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The Baseballs in Russia

On the 16th of May in St. Petersburg’s club “Cosmonaut” a German cover band is going to be jamming for Russian girls and boys.

The history of the band starts in 2007 when three German guys – Sam, Basti and Digger – gathered in a Berlin studio to record cover versions of some hits from the 50s and 60s. There they found out that it’s much cooler to reproduce today’s pop hits in a rock ’n’ roll style.  That way the band came up with a unique style that made them incredibly popular all over Europe.

Their first album Strike came out in 2009 and took the leading positions in European music charts. The album became golden in Germany, platinum in Holland, Austria, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland, and triple-platinum in Finland. The musicians received numerous awards, including European Border Breakers Award 2011. Several months after receiving this award, the Baseballs released their second album String ’n’ Stripes that became very successful and loved by the public.

One might wonder what is the secret of the Baseballs’ popularity that makes them to stand out among many other cover artists. Well, their exquisite sound, original and easily recognisable style, and high professionalism are not the main ingredient of their popularity. The secret lies in the ultimate and genuine love for their work, their crazy and maddening rock ’n’ roll energy.

To enjoy a good evening full of rock ‘n’ roll music and beautiful pin-up Russian girls, visit the “Cosmonaut” this Thursday in St. Petersburg, Russia.


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the holy trinity

Don’t miss the last week of scandalous exhibition ICONS, held in the art centre Tkachi in St. Petersburg, Russia. Thousands of Russian women and men have already visited the exhibition.

The project ICONS, developed by the museum of contemporary art PERMM, is a compilation of art works and sculpture compositions of 25 famous Russian artists, and is perceived as a joint art project. The main idea of the exhibition is to rethink the traditions of Christian icons.

Last summer the exhibition was brought to Krasnodar, Russia, where it was met with aggression: skinheads and other activists blocked the opening of the exhibition and attempted to beat up the exhibition’s curator. The exhibition was seen as a social threat and nobody discussed its artistic content.

It wasn’t easy to exhibit the project in St. Petersburg either. The first art gallery, after first willing to host the ICONS, then suddenly refused to do so. However the art centre Tkachi was brave enough to show the exhibition and many Russian ladies and men are grateful for that.

“The Russian icon is a masterpiece of the world’s culture, same as the Greek sculpture or Chinese calligraphy. An icon belongs to the church and to art as well. Today, when an artist is recreating some religious plot, most often he or she is not in a dialog with religious texts or religious traditions, but in the dialog with the colleague, a fellow artist, his or hers predecessor” – says Marat Guelman, the curator of the ICONS.

The ICONS is a great way to learn more about Russian contemporary art and the history of a Russian woman.


Contemporary Russian Art


Hot Russian girls love to rock! On the 25th of April Russian girls are going to rock the house in Moscow together with a Finish band Sunrise Avenue.

Finish rockers Sunrise Avenue is one of the most known bands outside of their home country. Their last album “Out of Style” anything else but out of style. Album’s first single “Hollywood Hills” skyrocketed in many European charts and became a major radio and sales hit.

The past five years were pretty busy for Sunrise Avenue: from gold and platinum albums, to NRJ Music Awards and Finish Grammy. Their Out of Style tour was totally sold out and they even got a privilege to perform at the 2012 Champions League final at the legendary Olympic Stadium in Munich.

Combine your Russian dating experience with some fresh Finish rock, and make your stay in Moscow, Russia, unforgettable!


Sunshine Avenue in Moscow Russia


Nude Madonna by Schreiber

Photography became an every-day hobby for many Russian girls. They take pictures professionally and just for themselves. To keep the hand on a pulse of modern photography Russian ladies regularly visit photo exhibitions and this month’s Schreiber’s Cowboys and Nudes is the most awaited event among art-loving Russian women.

During the 70s and 80s Schreiber created a series of works dedicate to his two passions. Later these works were published in monographic albums.

The series Bodyscapes (1980) is a result of many years of fruitful work as a teacher of nude photography at the Parsons New School, New York. After finishing his first book, Schreiber starts immediately on realization of his old dream. Being charmed by the romantic West, he studies the wide spaces of Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico, and dedicates his next series to an image of a mystical cowboy – one of the greatest archetypes of American society. In 1982 he publishes a book named Last of a Breed.

At the exposition Cowboys and Nude these two passions of the photographer were joined in one exhibition, which gave a base for a visual duality: the unruly masculine spirit, that dwells in the prairies of the Wild West, versus tender female creature in a rough city jungle.

His first experience in photography, Schreiber obtained serving for American intelligence office in Germany. In 1971 he was given a prize by Life magazine, and in 1977, after finishing the School of Visual Arts in New York, he gets an offer from the head of Photography Department at the Parsons School to take the post of their teacher in nude photography. During next 8 years at the Parsons, Martin produced a massive amount of portraits including photos of at that time unknown Louise Veronica Ciccone. In 1992 the Taschen publishes Schreiber’s book Madonna Nudes.

If you like photography just as much as Russian ladies do, make sure to visit the Lumiere’s Centre to see Schreiber’s works for yourself.


