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Beautiful woman from Ukraine

Online dating, travelling and meeting a woman in Russia, Ukraine and other former Soviet countries can be one of the most exciting and adventures experiences a man can find. Ukrainian and Russian women are truly exceptional and most often very beautiful. The sights you’ll see and visit are outstanding in terms of architecture, history and culture in general. You’ll find restaurants and nightclubs not matched in Europe and friendly people who will become your lifetime friends if you let them.

However, it can also be quite a challenge. You just have to surf the internet and you will soon find a lot of unfortunate stories from men who have spend a lot of time and money, only to discover that the Ukrainian or Russian Women they have been corresponding with online did not exist or their intentions were of no good.

Securedating.com provides a safe and secure dating and travelling environment for men who wants to meet, date and marry a lady from an East European country (Ukraine, Russia, Moldova and Belarus).

Securedating.com is the only Ukrainian and Russian dating site that guaranties that the ladies on our site truly exist and that they have genuine and good intentions. Hence, by using our Ukrainian and Russian dating site you will find the best possible scam free and safe Ukrainian and Russian dating site around.

Our approach is based on face-to-face interviews with the ladies, daily direct contact with the ladies, background check ups and registration of the ladies credentials. In addition, we are continuously improving our concept and workflow procedures to make your Ukrainian and Russian dating experience as trouble free as possible.

In terms of your travel experience, when you decide to meet a Ukrainian or Russian woman face to face, we have a number of high quality services in order to keep you safe from potential headaches. As an example (if you don’t speak Russian), just getting from the airport and to your hotel or apartment can be a challenge. Most likely you’ll end up paying a lot more than what the taxi driver normally would charge. However, more importantly, you want to make sure that you’ll get to the right destination. Securedating.com assist you all the way when you decide to meet a Ukrainian or Russian woman face to face.

Our services – ranging form high quality translations of letters, security checks, ladies video presentation, a phone service (where you can talk to the lady with a translator on the line), a gift delivery service, a client visiting packages (Meet and Date), airport transfer, apartment rental, online 24h client support, safe booking of hotels and flights, local translators who will help you communicate and get around, a 24h help hotline when you meet your Ukrainian or Russian dating prospects locally (login or register for more information).

Payment system – Clients pay for all services through a credit system (all major credit cards), where e.g. one credit is used for sending a letter to a lady and one credit is used for opening a letter from a lady. High quality translation of the letter, security and background checks, client support, is all included (login or register for more information).

Discounts – The more credits you’ll purchase the bigger discount you’ll get on all our services. No membership or monthly subscriptions. Hence, you only pay for the services you decide to benefit from (login or register for more information).

Registration is free of charge.

Secure Dating Television provides you with helpful information in terms Ukrainian and Russian dating. Our high definition videos give you insights into East European culture and tourist sights, you’ll appreciate the daily life of Ukrainian and Russian Women. You’ll get good advice about writing women in Russia or Ukraine. You’ll learn what to contemplate when calling a Ukrainian or Russian woman the first time. You’ll see what to consider when visiting a woman in Russia or Ukraine. You’ll discover more about the appeal of dating Russian Women or Ukrainian Women, you’ll see testimonials and travel diaries from other clients and much more (login or register for more information).

Secure Dating Television is free of charge for members.

Most of the Ukrainian and Russian Women on our dating site have high education, employment,  are very beautiful and all with a positive spirit and honest heart.

We are often asked how it can be that you’ll find so many beautiful Russian women and Ukrainian ladies wanting to meet, date and marry a man from a foreign country. With the break up of the former Soviet Union, countries like Ukraine and Russia have gone through dramatic changes in terms of getting a free market driven economy, lack of governmental control, a high crime rate, a high level of corruption etc. Hence, people on average live significantly shorter compared to the West and especially the men who dies in an early age from alcohol related illnesses, work accidents, a high level of traffic accidents etc.

In addition, we identify an overrepresentation of Ukrainian and Russian women. Some cities have two women for every man living there – which makes it hard for the Ukrainian and Russian women in general to find a good reliable husband and to create a family in a safe and secure environment.

