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Hot Ukrainian Girl Sportsman Model

The Gretov’s Art Centre in Kiev, Ukraine, together with the school of photography Vivat present a photo exhibition The Moment Of Harmony. The exhibition is available for Ukrainian women and men, as well as for international guests, till the 19th of May.

The key purpose of the exhibition is to promote an active life style, and is a reminder that doing any kind of sports is good for you regardless your age.

The exhibition offers bright and positive works by young Ukrainian girls and boys who love photography.

The models on the photos are famous Ukrainian sportsmen who support the idea of this project and with their own examples show that sport is the life itself.

Among the Ukrainian models at this exhibition you can see the winners of popular TV show Everybody Dance – Vitaliy Zagoruyko and Anna Edinak; Yulia Smirnova – ballet dancer, choreographer, instructor in pole dance; Nikita Vankevich – master of sports in ballroom dances and choreographer; Vladislav Mazhara – repeated and absolute champion of Ukraine in bodybuilding; and many others.

The motto of the exhibitions is: “Paint the world in bright colours. Dance, do sports, be optimistic and bring happiness into this world!”


Ukrainian Girl doing a split


Ukrainian Girl with Easter Eggs

Easter is the biggest holiday for Orthodox Christians. Besides being a church celebration, it’s a celebration of spring and awakening of nature after a long Russian winter.

Orthodox Easter and Catholic Easter are celebrated on different days, due to following different calendars. Western Christianity is using the Gregorian calendar, and Eastern Christianity (like in Russia and Ukraine) bases the day of the holiday on the Julian calendar. However, Easter is always celebrated on Sunday in every Christian denomination.

This year the Orthodox Easter is celebrated on the 5th of May, and the preparations for the holiday have started some time ago all over Russia and Ukraine.

Some cities offer to visit numerous Easter fairs that will help you to grasp the richness of this cultural event and to buy presents and hand-made souvenirs. Many Russian women attend these fairs to buy traditional Easter supplies, and to enjoy the spirit of the holiday and spring.

From the 3rd to the 5th of May you can visit such a fair in Kiev, at the gallery M17. There you’ll get a chance to make your own hand-made Easter basket, learn to paint pisanki – Easter eggs, and to bake a kulich – traditional sweet Easter bread.

And on the 5th of May a concert will be held, performed by talented Ukrainian girls and boys.

Happy Easter!


Russian Woman in a Russian Orthodox Church


Elena Vizerskaya

At the prestigious international photo contest Prix de la Photographie, Paris (PX3) a Ukrainian girl from Kiev Elena Vizerskaya took the second prize in this year’s special contest “Selfportrait”. The photographer of the year, according to PX3, became Jonathan Knowles for a series of works “Liquid Beauty”.

Prix de la Photographie is one of the biggest photo contests in Europe. Every year new talents are discovered there. Photographers from all over the world are represented in this art community. The photos that won PX3 are displayed in the best galleries of Paris. After each competition “An annual book PX3” is published that includes the works of the winners and 20 other photographers that were chosen by a jury.

Elena Vizerskaya is a 32 years old beautiful lady from Kiev, Ukraine. Her work is dark, sexy and charming at the same time. Angelic beauties and hell demons, ecstatic colour bursts and foggy places where death lives – these are the features of Elena’s photos.


Elena Vizerskaya


GusGus in Kiev

On the 23rd of March in Kiev’s Crystal Hall Ukrainian girls will be dancing to sets of electronic band GusGus, who will perform there with their solo programme.

GusGus is an Icelandic band and was formed almost 20 years ago, when some friends tried to make a movie about Icelandic swingers in Reykjavik. The name GusGus came from the movie “Fear eats the soul”, where a woman is cooking couscous for her lover, but it sounds like “gus gus” the way she pronounces it. The band regards it as a sex reference.

The band’s favourite genre is techno-soul: a combination of dance music and spellbinding vocal. Starting from 1995, the size of the band grew from 2 up to 12 members. At the moment there are 5 members in the band – Stephan Stephensen aka President Bongo, Birgir Torarinsson, Daniel Haraldsson, Urdur Hakonardottir and Högni Egilsson.