M Schreiber’s Nudes


Morcheeba playing in Russia

On the 8th of April Russian girls are going to enjoy the concert of the year – Morcheeba in St Petersburg. Morcheeba was formed in the mid 90s and is still a favourite band of many ladies from Russia and other countries.

Morcheeba is a British band that combines in its music trip-hop, RnB, disco and rock. Morcheeba’s first albums “Who can you trust” and “Big calm”, released two years later, along with the classical records by Massive Attack, Portishead, Tricky and Uncle, formed the “golden foundation” of the trip-hop and gave the trio from London the status of the cult band of the 90s.

Morcheeba is always developing and experimenting with the music. Each single album of the band is something new, more grown-up, interesting and professional. They produced two albums in 2005 and 2008 with other vocalists, and in 2010 Skye Edwards has returned to the band. Musicians have always a lot of creative ideas for new compositions, and Skye’s charm can be felt even on the record.

At the moment Morcheeba is working with the new material for the next album, which should be released this year. As the artists say, the new album will be an innovative record for them, as they want to try themselves in totally new genres. It is also expected to have guest stars on some tracks, though whom – is still a secret.

Morcheeba is a fantastic mixture of trip-hop, downtempo and rhythm and blues, together with an incredible energy and charm of Skye Edwards. Take your Russian girlfriend out to this concert – new tracks and old hits, all this will await you this Monday in St Petersburg.


Morcheeba playing for Russian Girls


Paintings of Russian Women

Marat Gelman continues to introduce Russian women and men with the artistic situation in Russian regions. The project Cultural Alliance has already represented the modern art of Kazakhstan, Perm and Izhevsk. Now, together with the Foundation of modern art support “Siberia”, Cultural Alliance presents an exhibition The United States of Siberia, which is going to continue till the 21st of April.

The name of the exhibition was inspired by the artwork of the conceptual painter from Omsk Damir Muratov, who created a hypothetical flag of Siberia that looks a lot like the American flag – stripy with the states-snowflakes. In his works (among which are Che Burashka and Mickey Mao) – Muratov is playing with the figures of mass culture and national myths. For this exhibition the artist prepared a new compilation “If they were born in Siberia” – a fantasy about an alternative life of the Hollywood stars.

The curator of the exhibition concluded: “The exhibition is about the way we live and solve the problems with an ironical smile. Lukily, there are no problems with one’s nationality. Both in Siberia and in the Ural region people are not divided by their nationality or at least don’t pay too much attention to it. This is probably due to very cold winters where the mutual survival is the most important. That’s why we always look at problems with a smile. Siberia – is freedom and happiness without boundaries. And the Siberian – it’s not a nationality but a state of mind and way of living.

Siberia is the heart of Russia, cold at first sight but very friendly and inviting once you get to know it. To completely understand your beautiful Russian girlfriend, we recommend starting the journey from the roots of her culture


Flag of United States of Siberia


14th of February is St Valentine’s Day

Right now everyone is wondering how to spend St Valentine’s Day. This is the day when lovers express their love to each other, when you finally tell that one special girl that you love her, it is the feast of Romantic Love. This holiday is quite new in Russia and Ukraine, though romantic Ukrainian ladies and passionate Russian women are waiting for it impatiently every year. So here are some suggestions on how to impress your Russian girlfriend on this day.

1. Buy her a present, and preferably beforehand. Your lovely Ukrainian lady wouldn’t appreciate you running early in the morning to a shop to get whatever comes to your sight first. Think of what she really would like to get as a present on this romantic day. A nice handbag, a ring or a heart-shaped pendant, an exclusive set of cosmetics or her favourite perfume, a pretty scarf or even a plush teddy bear – with these gifts you will never go wrong.

2. Take her out for a romantic dinner. If you are thinking to invite your hot Russian girlfriend to a restaurant, make sure to reserve a table beforehand. Normally it’s hard to get any table at all if you are just a walk-in on the 14th of February. Make a reservation two weeks earlier, choose a small cosy place and get a table somewhere in a corner or next to a window, overlooking a river, a seaside or the city centre.

3. Bathe her in compliments. Of course it’s important to tell her that you love her, but don’t stop there. Tell her that she is gorgeous, intelligent, talented and that you are hoping for a long and fruitful relationship with her. You can write her a poem, make a cute heart-shaped postcard or hum a song that you danced to on your first date. Make her understand how special she is to you.

4. Surprise her. Send her a huge bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolates, fill the room with colourful balloons, make a poster “World’s most beautiful woman wanted” with her picture on it, sing her a serenade.

5. Take her somewhere romantic. Visit a dolphinarium or a planetarium where you can watch the stars together and plan on your bright future. Also this would be a perfect place to propose to your beautiful Russian woman, especially if you’ve reserved the whole place just for the two of you.

6. Play in the snow. Have a snowball fight and don’t forget to let her win, make angels together in the snow, ski, ride a sled with husky dogs, make snow sculptures of each other.

And the most important thing is to remember to treat your special Ukrainian woman like that every day, because showing your love doesn’t need an excuse.


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