The Secure Dating Team welcomes you to an experience and adventure of a lifetime.




Women from Russia, Ukraine and other former Soviet countries are known worldwide not only for their exceptional beauty but also for their great love for art in all its forms. The art of sculpture is one of them. Many Russian artists left their mark in the XX century and many still surprise the world with their creativity and unorthodox outlook on the world.

When dating a beautiful Russian girl, be prepared that she would expect you to be interested in culture and art as well, so frequent visits to art galleries, theatres and similar places will become your usual leisure activities. But don’t expect your Russian girlfriend always to lead the way to a new exhibition. Take the matter in your own hands and make sure to plan some cultural activities yourself.

For instance, make sure to take your sexy Russian girlfriend out to Pushkin Museum this weekend to attend the closing of the popular exhibition Mimicry. Over 20 different works of the famous Belgium artist, who has gained a worldwide recognition, will create a special space beyond the boundaries of time. You will see the classical past as an object of a contemporary irony, old forms created with high precision technology. The key of this exhibition is pseudo-gothic and neo-baroque sculpture made out of carved steel, marble and modern materials. Wim Delvoye’s art is highly provocative, ironic and modern; he puts different household items in a new artistic context that unites modern and classical plots with many historical and cultural reminiscences. The exposition is built specially to underline the connection between the past and the present – Delvoye’s art pieces are purposefully blended with sculptures from previous epochs to demonstrate the ironical paraphrase of historical styles.

Wim Delvoye was born in 1965 in Belgium and attended The Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent. Since 1985 he creates works of art that reevaluate the traditions of European art in the context of the modern pop culture. His most famous works include Cloaca (2009 – 2010) – a machine that mimics the digestive process in a human body, and Art Farm near Beijing where Delvoye tattooed art pieces onto live pigs. However, the series of pseudo-gothic sculpture where he combines fine carving with modern objects.

Any educated Russian lady would appreciate a weekend date that includes a visit to such exhibition. So don’t hesitate and bring a bit more of culture into your Russian dating experience.


Russian Women Love Art


The Night Of Irish Film in Moscow

As we’ve said before, Russian ladies are big lovers of cinematography and they are always eager to broaden their horizons and learn new cultures. The Night of New Irish Film covers all these interests.

The opening movie of the night will be the pre-premiere screening of a long-awaited movie by John Michael McDonagh “Calvary”. The movies plot is promising and unpredictable – during a confection a priest is notified that he will be killed and now he has some time for settling all his unfinished businesses.

The night will continue with another movie by McDonagh “The Guard”. This time the main character is far from being saint even though he is law enforcement officer. He doesn’t choose the words when speaking, asks uncomfortable questions, allows himself a beer or two during the working hours and likes to have fun with prostitutes. However when an uptight FBI agent arrives to investigate an international drug trafficking case, our Irish officer is the one being appointed to help him with the investigation.

The last movie of the night is “Seven Psychopaths” by Martin McDonagh. The cast of this movie is absolutely fantastic – Colin Farrell, Sam Rockwell, Woody Harrelson, Christopher Walker, Tom Waits and Olga Kurylenko. The plot is hilarious – a struggling writer is trying to finish a screenplay for the movie “Seven Psychopaths” and by accident becomes dragged into LA criminal underworld all because of a kidnapping of some psycho gangster’s beloved Shih Tzu.

If you want to have a great laugh with your gorgeous Russian girlfriend, we suggest you spend the night in Avrora Cinema and enjoy some crazy Irish humour.


Seven Psychopaths poster


Christmas in Russia

As you probably know, Russian women and men celebrate Christmas on the 7th of January instead of the 25th of December. But do you know why? The main religion in Russia, Ukraine and other post-Soviet countries is Russian Orthodox, and the Russian Orthodox Church follows the old Julian Calendar, and at the moment it is 13 days behind the Gregorian Calendar that is used in everybody’s everyday life (including Russian ladies).