GusGus has produced eight studio albums and one live record. The group has remixed several famous artists, including Björk, Depeche Mode, Moloko and Sigur Ros.

Boys and girls from Kiev, as well as the visitors of the city, are looking forward to this concert. To make your Ukrainian dating experience more memorable, we recommend you to invite your date to the concert and rock the house together.


GusGus performing in Kiev


Viktor Tsoy tribute poster

The concert “Symphonic Film” is a tribute to “Kino“ (Russian for  “Film”) by a symphony orchestra.

It has already been over two decades since the tragic death of Viktor Tsoy, but the songs created by the great poet and musician still live in the hearts of thousands of Russian Women and men. His fans are of different age and social statuse, different nationalities and religions. They love his songs because they are much more than just pretty words with nice accompaniment. Tsoy’s songs are life itself, expressed in poetry and music.

This year Viktor Tsoy could have turned 50. It’s very symbolic that the project  “Symphony Film “ started the same year as the poet’s anniversary. This project has no analog in the history of Soviet Rock and will allow us to hear Tsoy’s music performed by a symphony orchestra and reevaluate the genius of the artist.

First symphonic versions of Tsoy’s songs were written in 2010 specially for the grand concert “20 years without Kino”. The compositions were welcomed so warmly by the audience that it was decided to prepare a full program.

On the day of Tsoy’s 50th birthday – July 21 – “Symphonic Film” was presented in St. Petersburg.  It was a triumph – the audience did a standing ovation. And now Ukrainian Girls and boys, as well as the visitors of Kiev, will have a unique opportunity to hear this fantastic programme live.


Viktor Tsoy on stage


Poster for Argentinian Tango in Kiev

Tango is the most sensual dance ever. Any Ukrainian woman would confirm that. If you want to see it for yourself, on November the 23rd the final concert “Worlds Stars of Argentinian Tango” will be held in Kiev. The participants – the champions of Argentinian tango masters Neri Piliu and Yanina Quinones together with the Moscow Orchestra “Solo Tango Orquestra”.

Neri Piliu and Yanina Quinones (Argentina) is a young, very talented, beautiful and vivid couple, dancing amazingly stage tango as well as classical tango salon. The show by Neri and Yanina simply stuns you with its energy, beauty and brilliance of movements. Their tango salon is elegant and sensual.

The accompaniment, the “Solo Tango Orquestra”, is the winner of international competitions and the official orchestra of several international festivals. They have conquered the hearts of European and Asian audiences, as well as Argentinian, with their professionalism, charisma, virtuosity of execution, deepest sense of style and their energy.

It’s a perfect place to take your beautiful Ukrainian lady for a date, which would, no doubt, lead to a passionate romance.


Neri Piliu and Yanina Quinones



A cover of Alisa’s last album Sabotage

The legendary rockers will present a new album in Kiev to their Ukrainian fans. It’s been only one year since their last album and now Alisa is presenting the new one – Sabotage.

Alisa was created in 1983 in Leningrad (today St Petersburg) and for all these years the musicians have easily managed to remain relevant and to surprise the audience.

The first album Alisa has released in 1985. It was one of the first Russian rock records released by the state record company Melodia. According to official numbers, the album was sold in over one million copies. The second album Alisa recorded only in three days. Today Alisa’s discography includes 18 studio albums plus a number of concert albums and hit collections.

In addition to the new material, the band will perform their famous hits that Ukrainian girls and boys love so much.

Russian rock band Alisa rocks the house in Kiev


Paul Van Dyk performing in Kiev

The performance of the two times Planet’s Best DJ with his famous show will take place at Qiev Dance festival. This fall the festival will gather thousands of fans of electronic dance music, including pretty Ukrainian party girls.

The idol of millions, the “guru” of electronic music – Paul van Dyk – is touring for his new album “Evolution”.

Since his first performance in Ukraine in 2006, Dyk has become the favourite among Ukrainian girls and boys, every time offering something special for his fans. No doubt about it, Dyk’s impressive live performance on In Between tour in 2007, is still one of the brightest and prominent event in Ukraine’s festival culture.

This September Paul van Dyk is prepared to prove to his Ukrainian fans that it wasn’t a mere coincidence when he was chosen the best DJ for two years in a raw.