These bands are set to perform in Odessa, Ukraine on June 12, 2012. The show is bound to attract a huge number of fans from all over Ukraine and Russia and you are going to be in Ukraine during this period, you should not deny yourself a chance to submerge into the night of music. The concert will be attended by a huge number of Ukrainian girls, who knows, you may meet a friend there. Russian women know how to have fun.

Remember, tickets to the Linkin Park concert will sell like hotcakes, so you better reserve a few tickets now.