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Bright People Festival in Moscow – (SecureDating.com)

Russian Girl

The city of Moscow is celebrating it 869th birthday this weekend and one of the events that Russian girls and boys would be able to attend during the celebration is the 5th International Festival ”Bright People”. On the 10th and 11th of September it will transform the Gorky Park into a floating circus tent under the open sky. The French street theatre Cie Remue Ménage together with Russian artists will show a new musical and acrobatic show ”The Legends of the Wind”.

During the ten-hour show that will unite theatrical and visual arts the spectators will enjoy the show by street artists, circus performers and fairy tales collectors. A parade of giant inflatable figures will take place and the surroundings will be transformed with video installations. Several museums and cultural institutions of the city will participate in the festival on a massive scale.

Each participant of the festival will become a part of the overall theme of the fairytale, which is connected with the element of air: the sky, clouds, the Sun and the Moon, the stars, trees and birds.


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Limp Bizkit

Hot Russian girls are filled with anticipation to see Fred Durst live on the stage of A2 club in St Petersburg on the 28th of November. Fred and his band Limp Bizkit always create a powerful charge of rock energy, especially during live performances.

The band was nominated three times for Grammy awards and has sold over 40 millions copies of their albums. The fame came to Limp Bizkit with the release of the albums “Significant Other” that became number one on Billboard, and “Chocolate Star Fish”.

The premiere of the video “Ready to go” with a famous American rapper Lil Wayne had 202 000 views on YouTube in the first day. The video and the single were released to promote a new album that the fans are awaiting in the beginning of 2014.

Rollin’, Nookie, Break Stuff and My Generations – are the top hits of Limp Bizkit that are still rotating actively on the radio around the globe.

If you are in St Petersburg and would like to meet a cool alternative Russian girl, then Limb Bizkit concert is a perfect opportunity for that.


Limp Bizkit Live



When the question is “Where do the most beautiful women live”, the answer most likely would be “In Russia and Ukraine”. Beautiful Slavic girls have always been considered one of the most beautiful. Hot Russian girls with symmetrical faces, nice cheekbones and bright eyes, can easily drive any man mad. Not only the faces are pretty, but also stunning, slim bodies of Russian ladies are mind blowing. Today girls from Russia and Ukraine have conquered the world of fashion as models, and television as world known actresses. Let’s see who gets the title Miss Universe this year!

Miss Universe 2013 will be chosen in Moscow, Russia. Prestigious pageant will be held in the concert hall Crocus City Hall. Beauties from all over the world will fly down to Russian capital – Moscow – on the 9th of November.

The first one and so far the only one representative of Russia that won Miss Universe pageant in 2002 was a television presenter Oksana Fedorova.

Oksana Fedorova Miss Universe 2002


By the way, in 2005 the pageant Miss Universe was won by Natalie Glebova – a Canadian of Russian origin.

Natalie Glebova Miss Universe 2005


This year an 18 year old beautiful Russian girl Elmira Abdrazakova, who won Miss Russia 2013, will compete for the title.

Elmira Abdrazakova Miss Russia 2013


Donald Trump is very excited to finally have the pageant to take place in Russia: “I’m sure that it will be the biggest and the best Miss Universe contest that we have ever seen.”


Today the title of the most beautiful girl in the world belongs to American Olivia Culpo.

Olivia Culpo Miss Universe 2012


This year the pageant will have girls from 90 countries of the world. Up to this moment, the local beauty contests, whose winners will participate in Miss Universe, has already taken place in 42 countries. The latest one was held in the USA on the 16th of June, where a 25 year old Erin Brady of East Hampton was crowned Miss USA 2013.

Erin Brady Miss USA 2013


The rest of the local contests will be held latest in September. Who do you think is going to win this year’s Miss Universe?

Miss Universe in Moscow, Russia


The Baseballs in Russia

On the 16th of May in St. Petersburg’s club “Cosmonaut” a German cover band is going to be jamming for Russian girls and boys.

The history of the band starts in 2007 when three German guys – Sam, Basti and Digger – gathered in a Berlin studio to record cover versions of some hits from the 50s and 60s. There they found out that it’s much cooler to reproduce today’s pop hits in a rock ’n’ roll style.  That way the band came up with a unique style that made them incredibly popular all over Europe.

Their first album Strike came out in 2009 and took the leading positions in European music charts. The album became golden in Germany, platinum in Holland, Austria, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland, and triple-platinum in Finland. The musicians received numerous awards, including European Border Breakers Award 2011. Several months after receiving this award, the Baseballs released their second album String ’n’ Stripes that became very successful and loved by the public.

One might wonder what is the secret of the Baseballs’ popularity that makes them to stand out among many other cover artists. Well, their exquisite sound, original and easily recognisable style, and high professionalism are not the main ingredient of their popularity. The secret lies in the ultimate and genuine love for their work, their crazy and maddening rock ’n’ roll energy.

To enjoy a good evening full of rock ‘n’ roll music and beautiful pin-up Russian girls, visit the “Cosmonaut” this Thursday in St. Petersburg, Russia.


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Morcheeba playing in Russia

On the 8th of April Russian girls are going to enjoy the concert of the year – Morcheeba in St Petersburg. Morcheeba was formed in the mid 90s and is still a favourite band of many ladies from Russia and other countries.

Morcheeba is a British band that combines in its music trip-hop, RnB, disco and rock. Morcheeba’s first albums “Who can you trust” and “Big calm”, released two years later, along with the classical records by Massive Attack, Portishead, Tricky and Uncle, formed the “golden foundation” of the trip-hop and gave the trio from London the status of the cult band of the 90s.