Today Christmas is an official holiday and everybody get several days off work. However the interesting part is that Russian and Ukrainian women and men didn’t use to celebrate Christmas for almost a whole century: from 1917 till 1992. After the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917, Christmas was banned together with all other church holidays and was celebrated only in small villages where the eyes of the Party couldn’t reach.

That was also the time where New Year became the holiday of the year. Basically it had all the traditions of Christmas such as family festive dinner, a fir tree decorated with a star, and giving presents.

Since today most of the Russian and Ukrainian ladies and men are atheists, Christmas is seen just as a nice add-on to the New Year celebration, which allows them to take an extra long vacation.

For those who are religious, Christmas is the biggest holiday in the year where they celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. There is a 40 day long Lent that precedes Christmas Day where it is forbidden to eat any kind of meat, diary or eggs. On the Christmas Eve with the first star appearing on the sky the Lent is officially finished.

Even though Russia and Ukraine has been Christian for over 1000 years, there are still some pagan traditions present while celebrating Christmas. One of them is fortune telling and it is most common among young Russian and Ukrainian girls. Through different rituals the girls suppose to find out who will be their future husband and when will they meet him. One of the most popular rituals and those that are still practiced are the ones with mirror, shadows, matches, rings and many others.

Most of the East European ladies are very family orientated and are looking forward to the day when they start to build their own family, so even today girls continue to perform some of the rituals, partially for entertainment, but mostly because they are eager to know the identity of their future beloved man.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and to find your true love this year!


Single Russian Girls


The Cardigans in Russia

On the 5th of December Russian women and men will be heading to the A2 club to see the live concert of the second most popular Swedish band after ABBA – the Cardigans. St Petersburg, Russia will be glad to host The Cardigans again.

The band was created in 1992 in a small Swedish city Jönköping, known before only for its churches and matches factories. The idea of creating a soft-rock band came to a bass player Magnus Sveningsson and a guitarist Peter Svensson that were playing some heavy metal before. After finding a suitable drummer, keyboard player, and a charming vocalist Nina Persson, the band has never changed the members since.

Thanks to Nina’s tender, sensual and strong voice, the band got known worldwide. The style of the band has varied from album to album: from early indie experiments and pop music inspired by 60s, to alternative rock. The first album “Emmerdale” (1994) made the band very popular in their home country. While working on their second album “Life” that was released in 1995 the band went on tour around Europe and gained a worldwide popularity. the real break-through was the album “First Band on the Moon” (1996) with the hit “Lovefool” which became a soundtrack to the Baz Luhrmann’s “Romeo+Juliet” with Leonardo DiCaprio. In 1998 The Cardigans released an album “Grand Turismo” that won a prize for The Best Album Of The Year at Swedish Grammy awards.

After releasing two more albums in 2003 (Long Gone Before Daylight) and 2005 (Super Extra Gravity) the band went on a long creative vacation till 2012 where they started to tour again.

Take your beautiful Russian girlfriend to The Cardigan’s concert this week and this Russian Dating experience will forever stay in your memory.


The Cardigans concert in Russia

Premium International Dating – (SecureDating.com)


SecureDating.com provides a Premium International Dating Service for single men who would like to meet, date and marry a Ukrainian or Russian lady with higher education. Our International online Russian and Ukrainian dating site is unique by its approach to Russian and Ukrainian dating.

There are multiple reasons why a lady in Russia and Ukraine may seek a husband or partner who comes from overseas. Financial security is definitely not the primary factor. A survey conducted among Russian and Ukrainian women who are looking for love on international online dating sites. The number one reason to date a man from another country is the fact that Ukrainian and Russian women most often can’t find a partner who can satisfy them intellectually, socially and who show them the respect they deserve and thus Ukrainian and Russian are forced to look for men internationally.

The male Ukrainian or Russian population is plagued by various harmful addictions and they don’t aspire to grand careers or achievements. The countries have gone through some very tough periods up through the 90s and because of that a substantial number of male scientists, artists, doctors and writers have left the country, seeking better future in Europe and the Americas. As a result both Ukraine and Russia have a very small number of eligible bachelors and Russian and Ukrainian ladies are “pushed” to find a match outside the country. The demographics also show that there are many more women than men in both Russia and Ukraine, which makes the situation even worse.

