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Ladies from Russia and Ukraine are great fans of the cinematographic art. One of the most avant-garde film directors from Eastern Europe is Emir Kusturica from Yugoslavia. Being a true artist, he doesn’t limit himself to only films, but produces also a lot of music. This year, on the 8th of March, Kusturica and his music band The Non Smoking Orchestra will hold a concert for the beautiful Russian ladies in Moscow.

Taking into consideration how rare we see new movies by Emir Kusturica (two feature films and several documentaries – including the one about The No Smoking Orchestra – during past 12 years), we can easily conclude without any exaggeration that music has become the main occupation for the famous Yugoslavian film director.

One can feel deeply sorry for all the movie lovers and envy the music fans: during the past three decades in the business The No Smoking Orchestra became one of the most known, tireless and demanded touring bands in Eastern Europe.

Kusturica himself plays mainly the guitar. The concert program that will be held this time on the International Women’s Day will present songs from different movies (including Kusturica’s own ones), quotes from Smoke on the Water, Pink Floyd, as well as choral performance of the smash hit “F*ck you MTV”.

To make the most out of this year’s International Women’s Day make sure to invite your stunning Russian girlfriend to this concert, and don’t forget the flowers – it is a must.


No Smoking Orchestra concert

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Russian Girl

From the 4th of October an exhibition dedicated to modern art by young Russian ladies will be held in Moscow, Russia.

The exhibition “I’d rather not be painting” gives us an excellent opportunity to find out how Russian women are developing the contemporary art in Russia, besides eccentric political performances by Femen and Pussy Riot. This project is concentrated on the personality of a young Russian girl, an artist that is trying to realize herself in everyday life and in art rather than on barricades. For example, she is documenting her travelling, creating some kind of a diary without words (Ustina Yakovleva), she is exploring her own sexuality (Kroshka Guer), or is analysing herself in a character of a wife (Mariya Pokrovskaya) and mother (Dariya Sintsova). But whatever she is doing, whichever social roles she is taking on herself, she still makes sure to stay herself.

This exhibition is about the space, problems and happiness of a modern Russian artist. Everyone has its own inner world, and not everybody is meant to be like Roza Luksemburg. In other words, life is a combination of simple but very important things, and in those things every woman is expressing herself as individuality.

If you want to get a more in-depth understanding of a tender soul of a modern Russian lady, or just to broaden your experience of Russian dating – this exhibition will be a good place to start

Art by Russian Women


Russian Girl

Today one of the world’s fastest growing air shows is MAKS – an International Aviation and Space Salon in Russia. This year the expo is held from the 27th of August till the 1st of September. Thousands of Russian women and men, as well as guests from over than 40 other countries, are going to visit the expo this year.

One of the most important criteria for determining the status of such event is the number of companies and countries represented there.  This year MAKS represents over 100 different companies from over 40 different states. The static display of the expo will feature around one hundred aircrafts.

Traditionally MAKS invites representatives of foreign air forces. In 2011 the biggest exposition was presented by the US Air Force and counted 17 aircrafts of various types. However this year, due to the reduction of the military budget, the United States are not participating.

For the first time the visitors of MAKS will see a demonstration aircraft of the Swiss Air Force F/A-18 Hornet. The French Air Force, a traditional participator of a flying programme, will present their Dassault Rafale. Latvian team Baltic Bees will participate with training L-39. And of course there will be aerobatic teams of Russian Air Force, actually a record number this year: the Swifts, the Russian Nights, the Falcons of Russia and the Golden Eagles.

The premier of the expo will be the Air Force of China. Today China is the second country after Russia whose aerobatic teams are flying combat aircrafts instead of training or sports ones. Airbus and Boing, the world’s leading aircrafts manufacturers, will be demonstrating their innovations as well.

If you are travelling in Russia on business or to meet a single Russian girl – don’t miss such an opportunity and visit MAKS-2013, it can also be a stunning destination for your date with a beautiful Russian lady.




Modern Art Exhibition in Moscow Russia

Russian ladies like to attend different cultural events, especially when it comes to art. The Museum of Modern Art in Moscow offers to see the fifth thematic exposition “Dreams for those who are awake”.

So what do we expect from an art piece? Do we want to get the true knowledge about nature and people through it, or do we want to be deceived by it and lured into the dream world full of illusions? Should we trust our eyes or should we be alert and not give in to delusion?

The objective of this exhibition is to analyse the patterns of the viewer’s perception through a prism of eternal opposition of the True and False forms; in other words, to examine the conflict that is so deeply rooted in Western culture: a positive and rational perception of a form as a see-through window to the world versus the opposite attitude towards the visual similarities as if they are suspicious and lethal figments of imagination. Even though they are rarely seen in such extreme forms, these psychological settings are a dynamic couple: they can swap places depending on the point of view.

The title of the exhibition is inspired by the dialogue The Sophist by Plato, where the philosopher addresses the issues of lies and dialectics of existence and non-existence.