Morcheeba is always developing and experimenting with the music. Each single album of the band is something new, more grown-up, interesting and professional. They produced two albums in 2005 and 2008 with other vocalists, and in 2010 Skye Edwards has returned to the band. Musicians have always a lot of creative ideas for new compositions, and Skye’s charm can be felt even on the record.

At the moment Morcheeba is working with the new material for the next album, which should be released this year. As the artists say, the new album will be an innovative record for them, as they want to try themselves in totally new genres. It is also expected to have guest stars on some tracks, though whom – is still a secret.

Morcheeba is a fantastic mixture of trip-hop, downtempo and rhythm and blues, together with an incredible energy and charm of Skye Edwards. Take your Russian girlfriend out to this concert – new tracks and old hits, all this will await you this Monday in St Petersburg.


Morcheeba playing for Russian Girls


Slash - legendary guitarist

Russian girls and boys are breathless while waiting for this event. Legendary musician Slash – the guitarist from Guns n’ Roses and Velvet Revolver, is going to perform in St Petersburg’s club A2.

Slash’s present tour is supported by Myles Kennedy (Alter Bridge’s vocal) and the Conspirators band. They also participated in recording the album Apocalyptic Love (2012) that will be presented at the concert together with the old hits.

The whole album is recorded as a live performance, where all band members were together in the same studio. Slash was playing his live solo as soon as the drums stopped. Vocals were complimented with Kennedy’s guitar and vocal. Everything was recorded live: Todd Kerns (bass), Brent Fitz (drums) and two solo guitarists.

Myles Kennedy and Slash figured out pretty fast that their talents collaborate as fast and bright as some chemical reactions do, and that their chemistry is able to create excellent artistic ideas. “I was writing down some accords and ideas and then played them to Myles” – says Slash. “He is a fan of a general musical concept, so as a result he was able to add beautiful melody and text to my music. We started to compose some basic constructions together and created that way many new songs.”

This February the legendary guitarist and talented vocalist, who has a four octave vocal range, Slash together with Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators are rocking in St Petersburg!


Slash playing guitar in Moscow Russia


Seal performs in Kiev, Ukraine

Kiev stands still awaiting for the concert of the year – an Intimate Evening with Seal… The winner of three Grammy Awards, British singer and songwriter, gorgeous man, whose velvet voice drives thousands of Ukrainian girls crazy, is finally in Ukraine.

However, before his concert, the press got their hands on the artist’s requirements for his stay in Kiev. We all know that Seal is quite an eccentric person, and maybe his divorce with supermodel Heidi Klum had a great effect on his inner balance, but the requirements that his manager presented to the host in Kiev were a little bit bizarre.

From the airport he should be picked up only by a Bentley of the latest release with a female English speaking driver. Since Seal follows only a healthy diet, his dressing room should be filled with exotic and organic fruits and berries, 10 litres of mountain spring water, 5 kilos of crushed ice, organic milk and raw almonds.

The dressing room itself should be decorated in maroon colours, with many dark red roses, bowls of fire, candles, incense and a place for meditation. Also Seal would like to have 2 full-body mirrors and a cage with a cockatoo of a burgundy colour.

Also Seal requires two masseuses that should be available 24/7 and know Thai massage techniques for the whole stay in the capital.

But fans are sure that all these demands, if met, would make the concert only more unforgettable and love their idol just the way he is.


Seal rocking in Kiev


Improper Film Festival’s poster featuring a hypnotized eye

The 10th Improper Film Festival starts on the 20th of September in St. Petersburg.

It is one of the largest cultural events in more than 40 cities in CIS, and it is certainly the biggest event in cinematography in Russia. During the festival Russian women and men will have a unique opportunity to see movies, filmed with love to cinematography and art, as oppose to unlimited budgets and “silicon” actresses. The movies are full of fantastic acting, interesting characters, elegant camera work, excellent photography and natural beauty.

The 10th Improper Film Festival will present 6 films that can be divided into 3 groups: big festivals films, youth films and films for a wide audience.

The leading movie is a French screen version of Marjane Satrapi’s “Poulet aux prunes” (French for “Chicken with plums”) – absolute favourite of last year’s Venice Film Festival. The directing duo Satrapi-Paronnaud got famous for their work “Persepolis” that won Cannes Palme d’Or in 2009.

Another masterpiece – Northern Irish road-adventure film “Behold the lamb”, full of biblical symbolism and rough Irish humour. Within 6 months this movie got the main prize for best screenplay at Thessaloniki International Film Festival and the best director in Arras.

The youth group of the Festival is represented by two dynamic films. The first one – Japanese trash parody “Kyuketsu Shojo tai Furanken” (Japanese for “Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl”). It is an adaptation of the world’s best-selling manga.

The second movie – Italian action drama “Albakiara”. An exciting mixture of pursuits, adrenalin, passion, nightclub drive and the only movie at the festival rated 18+.

Films for the wide audience are from New Zealand and Spain. Psychological thriller “I’m not Harry Jenson” about insane writer Stanley and his hiking into New Zealand’s jungle. This movie was nominated for the best low-budget movie and the best supporting actor at the New Zealand Film and TV Awards.

Another representative of mainstream film is a brilliant comedy “Dieta mediterranea” (Spanish for “Mediterranean diet”) about passionate Sofia, who dreams about becoming a famous chef. The problem is that during the Spanish conservative 80’s “female chef” sounded as impossible as “male secretary” sounds to us. But that wouldn’t stop stubborn Sofia.