All these factors push Ukrainian and Russian ladies to look for a partner elsewhere and thus most often they turn towards International Online Dating sites that give them access to bachelors from Europe, Australia, Asia, Canada and the US. Since many of these ladies don’t speak very good English, they usually approach an International Marriage Agency that can provide them with a translation services and help them to communicate with foreign men.

In addition, SecureDating.com provides a secure Ukrainian and Russian dating and travelling environment for single men, who do not want to compromise, when desiring to meet, date and marry an exceptional single Ukrainian or Russian lady.



Russian Girl

Today one of the world’s fastest growing air shows is MAKS – an International Aviation and Space Salon in Russia. This year the expo is held from the 27th of August till the 1st of September. Thousands of Russian women and men, as well as guests from over than 40 other countries, are going to visit the expo this year.

One of the most important criteria for determining the status of such event is the number of companies and countries represented there.  This year MAKS represents over 100 different companies from over 40 different states. The static display of the expo will feature around one hundred aircrafts.

Traditionally MAKS invites representatives of foreign air forces. In 2011 the biggest exposition was presented by the US Air Force and counted 17 aircrafts of various types. However this year, due to the reduction of the military budget, the United States are not participating.

For the first time the visitors of MAKS will see a demonstration aircraft of the Swiss Air Force F/A-18 Hornet. The French Air Force, a traditional participator of a flying programme, will present their Dassault Rafale. Latvian team Baltic Bees will participate with training L-39. And of course there will be aerobatic teams of Russian Air Force, actually a record number this year: the Swifts, the Russian Nights, the Falcons of Russia and the Golden Eagles.

The premier of the expo will be the Air Force of China. Today China is the second country after Russia whose aerobatic teams are flying combat aircrafts instead of training or sports ones. Airbus and Boing, the world’s leading aircrafts manufacturers, will be demonstrating their innovations as well.

If you are travelling in Russia on business or to meet a single Russian girl – don’t miss such an opportunity and visit MAKS-2013, it can also be a stunning destination for your date with a beautiful Russian lady.




Modern Art Exhibition in Moscow Russia

Russian ladies like to attend different cultural events, especially when it comes to art. The Museum of Modern Art in Moscow offers to see the fifth thematic exposition “Dreams for those who are awake”.

So what do we expect from an art piece? Do we want to get the true knowledge about nature and people through it, or do we want to be deceived by it and lured into the dream world full of illusions? Should we trust our eyes or should we be alert and not give in to delusion?

The objective of this exhibition is to analyse the patterns of the viewer’s perception through a prism of eternal opposition of the True and False forms; in other words, to examine the conflict that is so deeply rooted in Western culture: a positive and rational perception of a form as a see-through window to the world versus the opposite attitude towards the visual similarities as if they are suspicious and lethal figments of imagination. Even though they are rarely seen in such extreme forms, these psychological settings are a dynamic couple: they can swap places depending on the point of view.

The title of the exhibition is inspired by the dialogue The Sophist by Plato, where the philosopher addresses the issues of lies and dialectics of existence and non-existence.

The exposition presents items that are ambivalent in their visual nature: every one of them allows an opposing, dual interpretation. Russian women and men, as well as tourists, are offered to study every exhibit and think about if one should consider a super-realistic character as a harmless delusion; whether the rules of building a straight perspective are the natural model of human perception; is it possible to recode a figure into text; is it manageable for an artist to picture something transcendent, from an outside of experience? All these and other topics are reviewed in 14 thematic departments of the exposition that are dedicated to visual anthology and rhetoric of the contemporary art.

If you want to expand your visit in Moscow to a higher cultural level, invite your beautiful Russian girlfriend to this exhibition and enjoy together the works of Russian artists (end of XX – beginning of XXI centuries): fine arts, graphics, photos, videos, objects and installations.


Moscow, Russia