The exposition presents items that are ambivalent in their visual nature: every one of them allows an opposing, dual interpretation. Russian women and men, as well as tourists, are offered to study every exhibit and think about if one should consider a super-realistic character as a harmless delusion; whether the rules of building a straight perspective are the natural model of human perception; is it possible to recode a figure into text; is it manageable for an artist to picture something transcendent, from an outside of experience? All these and other topics are reviewed in 14 thematic departments of the exposition that are dedicated to visual anthology and rhetoric of the contemporary art.

If you want to expand your visit in Moscow to a higher cultural level, invite your beautiful Russian girlfriend to this exhibition and enjoy together the works of Russian artists (end of XX – beginning of XXI centuries): fine arts, graphics, photos, videos, objects and installations.


Moscow, Russia


Soviet Postcard The Victory Day

The annual celebration of the Victory Day, dedicated to end of the Second World War in 1945, is traditionally held on the 9th of May. In every post soviet country this day is very important and a traditional Victory Parade is held in all major cities.

This year over 11 000 Russian women and men from military forces participated in the Victory Parade in Moscow, Russia. They were marching in formations across the Red Square, giving their salutes to the veterans of the Second World War. Over 100 pieces of military equipment crossed the Red Square after them. The Parade was concluded with air manoeuvres of 68 helicopters and airplanes of the Russian Air Force.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, the Second World War veterans, representatives of different public organisations, and numerous international guests watched Parade from the main tribune.

Numerous fireworks across the city and the country concluded the celebration of the 68th anniversary of the Victory.

The Victory Day is a reminder about the heroic actions of the defenders of the USSR against the fascist Germany and its allies. This day is both tragic and merry. Every year Russian women and men bring flowers to the local monuments dedicated to the WWII, and to its veterans.


The Victory Day Fireworks


the holy trinity

Don’t miss the last week of scandalous exhibition ICONS, held in the art centre Tkachi in St. Petersburg, Russia. Thousands of Russian women and men have already visited the exhibition.

The project ICONS, developed by the museum of contemporary art PERMM, is a compilation of art works and sculpture compositions of 25 famous Russian artists, and is perceived as a joint art project. The main idea of the exhibition is to rethink the traditions of Christian icons.

Last summer the exhibition was brought to Krasnodar, Russia, where it was met with aggression: skinheads and other activists blocked the opening of the exhibition and attempted to beat up the exhibition’s curator. The exhibition was seen as a social threat and nobody discussed its artistic content.

It wasn’t easy to exhibit the project in St. Petersburg either. The first art gallery, after first willing to host the ICONS, then suddenly refused to do so. However the art centre Tkachi was brave enough to show the exhibition and many Russian ladies and men are grateful for that.

“The Russian icon is a masterpiece of the world’s culture, same as the Greek sculpture or Chinese calligraphy. An icon belongs to the church and to art as well. Today, when an artist is recreating some religious plot, most often he or she is not in a dialog with religious texts or religious traditions, but in the dialog with the colleague, a fellow artist, his or hers predecessor” – says Marat Guelman, the curator of the ICONS.

The ICONS is a great way to learn more about Russian contemporary art and the history of a Russian woman.


Contemporary Russian Art


Nude Madonna by Schreiber

Photography became an every-day hobby for many Russian girls. They take pictures professionally and just for themselves. To keep the hand on a pulse of modern photography Russian ladies regularly visit photo exhibitions and this month’s Schreiber’s Cowboys and Nudes is the most awaited event among art-loving Russian women.

During the 70s and 80s Schreiber created a series of works dedicate to his two passions. Later these works were published in monographic albums.

The series Bodyscapes (1980) is a result of many years of fruitful work as a teacher of nude photography at the Parsons New School, New York. After finishing his first book, Schreiber starts immediately on realization of his old dream. Being charmed by the romantic West, he studies the wide spaces of Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico, and dedicates his next series to an image of a mystical cowboy – one of the greatest archetypes of American society. In 1982 he publishes a book named Last of a Breed.

At the exposition Cowboys and Nude these two passions of the photographer were joined in one exhibition, which gave a base for a visual duality: the unruly masculine spirit, that dwells in the prairies of the Wild West, versus tender female creature in a rough city jungle.

His first experience in photography, Schreiber obtained serving for American intelligence office in Germany. In 1971 he was given a prize by Life magazine, and in 1977, after finishing the School of Visual Arts in New York, he gets an offer from the head of Photography Department at the Parsons School to take the post of their teacher in nude photography. During next 8 years at the Parsons, Martin produced a massive amount of portraits including photos of at that time unknown Louise Veronica Ciccone. In 1992 the Taschen publishes Schreiber’s book Madonna Nudes.

If you like photography just as much as Russian ladies do, make sure to visit the Lumiere’s Centre to see Schreiber’s works for yourself.


M Schreiber’s Nudes