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An exhibit from ”Made in Russia"

The first retrospective exhibition ”Packaging design. Made in Russia” will demonstrate several centuries of history and traditions of Russian packaging – from unique folk solutions to modern designs recognised in the whole world.

The history of Russian graphic and industrial design is reviewed by the curators of the exhibition by the packaging, as an example of Russian material culture. The key of the exhibition is the flow of artistic styles and trends: eclectics and neo-Russian, modern, Russian avant-garde and constructivism, Stalin’s empire style and social realism, modernism, post modernism, technological experiments of the 90s and the current trends.

In the rooms of the Moscow Museum of Design you will see pre-revolution trademarks of the empire’s suppliers, rare models of glass bottles and cans, preserved unpacked in private collections, remarkable packaging and advertising examples from constructivism period, created by the leading Russian industrial artists. Many of the exhibits have never been shown before.

The Soviet period is widely represented by famous brands and cult products so much familiar to all Russian women and men: condensed milk, milk in the triangle packs, caviar on can, chewing gum, first soviet beer on can that was specially produced for Olympics 80, and many others.

You will be able to find out about the process of the creating the packaging; you will see the sketches and mock-ups, hand made by designers. Beside the packaging of food, perfume and medical products, the exhibition presents unique exhibits of household items, textile, and kids’ toys.

Combine your Russian dating experience with cultural and educational events such as this exhibition.


Made in Russia - Russian Women


Lana Del Rey in Moscow, Russia

Every Russian girl knows Lana Del Rey. Her songs are playing literary everywhere today and her shows are warmly welcomed both in Ukraine and Russia.

This year’s tour includes shows in Germany, Netherland, Belgium as well as concerts in Moscow and St Petersburg, Russia, and Kiev, Ukraine. Most of the European shows are already sold out.

The Guardian gave the singer pretty high reference, saying that her music is influenced by film noir and that the singer has a wonderful voice and charisma.

At the Moscow concert Lana Del Rey will present her album Born To Die – Paradise Edition from 2012. This album has conquered tops of music charts of 11 countries and became platinum twice. She sold over 2,5 millions copies all over the world. The album became the most selling in Great Britain, took the second place in the US, and the fourth in Russia. The base for this release is the album’s main material plus 8 new tracks.

Music critics compare Lana to such divas as Amy Winehouse, Adele and Nancy Sinatra. She has received Brit Awards as the best new international singer, and Ivor Novello Awards – main British award among composers – for the best modern song.

If you are looking for a romantic atmosphere for the date with your beautiful Russian girlfriend – the Lana Del Rey concert would be it.


Lana Del Rey in Moscow, Russia


Soviet Postcard The Victory Day

The annual celebration of the Victory Day, dedicated to end of the Second World War in 1945, is traditionally held on the 9th of May. In every post soviet country this day is very important and a traditional Victory Parade is held in all major cities.

This year over 11 000 Russian women and men from military forces participated in the Victory Parade in Moscow, Russia. They were marching in formations across the Red Square, giving their salutes to the veterans of the Second World War. Over 100 pieces of military equipment crossed the Red Square after them. The Parade was concluded with air manoeuvres of 68 helicopters and airplanes of the Russian Air Force.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, the Second World War veterans, representatives of different public organisations, and numerous international guests watched Parade from the main tribune.

Numerous fireworks across the city and the country concluded the celebration of the 68th anniversary of the Victory.

The Victory Day is a reminder about the heroic actions of the defenders of the USSR against the fascist Germany and its allies. This day is both tragic and merry. Every year Russian women and men bring flowers to the local monuments dedicated to the WWII, and to its veterans.


The Victory Day Fireworks


Hot Russian girls love to rock! On the 25th of April Russian girls are going to rock the house in Moscow together with a Finish band Sunrise Avenue.

Finish rockers Sunrise Avenue is one of the most known bands outside of their home country. Their last album “Out of Style” anything else but out of style. Album’s first single “Hollywood Hills” skyrocketed in many European charts and became a major radio and sales hit.

The past five years were pretty busy for Sunrise Avenue: from gold and platinum albums, to NRJ Music Awards and Finish Grammy. Their Out of Style tour was totally sold out and they even got a privilege to perform at the 2012 Champions League final at the legendary Olympic Stadium in Munich.

Combine your Russian dating experience with some fresh Finish rock, and make your stay in Moscow, Russia, unforgettable!


Sunshine Avenue in Moscow Russia


Nude Madonna by Schreiber

Photography became an every-day hobby for many Russian girls. They take pictures professionally and just for themselves. To keep the hand on a pulse of modern photography Russian ladies regularly visit photo exhibitions and this month’s Schreiber’s Cowboys and Nudes is the most awaited event among art-loving Russian women.

During the 70s and 80s Schreiber created a series of works dedicate to his two passions. Later these works were published in monographic albums.

The series Bodyscapes (1980) is a result of many years of fruitful work as a teacher of nude photography at the Parsons New School, New York. After finishing his first book, Schreiber starts immediately on realization of his old dream. Being charmed by the romantic West, he studies the wide spaces of Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico, and dedicates his next series to an image of a mystical cowboy – one of the greatest archetypes of American society. In 1982 he publishes a book named Last of a Breed.

At the exposition Cowboys and Nude these two passions of the photographer were joined in one exhibition, which gave a base for a visual duality: the unruly masculine spirit, that dwells in the prairies of the Wild West, versus tender female creature in a rough city jungle.

His first experience in photography, Schreiber obtained serving for American intelligence office in Germany. In 1971 he was given a prize by Life magazine, and in 1977, after finishing the School of Visual Arts in New York, he gets an offer from the head of Photography Department at the Parsons School to take the post of their teacher in nude photography. During next 8 years at the Parsons, Martin produced a massive amount of portraits including photos of at that time unknown Louise Veronica Ciccone. In 1992 the Taschen publishes Schreiber’s book Madonna Nudes.

If you like photography just as much as Russian ladies do, make sure to visit the Lumiere’s Centre to see Schreiber’s works for yourself.


M Schreiber’s Nudes


Paintings of Russian Women

Marat Gelman continues to introduce Russian women and men with the artistic situation in Russian regions. The project Cultural Alliance has already represented the modern art of Kazakhstan, Perm and Izhevsk. Now, together with the Foundation of modern art support “Siberia”, Cultural Alliance presents an exhibition The United States of Siberia, which is going to continue till the 21st of April.

The name of the exhibition was inspired by the artwork of the conceptual painter from Omsk Damir Muratov, who created a hypothetical flag of Siberia that looks a lot like the American flag – stripy with the states-snowflakes. In his works (among which are Che Burashka and Mickey Mao) – Muratov is playing with the figures of mass culture and national myths. For this exhibition the artist prepared a new compilation “If they were born in Siberia” – a fantasy about an alternative life of the Hollywood stars.

The curator of the exhibition concluded: “The exhibition is about the way we live and solve the problems with an ironical smile. Lukily, there are no problems with one’s nationality. Both in Siberia and in the Ural region people are not divided by their nationality or at least don’t pay too much attention to it. This is probably due to very cold winters where the mutual survival is the most important. That’s why we always look at problems with a smile. Siberia – is freedom and happiness without boundaries. And the Siberian – it’s not a nationality but a state of mind and way of living.

Siberia is the heart of Russia, cold at first sight but very friendly and inviting once you get to know it. To completely understand your beautiful Russian girlfriend, we recommend starting the journey from the roots of her culture


Flag of United States of Siberia


Slash - legendary guitarist

Russian girls and boys are breathless while waiting for this event. Legendary musician Slash – the guitarist from Guns n’ Roses and Velvet Revolver, is going to perform in St Petersburg’s club A2.

Slash’s present tour is supported by Myles Kennedy (Alter Bridge’s vocal) and the Conspirators band. They also participated in recording the album Apocalyptic Love (2012) that will be presented at the concert together with the old hits.

The whole album is recorded as a live performance, where all band members were together in the same studio. Slash was playing his live solo as soon as the drums stopped. Vocals were complimented with Kennedy’s guitar and vocal. Everything was recorded live: Todd Kerns (bass), Brent Fitz (drums) and two solo guitarists.

Myles Kennedy and Slash figured out pretty fast that their talents collaborate as fast and bright as some chemical reactions do, and that their chemistry is able to create excellent artistic ideas. “I was writing down some accords and ideas and then played them to Myles” – says Slash. “He is a fan of a general musical concept, so as a result he was able to add beautiful melody and text to my music. We started to compose some basic constructions together and created that way many new songs.”

This February the legendary guitarist and talented vocalist, who has a four octave vocal range, Slash together with Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators are rocking in St Petersburg!


Slash playing guitar in Moscow Russia


Garik Sukachev performing on stage

Slogan of the XI festival Disco of the 80s is “Rock & Dance”. The event will take place on November 24th in Moscow. Every year this show gathers hundreds of music lovers including stunning Russian girls.

During the 80s we had a real eclectic of musical styles and genres. The social realism of the first local underground bands got along with the deficit of musical content from USA and Europe. We were listening to what was accessible; whatever they were playing in the discos became a dance hit. As a result, a unique musical background was formed, and today it still rocks!

This year’s Disco of the 80s has prepared a grand show – a big number of music super-stars, new names and a lot of good music. Never before the festival had so many rock musicians on the stage. Each name – a legend, an era, a symbol of the 80s. You’ll see the performance of Gorky Park, Garik Sukachev, Konstantin Nikolsky, Sergey Galanin, Butusov with U-Piter band. Among international stars are Chris Norman, Boney M, Sabrina, Pupo, C.C. Catch, Bad Boys Blue and many more.

You won’t be bored there, the organizers promised lots of surprises.


Disco of 80s concert in Moscow